New Prague Area Hockey Association Hockey Development Committee (HDC) Application 2018-2019

The HDC committee is responsible for the hockey development program for New Prague hockey. Applying for this committee acknowledges that you are willing and able to provide input, time, and energy into the following areas; coach selection, coach education, player development program, coach/player/parent dispute resolution, tryouts, and any other duties as appointed by the board for boys and girls hockey.

Name: ______Date:______
Phone: ______Email: ______

Do you have a child playing in the association? Y N Level(s):______

Please describe your organized hockey playing experience including- Years, Location, Level ______

Please describe your hockey coaching experience- Years, Location, Level ______

Please describe any hockey related boards or committees you have been on. ______

Please describe any other experience relevant to this committee. ______

Please describe what you can contribute to this committee. ______

Are you able to meet multiple times per month during the months of July-November?


Are you able to meet once per month November-June?


Are you able to help out with fall and spring clinincs?


Are you willing to be an active part of the committee outside of meetings?


What are the 3 most important issues facing NPHA and specifically this committee this year? ______

Give up to three ideas you have of how the HDC could make NPHA a better program this year. ______

The Hockey Development Committee plays a very important role in establishing the direction of hockey operations of the New Prague Hockey Association. The highest regard for ethics, professionalism and open and honest debate are expected as part of being a member of the committee. Attendance and input at meetings is critical and expected. Please consider this carefully before applying.

Confidentiality is also a requirement for this committee. Sensitive discussions regarding individuals may take place that are expected to remain confidential. In addition, under no circumstances shall a member of the committee give out, pass out, or communicate in any manner, tryout scoring/placement information. Doing so shall be cause for immediate removal from the committee and possible further discipline from the Board.

I, ______, am willing to abide by the requirements above.