Solar Eclipse Viewing Day!

Dear Families,August 9, 2017

On Monday, August 21st there will be a near total (97%) eclipse of the sun, viewable around 2:45 PM in Savannah. We are extremely lucky to be so close to the path of TOTAL eclipse, which will pass us by in South Carolina. This may be your easiest opportunity to view a solar eclipse in your lifetime!

Out of safety concerns, our school district has cancelled school for students on Monday August 21st. We are hoping you will take advantage of this opportunity, and make plans for your child to view the eclipse.

As a STEM certified school, weplanned on sharing this day with you and your children, and have already purchased solar safe viewing glasses for your child. We will make sure each child takes home their pair, in their communication folder, on Wednesday August 16th.

All students will receive a pair of glasses. We want your child to safely view this event!

To help cover the purchase price of the solar viewing glasses, we are accepting donations of $1 per student, so we may fund future scientific events! Donations should be turned in to the classroom teacher by Friday, August 18th. If you do not want to keep the glasses as a souvenir after the eclipse is over, please do not throw them away; return them to Ms. Willis to use in future lessons.

When:The moon will begin to cross the sun around 1:15 PM, maximum eclipse at 2:46, ends at 4:09 PM

Where: Search any location on an interactive map to find exact times and path of eclipse (subtract 4 hours from the universal time shown, to find Eastern Time.)

What will it look like: Google ‘solar eclipse simulator’, or go to this link

Safety:Directly looking at the sun WILL damage your eye sight. Please use the solar viewing glasses that we will send home, or make a pinhole projector

In case we are overcast:NASA live stream (this site also has other videos and learning opportunities concerning the eclipse)

I hope you will join us in experiencing this historic event,

Angela Willis

P.S. NASA data collection app: collect temperature data and report to NASA! All you need is a thermometer, and an account with the app.