The Fish Point Email News

August 3, 2017

The start of Waterfowl season is now less than a month away with TEAL and Early Goose season starting September 1st

Saginaw Bay Waterfowl Festival Aug 5-6

Come out to Bay City State Recreation Center to see the sights and sounds of waterfowl season.FPWA will have a booth, stop by and purchase your dinner tickets .

Reserved Waterfowl hunt applications are now available on line at the DNR website.

Upcoming Activities

Saturday, August 12thstill on track to cut up the tree next to the Fish Point tower, interested parties can contact Kevin Hollingshead at810-252-0847

August 26thSummer work day and membership meeting, mark your calendars

Work projects TBA, email to follow

Start time8 ammeet at the DNR check station

Lunch is on us, then membership meeting and general election for positions to start Jan 2018.

See the list of positions available and their general duties at the end of this email.

Interested in being involved and making things happen call Jim Gosler at248-618-9070or o be added to the election ballot.Diversity is what keeps an organization growing and moving forward, become part of the leadership team.

Banquet is September 9th, to get your special raffle ticket bundle you must purchase or mail postmark by August 7th.You can also purchase/reserve your bundle by stopping by the FPWA booth at the festival this weekend.

Duck Banding: traps have been installed and banding will occur as birds find the traps.Interested parties in helping in the banding process can contact the Fish Point DNR office for possible banding dates.

Youth waterfowl hunt isSeptember 9-10this year.

Again this year the DNR will be hosting a youth waterfowl workshop on the evening of September 8th, starting at6 PM(about 1.5 hours) and will include the basics of decoy placement, calling and Duck

Identification.After the workshop, the kids can go over to the Gateway Sportsman’s club for free hot dogs and skeet shooting.Additionally the first 30 youths that register for the event will receive a waterfowl package.To register contact the Fish Point DNR office at989-674-2511and leave a message with your name and phone number.You Must Register by September 1st.

Interested in including an item or topic in our next email News, send your request/information

FPWA Officer and Board Member Duties


Shall preside at all meetings at all meetings at which he or she is present and shall exercise general supervision over the affairs and activities of the association.

Appoint Audit committee, communicate with DNR, prepare coming year’s budget/project proposal.

Vice President

The Vice-President shall assist the President and assume all duties of the President during his or her absence.He or shall also act as the Chairman of the Finance Committee.

Represent the FPWA at the CWAC meeting

Executive Secretary

Shall maintain accurate and up to date records of the membership standings and have these records on hand at all meetings.Responsible for collecting members’ payment of dues, mail out newsletter/email communications and meeting notices.

Recording Secretary

Shall take and keep the minutes of all meetings.Report all old and new business from the last meeting.

Compile a summary of meeting results and share with membership via written or email communication.


Receive all monies and deposit in depositories insured by the FDIC or FSLIC. (Established bank account)

Shall make all disbursements by check and Petty cash and shall maintain accurate records including documents verifying all transactions as to all monies received or disbursed.

At first meeting each year, Treasurer (with support of President/Vice President) present a formal written statement of assets and liabilities and income and expenses for the prior calendar year.

At board and membership meetings provide summary of income & expenses incurred since previous meeting.

Complete as required Federal, State and or Local, tax requirements/licenses/ insurance, etc. with support from president and vice president.

The Treasurer shall work with and present all financial records to an audit committee of three persons appointed by the president from general membership.The audit committee shall review all such records and inquire of the Treasurer into all areas deemed appropriate.

Board Member

Represent the membership in oversight with the Officers and in board /general meetings