2016 Olympic Day – Olympic “Fun” Run

Individual Entry

Online Registration Guideline

To provide convenience to participants with instant confirmation of payment and registration, the application and payment of 5.6 km Olympic Fun Run may also be handled online.

There are two starting groups for 5.6 km Fun Run. The following demonstration is presenting a registration flow of 5.6 km Fun Run Individual First Group.

Step 1: Visit SF&OC website on the registration date

- Please visit or to enter the page for 2016 Olympic Day – Olympic “Fun” Run. You may simply click the link for online application and get into the online application platform.

*Please note:

- The registration service provider recommended that the Registration Page is best viewed with IE (V11 or greater), Google chrome, Firefox and Safari 7.0.

Step 2: Select the Category

- There are 15 minutes for you to complete of the registration form. Please select your designated category by clicking the circle button next to the category’s name, then go to the next page by clicking the “Continue” button.

Step 3: Sign in options

If you do not have an account, please fill in your Email address under “New user”, then click “Continue”.

Step 4: Enter your personal information

- Simply put in your personal information.

- Please note, only fill in your Year of birth, you may input “01” for month and date and do not forget to input the “/“ also. For example: 01/01/1981

- Please note that the format could be different if using different browsers.


- If you are under 18 years old and entering for the Fun Run, you are required to ask your parents or guardian registers on your behalf. Simply click the circle button of “Someone else, below 18” to continue registering for you.

Step 5: Enter your Contact Details and Emergency Contact Details

- Simply put in your contact information

Step 6: Complete all the questions in the Questionnaires

Step 7: Sign up to the Waivers and Agreements

Step 8: Payment

- Get ready your VISA/ Master Card for the online payment.

- Please note that the card holder and the participant can be different person.

- Please ignore the “Coupon code” and leave it blank.

- When you select “Country” at the “Billing Information”, Hong Kong residents shall select “Hong Kong SAR”. Please see the below image and refer to where it is placed.

- Please follow the instruction to create a new account to let you save your registration receipts.

Step 9: Complete the registration

- Please note that the registration is NOT completed until the payment transaction is confirmed.

- A confirmation message will be shown on the page once your registration is completed and successful.

- You will receive a Confirmation Email and Receipt Email.

- If you do not receive any of the above, there could be one of the following reasons:

- System busy and thus confirmation page cannot be shown;

- Registration was not successful;

- The email address you provided was invalid;

- The email has been treated as junk mail by the mail server;

- In such cases, please contact Hong Kong Amateur Athletic Association Ltd. At (852) 2504 8215.