Integrated Physics and Chemistry Klein Forest High School 2016-2017

1. Course Description

Course Name: Integrated Physics and Chemistry___ Course No.: __0463_____

Required Course or Elective: Required _x__ Elective __

Course Length: One Semester: ___ Two Semester: x__ other: ___

Required Prerequisite to course: _____Biology______

Textbook, Readings, Materials: _ Integrated Physics and Chemistry, McGraw/Hill.

School Catalog description and Course Content (topics covered):

This course integrates the disciplines of physics and chemistry in the following topics: motion, waves, energy transformations, properties of matter, changes in matter, and solution chemistry.

2. Course Goals: To introduce the students to the concepts of physics and chemistry

3. Instructional Philosophy : To achieve excellence in academics and character

4. Course Outline

Chemistry Topics- 1st Semester / Physics Topics- 2nd Semester
Safety and Scientific Method / Forces and Motion
Classification of Matter / Gravitational Forces
Periodic Table / Conservation of Energy
Chemical Bonding / Magnetic Force/Electricity
Chemical Quantities and Reactions / Waves
Solutions & Acid and Bases / Energy Sources and Human Impact

5. Projects and Required or Recommended Readings

Integrated Physics and Chemistry, McGraw/Hill.

Teacher website

6a. Grading Scale and Assessment Plan

A= 100-90% B= 89-80% C= 70-75% D= 74-70% F= 69-below

Six Weeks Grades

60% Major Grades

Test/Projects, Labs, Lab Notebook &Lab Quizzes

40% Daily Grades

10% Homework Quizzes

30% Class work/ Class Participation

6b. Testing days

IPC will be testing on Tuesdays and Fridays as per campus guidelines for the 2016-17 school year. Testing exemptions will be the same as in the student handbook and determined by administration.

7. Student Expectations (expectations for student work habits, routines, etc.)

1. Be on time, prepared & in your chair before the bells rings. (Use restrooms during passing).

2. NO FOOD, GUM, or DRINKS are allowed in class or in the lab

3. Be respectful to the speaker

4. Respect others space, school property, and personal property

5. Be responsive

6. Students should keep personal belongs put away- no photographs, cosmetics, letters or other class work should be out on your desk. Hats, sunglasses, i-pods, phones and other musical & game devices are NOT allowed in class EVER; they should be put away so they are not visible and silenced.

7. Safe practices are expected in the classroom, especially during labs.

8. Turn in all work on time. Late work will be penalized-10 % off the top score for each day it is late, and after the 3rd day the work will not be accepted for a graded value thereafter. This applies to group work.

9. Proper behavior is expected during testing.

10. Students who have been absent are responsible for their missed assignments. Missed work and test must be made up within 3 days of returning to class; it is the students’ responsibility to reschedule tests. Make up test are NOT given in class but before or after school.

11. Students are expected to adhere to student regulations, attendance, and tardy policies. Refer to the Student Handbook and KISD Student Code of Conduct.

8. Make-Up Policy

If you miss a test or lab, you must schedule a time to make it up. There are scheduled days that tests can be made up. Labs are made up by appointment AFTER SCHOOL ONLY. If you sign up to make up a lab and cannot attend, please let me or the other teachers know before the end of the school day. Students who have the privilege of taking part in a school activity or trip during school time are expected to make up all work. Students who miss the day of review will be expected to take the test on their return. Make–up work not completed in the scheduled time will be graded as per the grading guidelines. If the student requests a test retake, IT IS THE STUDENT’S RESPONSIBILITY TO COME IN FOR RETEACHING DURING A TUTORIAL SESSION AND THEN SCHEDULE THE RETAKE for the test within 5 school days.

9. Teacher Provided Extra time/Extra Help (Teacher Tutorial Weekly Schedule):

Gabriella Williams Rm 912 832-484-4770 Hour: Th 2:30-3:00P

Vince Chirdo Rm 825 832-484-4757 Hour: T 2:30-3:00P

Karen Kolloway-Parker Rm 722 832-484-4683 Hour: M, T 2:30-3:00P

Kevin Chadwick Rm 261 832-484-4739 Hour: M, T 6:45-7:15A

10. Student Evaluation: Formal and Informal Assessment, some of which are electronic and will require your KISD issued charged laptop.

11. Grade Repair:

Students will have the opportunity to receive instruction to recover marking period grades. When a student enrolls in the Grade Repair Class, the students will receive quality instruction. The curriculum will recapture any skills they are lacking so that they are prepared to receive credit and also be prepared for the EOC assessment. This intervention plan may include students attending after school Grade Repair or Grade Repair during the day. The highest grade a student can earn is 75. This grade will replace the original grade.

12. Required IPC student supplies:

The following is a list of supplies needed by each student in IPC and brought daily to class:

1.  Laptop

2.  Notebook-Interactive

3.  Pens/pencils

4.  Notebook Paper