The Lone Survivor

The Eyewitness Account of Operation Redwing and

The Lost Heroes of SEAL Team 10

Chapter 9-Blown Up, Shot, and Presumed Dead

1.  What is the extent of Luttrell’s injuries at the beginning of this chapter AND what does he need more than anything?

2.  Why does Luttrell need to reach the top of the mountain (p295-296)?

3.  What is the 4th miracle involving Luttrell’s rifle (p300)?

4.  How is Luttrell able to mentally push through his circumstances (p302)?

5.  What makes Luttrell determined, more than ever, to survive (p302-3)?

6.  How did the media “jump the gun” about the SEAL situation?

7.  How do Luttrell’s family and friends react to the media’s news?

8.  What injury does Luttrell suffer as he searches for water (p311)?

9.  What is the FIFTH miracle involving Luttrell’s rifle (p312)?

10. Due to Luttrell’s injuries, how has he begun traveling (p313)?

11. How must Luttrell change his fighting strategy (p315-16)?

12. What terrible thing happens to Luttrell when he actually finds water (p318)?

13. What is SIXTH miracle involving Luttrell’s rifle?

14. After Luttrell spends a few hours climbing back up to get water, what does he look up to see (p319-20)?

15. What does Luttrell assume about the SIX guys surrounding him (p320-21)?

16.  Fighting consciousness, what must Luttrell do?

17.  Since Luttrell is not 100% sure of the villagers intentions as they and Sarawa take him away, what does he do to ensure, in his mind, that he controls the situation (p329)?

18.  Refer back to Luttrell’s foreshadowing earlier in the book when he said that he, above all Western visitors, had reason to be eternally grateful for lokhay. Why?

Chapter 10-An American Fugitive Cornered by the Taliban

1.  What is the name of the village, how it looks, and how big it is?

2.  What about Luttrell freaks out the visitors (p333)?

3.  Just when Luttrell is getting some peace and rest, what terrible thing happens (p336)?

4.  How does Luttrell utilize his SEAL training as the Taliban are torturing him (p337)?

5.  How does Luttrell’s beard give away his profession (p338)?

6.  What major injury do the Taliban inflict upon Luttrell?

7.  WHY do the Taliban leave Luttrell AND what does this tell you about the Pashtuns’ culture?

8.  What allusion does Luttrell make (p342)?

9.  Why does the village elder order the others to move Luttrell?

10. Where do they move Luttrell and what day is it now (p343)?

11.  What does Luttrell carve into the side of the cave?

12. Describe the situation back home in Texas. How many people are there AND what “miracle” is occurring there?

13. Where do the guys move Luttrell (p351)?

14. Who becomes Luttrell’s friend in the village?

15. How does Luttrell “record” the geographical information he learns from the villagers (p354)?

20. Where do the village elder and Luttrell decide someone needed to go AND how far was it?

21. What note does Luttrell send with the village elder?

22. Why would imposing a national government on a place like Afghanistan be a problem (p357)?

23. By p361 what is the date?

24. What do the villagers give Luttrell for pain?

25. What is the old SEAL motto (p364)?

Chapter 11-Reports of My Death Greatly Exaggerated

1. How do the village kids help Luttrell (p370)?

2. What supplies were sent for the SEAL team?

3. How did the Taliban show their ruthlessness (p372-3)?

4. How does the bombing around the village make Luttrell feel (p374)?

5. What does Luttrell decide must happen in order to protect the village (p375-376)?

6.  MOOD-what mood does the storm and “creepy” lightning on p378 create?

7.  By p379, what is the date? How many days has Luttrell been MIA?

8.  Why does Luttrell express dislike for the media (p380-81)?

9.  How has the situation turned serious again (p386-87)?

10.  Whom does Luttrell see watching him at the end of the chapter?

11.  Why didn’t the Taliban just go in and grab Luttrell from the village? Why was lokhay so powerful?