Committee Planning

Committee Name: Professional Development

Major Focus of Committee:

1.Strategic plan for professional development


●Identify capacity of state team

●What is mandated by state team

●Needs Assessment

○What’s happening with CP plans, what is not being addressed

●Design a calendar with longitudinal

●Tap into other PD topics/events from other organizations (DOE, Telling Room, etc)

●Instructional strategy/best practices:

○(assessment (formative/summative)

○differentiated instruction

○Adult Numeracy Instruction (ANI) & Reading Assistance Program

  1. Events
  2. MAEA Conference - Strand structure that includes new learning and work time (Get ‘r Done/Get It Done, possible theme), marketing of event
  3. Lisa will look at past needs assessment from conference and share relevant data

Strategy: Recruitment of new committee members:

Adult Basic Ed teachers

Representatives from each regional alliance area

Community College representative

University System Representatives

New directors and seasoned directors

Secretary (logistical) support for event planning

Employer with training programs

Regional economic person

Suggested names of possible committee members:

Mike Brady - USM, androgogical coach

John Connelly - KVCC Assistant Dean

Lisa Cooper - UMA, make connections for understanding the bridge from AE to college i.e. where to focus PD on this topic or present at conference

Amy ? - Lewiston

Business partners:

contextualized learning opportunities

apprenticeship programs

on the job training programs

Regional economic development representatives-including LWIBj

Joanna Russell

Ruth Pease - Dept of Labor

Priority Activities:

Year 1
Priority / Activity or Event / Purpose / Timeline / Measure of Success
1.Strategic plan / 1. Needs Assessment/ Survey
2. Convene committee members / 1. Identify gaps
2.Identify expertise / Fall 2015
Fall 2015 / 1.Survey results # of respondents
2.Commitments of invited members
Year 2
Priority / Activity or Event / Purpose / Timeline / Measure of Success
Year 3
Priority / Activity or Event / Purpose / Timeline / Measure of Success