ATTENDEES: Bobby-Jo Hekob, Todd Kostiuk, Darren Krotz, Ivan Colten, Chris Geddes, Paul Whittingham, Wade Lamond, Darren Reeves, Richard Nelson, Dave Kaczowka, Dawn Virostek, Justin Campbell, Cary Brough, Brant Watson, Miles Chisholm, Jeff Scott, Stephanie Dodds, Tim Nelson

Call to Order 7:03pm

Additions to New Business:


Dawn Virostek/Darren Reeves Approve minutes from December 13, 2017


  1. Evaluation Process for 2018-19 season
  2. Memo put forward to discuss at later date

Evaluation Process Outline - MEMO

No other associations in the East Kootenays allow coaches to be announced prior to tryouts and or be involved in any way in the evaluation process. Historically, this has caused issues and or perceived implications. We as CMHA board should have guidelines that provide all of our coaches with an opportunity to start a season with zero issues. Additionally, the members of CMHA should feel that the selection process is an extremely fair process with no actual or perceived political agendas by a coach.

Coaching Position Selection and Interview Process:

- Coach Co-ordinator and a minimum 3 other board members conduct coach interviews.

- All coaches are asked if there is any child or parent that is in the age group they see will be an issue for them to coach for the year. If yes this may exclude this coach from being capable of coaching or may warrant discussion for why a child cannot play on that team and further discussion with parents should be completed prior to tryouts. If it is a parent that is of concern this should be brought forward to the board. Concerns such as this should be vetted prior to tryouts each season.

- Coaches are not announced prior to a team being formed by the evaluation process.

- Coaches are not a part of the evaluation process.

- Coaching Selection committee does decide prior to tryouts the first choice, the second choice, and third choice for that team and also receives board approval on the results of the decision prior to Team tryouts. So coach interviews should happen at the end of Aug early Sept each year. If the coaches child does not make that team, then the coach is requested to be considered for the next level their child will play at.


-3 to 4 evaluators for three ice time sessions (1 practice session for all kids, 2 games minimum)

-Evaluators are given the responsibility to select the teams

-Evaluators should not be given names of children only numbers

-Guidelines from CMHA should be provided to all evaluators

-A CMHA contact representative should also be given to answer questions and give guidance.

Disscussion Points:

- Evaluators for B level teams at Atom and Peewee should know there is flexibility in these programs to select children that fit the team. For example there should not be pressure to select an exact 15 skaters if there are only 13 that fit the level of the team. Similarly, if you have one goalie that is a 8 out of 10 for that level of hockey and one goalie that is a 4 or lower out of ten consideration should be given to selecting only one goalie and using a call up system for other goalie development during practices on an as needed basis for games.

-A child does not need to skate at A level REP Tryouts to tryout for B level team. This should not be a practice as this just adds confusion for the evaluators

  1. Bruce Clark continuing to harass board members and Office Staff (Bobby-Jo)
  2. Chris Geddes to talk to Russ Sheppard for some direction on how we can protect ourselves and any other advice regarding PIPA request from the Clarks
  3. Block his emails
  4. 2018-19 Zone Program Review
  5. Discussion on Bantam and Midget changes
  6. Minor and Major divisions within
  7. Seems like this may be harmful to the smaller associations like ours
  8. New Board Members appointed
  9. Consent to being a director
  10. Re-voted in at next AGM
  11. Development Program discussion
  12. Peewee is going really well this year
  13. Atom needs some revision to the scheduling as there is some overlap in games and practices
  14. Suggest a survey at season end as feedback from the parents
  15. BC Hockey Alternate Season Pilot Program
  16. BC Hockey is looking for associations to try it
  17. Possibly 2 months on/2 months off etc.
  18. For house only at all levels
  19. Encourage kids to play multi sports
  20. BC Hockey Bulletin – Player Retention
  21. Need feedback from players as to why they have left the sport
  22. What programs have worked well and what has not?
  23. First shift was a success with 20 out of 30 kids continuing with hockey after the program
  24. Female first shift program went well too with a big turnout
  1. Old Business
  2. Rotary Donation
  3. They are donating $10,000 to CMHA
  4. TV Situation
  5. Isosceles will be selling us cords at cost for connection from devices to TV
  6. Deposit taken by CMHA from coaches to use cords then return at season end for refund
  7. Nathan Lieuwen Contract
  8. Approved and signed
  9. Bobby-Jo to send Nathan Spreadsheet with coach’s contacts so he can get practices lined up


  1. Clinics –
  2. Ice Coordinator
  3. Coach Coordinator
  4. Justin Campbell has volunteered to head this for the remainder of the season
  5. Equipment –
  6. Dawn to get first aid kits for start of next year
  7. SCAHL
  8. Peewee team doing well competing
  9. Invested to play next year
  10. SCAHL looking at keeping Cranbrook
  11. Do we open it up to Kimberley to join at Peewee level to be more competitive?
  12. OMAHA
  13. EK
  14. Goalie Development
  15. discussed in notes
  16. Registrar
  17. Female Development
  18. BC Hockey looking for Female Can Skate jamboree Sunday February 4th
  19. RIC
  20. Ref Assignor
  21. Showing that the past few years have been great at developing great refs in Cranbtook
  22. Treasurer – see attached balance sheet and income statement
  23. PR –
  24. 50/50
  25. Photos
  26. Safety
  27. Sponsorship
  28. Website
  29. Division Heads
  30. Pups
  31. Mites
  32. 36 kids – 18 per team
  33. Novice
  34. Atom
  35. Scheduling issues discussed in meeting
  36. Peewee
  37. Bantam
  38. Midget
  39. IP Lead

NEXT MEETING: WFP February 26that 7:00pm