Raja Yoga Intensive

Chakras – Steps 12 & 13

Raja Yoga Intensive

Chakras Steps 12/13

Reading & Discussion Questions[1]
Your name: ______

1)Match that chakra!(put Chakra # next to related physical function)

Chakra NamePhysical Function

#1 Kutastha[2]#___ digestion

#2 Swadisthan#___ throat & neck

#3 Anahat#___ anus / legs

#4 Vishudha#___ heart, lungs, #5 Muladhara #___ reproduction

#6 Manipur#___ brain

2)The lower three chakras relate more directly to our awareness of the ______.

3)The three highest chakras relate to ______

4)What qualities of spiritual consciousness are associated with:

  1. Anahat chakra ______
  2. Vishudha chakra______
  3. Kutastha chakra ______

5)What chakra when “opened” brings realization of the power of:

  1. yama?______; niyama? ______

6)A chakra is not considered to be truly awakened until ______has passed through it in full force.

7)Identify the chakra which correlates to the elements of creation:

  1. fire ______; water ______air ______
  2. earth ______; ether ______

8)The miracle of walking on water would be associated with the awakening of the ______chakra.

9)Match that sound:ChakraSound

Write the chakra # next to its characteristic sound:

# 4 heartbee #__

# 2 sacralwind # __

# 1 coccyxbell # __

# 5 throatflute # __

#3 navelharp #__

10) The sound of Aum is heard where in the body? ______

11)The crown chakra is said to open after prolonged meditation on the ______. When one’s consciousness is centered here, all action ceases and the soul merges into the Infinite in the state of ______.

12) The moon is the symbol of the ______. The sun is the symbol of ______. What planet rules the Manipur chakra? ______.

13)Feeling, to be rightly guided, must flow upward toward ______.

14)And ______to be progressive and wisdom guided must have the support of ______.

15) The idanerve channel begins and ends on the ______side of the body.

16) The name of the other nerve channel is ______.

17) The energy of the idachannels signifies an affirmation of ______values.

18) It’s not the world itself but our ______to it that involve us in delusion.

19) The reactive process is a function of the chitta, or feeling opposite the ______chakra.

20) By increasing the strength of flow of energy in the astral spine, the up and down currents of pran and apan, and reactions automatically draw ______back to its inner source.

21) The name of the central spinal channel in the astral body is the ______.

22) Kundalini is the ______vitality of our mortal ______.

23) Kundalini is our greatest single key to ______.

24) Kundalini has been personified as a mythic beast, a ______, and/or is said to be ______(gender) for it represents the negative polarity of the spine.

25) What is your experience or view of the chakra system given to us in the raja yoga teachings? How important do you think it might be for a meditator to learn and use these? ______

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[1] These questions are for use for BOTH chakra classes.

[2] Terminology has been updated to have ajnarefer to the medulla and kutastha (chaitanya) to the spiritual eye.