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2017 APHRC Peer Reviewed Journal Articles (Published)

  1. Amo-Adjei, J. & Darteh, EKM.(2017). Unmet/met need for contraception and self-reported abortion in Ghana.Sexual and Reproductive Healthcare,
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2017 APHRC Peer Reviewed Journal Articles (In Press)

  1. Bello BM, Fatusi AO, Adepoju OE, Maina BW, Kabiru CW, Sommer M, & Mmari K. Adolescent and parental reactions to puberty in Nigeria and Kenya: a cross-cultural and intergenerational comparison. Journal of Adolescent Health
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2017 APHRC Technical Reports (Published)

  1. Sidze E.M., Stillman M., Keogh S., Egesa C.P., Mulupi S., Leong E., Mutua M., Muga W., Bankole A., Izugbara C.O. 2017. From paper to practice: Assessing sexuality education policies and their implementation in Kenya. New York: Guttmacher Institute and African Population and Health Research Center.

2017 APHRC Technical Reports (In Press)

  1. African Population and Health Research Center and Ipas, 2017.The Cost of Treating Complications of Unsafe Abortion in Public Health Facilities in Kenya. Nairobi, APHRC, Kenya.

2017 APHRC Book Chapters (Published)

  1. Danielle Doughman. (2017). Using knowledge brokerage to strengthen African voices in global decision-making on HIV and AIDS. The Social Realities of Knowledge for Development Brighton: IDS/Impact Initiative.
  2. Pamela Juma. (2017). Evidence-informed decision making: experience from the design and implementation of community health strategy in Kenya. The Social Realities of Knowledge for Development Brighton: IDS/Impact Initiative.

2017 APHRC Briefing Papers: Fact Sheets & Policy Briefs

  1. Benta Abuya. (2017). Beyond the classroom: Integrating family and community into life skills education for young people. Nairobi: APHRC
  2. Abuya, B. A. 2017. Why the new education curriculum is a triumph for Kenya’s children. Nairobi: The Conversation
  3. Njagi, J. W. (2017). “ECDE Fact Sheet: Tayari Baseline Findings”. Nairobi: African Population and Health Research Center.
  4. Sexuality Education in Kenya: Evidence from three counties.New York: Guttmacher Institute and African Population and Health Research Center.

2016 APHRC Peer Reviewed Journal Articles (Published)

  1. Aboderin, I. (2016). Coming Into Its Own? Developments and Challenges for Research on Aging in Africa. J Gerontol B Psychol Sci Soc Sci. doi:10.1093/geronb/gbw017
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2016 APHRC Peer Reviewed Journal Articles (In Press)