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CLASS #2: The 3rd V.P./ dividing CUBES/applying Ellipses to cubes

In class exercise I: Line quality and line accuracy. Practice making short, fast, straight lines that point towards a vanishing point placed in one corner of the page.

In class exercise II: Using a classroom desk as a reference, draw a desk according to the rules of perspective covered in last week’s class. Use 2-point perspective with VP’s on the page.

Perspective and the Real World: Discuss the difference between seeing in real-time and looking at a photo or a drawing. Location of the 3rd vanishing point in relation to the horizon line. Class draws cubes in 3-pt. perspective.

Dividing the cube into equal parts, finding the center of a cube: Draw diagonals on faces of the cube to find centers. Divide each face of the cube into four smaller squares.

Applying ellipses to cubes, part I: Using tangency points, draw ellipses on the top and bottom faces of two cubes stacked on top of each other. Note the difference in proportion between the top and bottom ellipses.

Applying ellipses to cubes, part II: Draw ellipses on front and rear faces of a cube. Minor axis points towards vanishing point! Minor axis points towards vanishing point!

Drawing cones: Draw and ellipse along a minor axis. Choose a point on the minor axis as the top of the cone and extend lines down to the left and right sides of the ellipse, making sure you are tangent to the ellipse.


10 pages of ellipses- fluid, identical, symmetrical ellipses on centerlines (30 min)

3 pages of cylinders in rectilinear boxes- Draw 3 rectilinear forms (3”x3”x6”) in 3 different orientations on each page (1 standing and 2 lying down). Draw a cylinder in each form. Define a light source and shade only the cylinders. Lightly shade with pencil strokes that are parallel to the sides of the cylinder only. No rusty tin cans!

3 pages of freehand cylinders/cones- (without drawing the rectilinear form first). 5 objects on each page standing and lying down. VP’s can be on or off the page. Make each object twice as long as its diameter and that the minor axes of the ellipses are in line with each other. Overlap the objects to show depth of field. Lightly shade according to light source.

3 pages of cubes in 3-pt. perspective- Draw 6 cubes on each page, using left and right V.P.’s on the page, and each with their own 3rd vanishing point. Adjust 3rd VP location based on the cube’s position within the semicircle. Do not overlap the cubes.