CASL Committee Minutes

December 9, 2015

MENH-342, 2:00-3:00 pm

Present: Rebecca Eikey, Tom Vissella, Andy McCutcheon,DayleneMeuschke, Nicole Faudree, Cindy Stephens, Paul Wickline, Debbie Klein, Patty Robinson

1)Approval of Minutes from Oct 28, 2015


a)Next Steps for Proposed ILOs


1. We presented the ILOs at CPT on 11/16/15 - generally the feedback was positive.

  • There was interest in making sure that our ILOs are connected to our planning documents. We will need to discuss this in committee further.
  • There was a question about making sure we have diversity called out in the correct ILO and which ILO is most appropriate for diversity.
  • Thank you to Andy, Cindy, & Paul for their work and support for the CPT presentation.
  • Good news is that we are invited to the Dec meeting (tentatively 12/14) to follow up with ILO next steps and how we need CPT's assistance in college-wide adoption.

2. We presented the ILOs at ASG on 11/18/15 -

  • General feedback from the students was that when the SLO assessment is not imbedded into the course material, it feels less important and like added work with no value. They also indicated that often they feel the course SLO assessment doesn't match up with what they feel they learned in the classroom especially when the SLO assessment is multiple choice.
  • They were interested in the ILO as part of signature assignments but were worried about workload if ILO assessment was not.
  • Kelly Dapp indicated we could use the transcript form for the co-curricular activity work related to ILOs.
  • The students, of course, were interested in the ePortfolios.
  • Thank you to Necia for helping with the ASG presentation!
  • I wish I had a recorder so that faculty could hear what the students had to say. Maybe, we need aStudent Panelfor one of our Days of Assessment??

Here is a link to the Google Docs version of our current proposed ILOs. As discussed at our 10/28 meeting, please make edits/suggestions prior to our 12/9 CASL meeting to help tease out some of the diversity, meta-cognition, and CTE related interests that we are hoping to infuse in the existing language of our seven remaining ILOs.

Andy set the doc up to show edits as "suggestions." As per our decision to delete “Lifelong Learning” as the eighth ILO, Andy has “suggested” deleting it on the doc, which demonstrates that the “suggest/edit” function is working nicely.

b)Days of Assessment for Spring 2016 Planned:

  • Development of Program Level Assessment –
  • Teams of 3 will be invited
  • March 4 for all faculty
  • March 5 for CTE focus
  • Focus on capstone courses, signature assignments, program goal alignment, ILOs, curricular mapping.
  • ILO and Rubric Development –March 25
  • Signature Assignment and Student Panel – May 13
  • Faculty Assessment Team (FAT) – Jun 10
  • Evaluating the Process – ACTION: Daylene will develop a draft evaluation tool and bring to the Feb 8 CASL Meeting.

c)Liberal Arts Degree – Social Science –Cindy developing a group of faculty who will teach core classes in this degree. They will be looking at syllabi, student work, and sample assessment. They could develop rubrics but maybe we need to use the ILO rubrics instead. We need a list of the common courses that are taken for this degree. Cindy will figure out number of hours of work so a stipend can be given.

d)Civic Engagement Steering Committee – they have a subcommittee who is working on developing a rubric to evaluate Civic Engagement in classwork – they are also developing a Best Practices for Civic Engagement. They are using the AAC&U VALUE Rubric for Civic Engagement and others to modify from. They plan to create inventory of CE type classes for Fall 2016. Can ePortfolios be used for CE type classes and capturing student work with CE and self-reflection on CE work?