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Don’t Forget to Vote!

Your polling site must be accessible. You can find out if your polling site is accessible by calling your local board of elections or checking on-line at The on-line polling site locator will list the accessibility issues, if any, for your polling site. If your polling site is not accessible, you should call or write to your CountyBoard of Election to request an accessible polling site assignment. You must make the request for reassignment no later than the close of registration for any election.

Private Ballot. It is your right to cast a private and independent ballot.

Voting Assistance. You have the right to assistance when you go to vote. You also have the right to bring a person of your choice to assist you when voting.

Voter Registration. In order to register to vote you must:

▪ Be a United States citizen and a Maryland resident

▪ Be at least 18 years old by the next General Election

▪ Not beunder guardianship for a mental disability

▪ Not have been convicted of buying or selling votes

▪ Not have been convicted of a felony for which you are currently serving a court-ordered sentence of imprisonment, including any term of parole or probation for the conviction.

Accessible Voting Machines. Marylandhas touch screen voting machines that are accessible to individuals with disabilities. If you are blind, have a vision impairment or have difficulty reading, you can request a magnified ballot or an audio ballot, which requires the use of headphones and a keypad. The angle of the voting machines can also be adjusted for greater access.

Identification. Under federal law, if you registered to vote by mail you must provide identification before voting for the first time in Maryland. It is always a good idea to have identification with you when you go to vote.

Provisional Ballots. If your name does not appear on the official list of eligible voters or an election official asserts that you are not eligible to vote, then you must be given the opportunity to vote using a provisional ballot. The County election office will determine whether your vote will be counted. You will be given information on how to check the status of your ballot using the Internet or by calling a toll-free number.

Voter Hotline: To report a voting problem contact:

MarylandDisabilityLawCenter(MDLC) at (410) 727-6352, ext. 2492; (800) 233-7201, ext. 2492 or TTY(410) 727-6387

Election Protection Voters’ Hotline at 1-866-OUR-VOTE.

Contact Kim Berney at MDLC, (410)727-6352, ext. 2492, if you would like to arrange a voter registration training to get ready for the next election.

Rev 04-09