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This introductory course gives a general overview of the study of the interactions of the physical world. We will cover the essential topics to give you a firm foundation for classes you may take later and for the physics you experience in everyday life. The most important thing I can do for you is teach you learning skills. The course will attempt to give you a deeper understanding of the science processes that go on around you. This class may include oral work, written work, solo and/or group projects, outside assignments, laboratory experiences and tests. This class will give you reading strategies to help you become a more effective reader and learner. Each student will be required to do a project counting as a test grade that is inquiry based. The project will involve research and real world application of scientific principles.

Assumptions and Expectations of the teacher:

The design of the rules, and the structure of the assignments, are created in such a way to prepare you for the next level, whether that means entering the workforce as a competent adult, or continuing your education at a higher level. After you leave high school, there will be certain expectations of you. My rules are designed with these expectations in mind to help you prepare. Do not try to take advantage of what you may see as ‘taking it easy’.

I assume you understand the basic difference between right and wrong and how to be courteous towards others. I assume you are all tremendously talented in some way or another and that you can think through somewhat complex questions.

I expect that you will treat your other classmates and I with respect and dignity, just as I will do with you. I expect that if you do not understand something, or if you are having problems with me personally, that you will come to me and let me help you. I expect that you will try hard to complete all class work, keep up with all assignments, and that you will study for tests and quizzes.

Although I do not assign traditional “homework”, in the sense of giving work to be done outside of school hours, that does not mean you should not spend some time on this course on your own. I expect you to go over and summarize your notes (as I will show you how in the beginning of the course), and any assignments that are not completed in class, I will expect you to complete on your own time.

Responsibility You are responsible for the amount you learn and your grade in this class. It is my responsibility to teach you Integrated science in the best way possible.

Motivation You are the one who must be motivated to come every day and learn as much as possible. A car without any gas is as useful as a rock. A student without motivation is that same rock. I don’t move rocks. I am motivated every day to come in and do my best as a teacher.

Effort You will achieve and learn directly related to your effort. Classwork is not a punishment but an invitation to practice a skill. Project reports allow you to ruminate on real life applications of Integrated science principles. I will put forth a great deal of effort on my part, you should follow suit.

What YOU need for this class:

A pen (blue or black ink only please) & a pencil

Some kind of notebook for you to take notes in. Taking notes will be required for this class.

A separate folder to keep papers in. You may need to turn in your notebook from time to time, keep everything else separate.

A Calculator is required for this class, I recommend a TI-30XIIS, they are inexpensive and very adequate for the tasks in this class.


Late work will be penalized, do not ask for extra time AFTER a due date.

Missing school is NOT an excuse, you are responsible for everything you miss, not me. Plan your doctor’s appointments for after school, I do. Everyone gets sick from time to time, but being absent is not going to make your life easier. You will need to get copies of the notes, and ask for worksheets/etc when you get back. Plan to make up missed labs or tests. Do not come in at the beginning of class and say “Did I miss anything? / what did I miss?” I will simply answer you with “a complete class session.”

Tests will be a combination of multiple choice, matching, fill in the blank, short answer, and/or true-false. A large part of Integrated science is problem solving and you will be expected to show a proficiency in that skill.

Your grade each quarter will be calculated based on a points system. The total points earned divided by the total points possible each grading period will result in your percentage grade. 90%+ = A, 80-89% = B, 70-79%=C, 60-69%=D, Less than 60% is a failing grade.

1 point each day (5/week) = Class Participation – prepared for class, ready for work, attentive.

25-50 points each = Labs- lab sheets, lab reports and conduct in lab

10-20 points each = Classwork -- Book work, worksheets, etc.

50-100 points each = Tests & Quizzes

Projects will be worth large amounts of points (usually 150 or more) broken down per the rubric which will be provided with each.

You may come see me any time before or after school to see about your grades. In class is not an appropriate time to examine my gradebook to find out about your grades. Your grades can also be monitored online on Progressbook, they should be updated at least weekly.

Missed quizzes, labs, daily work and notes can be made-up before and after school at a time approved in advance by the teacher.

Course Outline

Text: Physical Science Glencoe, 2008

The following is a tentative schedule of the material to be covered in this course:

Week Topic

1 and 2 Safety, Introduction to Scientific methods,

3 and 4 Units and Measurement, uncertainty, representing data

5 Graphs

6 and 7 Describing motion

8 and 9 Forces & gravity

10 and 11 Momentum, Work, & Power

12 and 13 Using Simple Machines

14 Nature of Energy & Conservation

15 Kinetic Theory

16 and 17 Temperature & Heat, transferring thermal energy


19 Electric energy and Charge

20 and 21 Electric Current and fields

22 and 23 Energy Sources: Renewable & Nonrenewable

24 and 25 Processes that shape the Earth

26 Tides

27 Climates

28 and 29 Atomic structure

30 The periodic Table & its elements

31 Classification and states of matter

32 Properties of fluids & Gases

33 Chemical Bonds

34 Radioactivity

35 Solutions

36 Chemical equations & types of reactions

General Rules

Each student is expected to adhere to the rules laid out in the Student Handbook.

You will come prepared to class everyday. You must be in your seat and ready to work at the bell or you will be considered tardy and lose the participation point for the day. Tardies result in detention.

You will leave all food, drinks, candy, and gum out of the classroom. It could save your life.

If you attempt to sleep in class you will stand for the duration of the class. A seat is a privilege, not a right.

You will maintain respect for each person and item in the class. This means not mistreating others, not speaking while anyone else is speaking, keeping the classroom neat, not writing on tables or chairs and not breaking or misusing any materials in the classroom.

You will ask questions when you do not understand. A question that is on one person’s mind is probably on others as well.

You will take responsibility for your own achievement in the class. You are not “given” a grade by the teacher. You earn a grade and the teacher simply records it. Success is a reward for those who try hard consistently and pay attention to their responsibilities (this doesn’t only apply to academics!).

Academic Fraud of any kind will not be tolerated!!! This means cheating on tests, copying other’s work, giving access to work to another student so they may copy or talking during tests. If you choose to cheat, BOTH people will receive a zero for the assignment and your parent(s) will be contacted. The academic misconduct policy of this school will be followed in this class. Don’t just turn things in for a grade, if you turn in a worksheet with all correct answers, I assume you are prepared for the test. If you need more time to turn something in, just ASK.

You are invited to meet with the teacher at any time, other than class instructional time, to discuss grades, classroom behavior, or any questions you may have.

All requests for accommodations, for this course or any school event, are welcomed from the students and parents.