The Signature Assignment for this course combines all the concepts you have explored in the program. In this assignment, you will develop a brief learning/training resolution for a situation of your choice. Remember, use the information covered in this course as you address each part of the assignment and complete the learning design document template.

This assignment has two parts:

  1. Topic selection.
  2. Topic presentation.

Part 1: Topic Selection

For this part of your assignment, complete the following. Use the Design Document Template to create and submit Part 1 of your assignment.

Identify a topic that would be suitable for developing an instructional unit for the course project.

Explain the key goal of this instruction.

Provide a brief rationale in which you explain how you are knowledgeable about the subject and why you find it interesting.

Describe why you think the content is manageable and can be taught in about 20 minutes, and why your topic could be categorized as an intellectual skill.

There are several considerations to make when choosing your project topic. Your topic selection should meet the following criteria:

  • The type of learning represented is an intellectual skill.
  • You find the subject interesting.
  • You are knowledgeable about the subject.
  • The content is manageable and can be taught in about 20 minutes.

The following lists provide examples of acceptable and unacceptable topics that may help you choose your project topic. If possible, you are encouraged to select a topic related to your work, as applying academic material to a real-world situation is the most effective learning experience. Contact your instructor if you have any questions about your project topic.

Examples of acceptable topics:

  • Childproofing your home.
  • Setting up and using an App on your phone.
  • Facilitating a brainstorming session.
  • Creating an outline for a research paper.
  • Installing new software.
  • Explain new procedure.

Part 2: Presentation

Part of determining an instructional design topic is learning how to present the topic to a specific audience. In addition, in the field of instructional design, you will need to become familiar with various technological tools that can be used as a vehicle for trainings.

For the second part of this assignment, create an oral presentation in PowerPoint in which you present your topic.

Create a presentation about your topic using 6-8 PowerPoint slides or other acceptable visuals. Think of the audience of this presentation as the person who will decide whether instruction on your topic is necessary. For example, if your topic relates to your current workplace, your audience is the person who would approve the training.