Job Description

POST: Assistant Head teacher – Teaching and Learning and Inclusion Manager

SCHOOL: Four Dwellings Primary Academy


RESPONSIBLE TO: The Head Teacher & Governors of the School

Areas of responsibility and key tasks:

a) Strategic direction and development of Four Dwellings Primary Academy in co-operation with, and under the direction of, the head teacher

·  Support and secure the commitment of others to the vision, ethos, and policies of the school and promote high levels of achievement

·  Support the creation and implementation of the school development plan, especially as it relates to Four Dwellings Primary Academy and to take responsibility for appropriately delegated aspects of it;

·  Support all staff in achieving the priorities and targets of the school and monitor the progress and impact

·  Support the evaluation of the effectiveness of the school's policies and developments and analyse their impact

·  Ensure that parents are well informed about the curriculum, targets, children's progress and attainment

·  Support the head teacher in developing links with parents of children in the school

b) Strategic Direction and Development of SEN Provision in the School (with the support of, and under the direction of the head and leadership team)

·  Exercise a key role in assisting the head teacher and governors with the strategic

·  Development of SEN policy / provision

·  Support all staff in understanding the needs of SEN pupil and ensure the objectives to develop SEN are reflected in the school development plan

·  Monitor progress of objectives and targets for pupils with SEN from teachers’ plans, evaluate the effectiveness of teaching and learning by work analysis and use these analyses to guide future improvements

·  Analyse and interpret relevant school, local and national data and advise the head teacher on the level of resources required to maximise achievement

·  Liaise with staff, parents, external agencies and other schools to co-ordinate their contribution, provide maximum support and ensure continuity of provision

c) Teaching and Learning

·  Support the head teacher in determining, organising and implementing the curriculum and its assessment; monitor and evaluate them in order to identify and act on areas for improvement

·  Be responsible for ensuring that improvements in English and numeracy priority targets for all pupils

·  Support the head teacher in establishing a learning environment that helps pupils develop study skills in order to learn more effectively and with increasing independence

·  Be responsible for the teaching of target groups, developing a stimulating and challenging learning environment which secures effective learning and provides high standards of achievement, behaviour and discipline

·  Be responsible for the pastoral care of pupils in a class, promoting self-discipline and good behaviour at all times, in accordance with school policies

·  Take help with the development and monitoring of the curriculum provision throughout the school, liaising appropriately with Leaders of Learning, support teams and class teachers

·  Support the head teacher in the monitoring of the quality of teaching and children's achievements across the school, including the analysis of performance data

·  Support the identification of and disseminate the most effective teaching approaches for pupils with SEN

·  Work with head teacher and staff to develop effective ways of bridging barriers to learning through:

-  assessment of needs

-  monitoring of teaching quality and pupil achievement

-  target setting, including IEPs

-  developing a recording system for progress

·  Collect and interpret specialist assessment data to inform practice

·  Undertake day-to-day co-ordination of SEN pupils’ provisions through close liaison with staff, parents and external agencies

·  Work with head teachers, teachers, key stage co-ordinators and pastoral staff to ensure all pupils learning is of equal importance and that there are realistic expectations of pupils

·  Consider the range of teaching strategies / equipment that could be utilised for pupils at School Action Plus

d) Leading and managing staff

·  Support the head teacher (Staff Performance and Standards) in developing positive working relationships with and between all pupils and staff in the school

·  Lead groups of staff in development activities and evaluate outcomes

·  Coach and mentor staff to ensure all staff are working in line with the teaching standards

·  Support the performance management process as required and use the process to develop personal and professional effectiveness

·  Provide support to newly qualified teachers, supply teachers, teachers teaching assistants who may be new to the school

·  Ensure that the head teacher and governors are well informed about policies, plans and priorities, its success in meeting objectives and targets, and any future development needs.

·  Provide professional guidance to staff to secure good teaching for SEN pupils, through both written guidance and meetings

·  Contribute to the performance management process SEN teachers and Support Assistants

·  Advise on and contribute to the professional development of staff, including whole school INSET provision

·  Provide regular information to the head teacher and governing body on the evaluation of SEN provision

e) Effective deployment of staff and resources

·  Support the head teacher in the deployment of staff in the department and support those staff in their duties

·  Work with the head teacher in establishing priorities for expenditure, and in monitoring the effectiveness of spending and usage of resources

·  Advise the head teacher and governing body of priorities for expenditure and deployment of staff, and utilise resources with maximum efficiency

·  Maintain and develop resources, co-ordinate their deployment and monitor their effectiveness in meeting the objectives of school and SEN policies

f) Other professional requirements

·  Co-ordinate all Annual Reviews and attend / chair when necessary

·  Attend Year 6 Annual Reviews for primary pupils with statements to help facilitate continuity and progression through the development of a transition programme. Liaise with Year 5 pupils requiring advice about provision. (Secondary School SENCO)


·  Take on specific tasks related to the day to day administration and organisation of the school as requested by the head teacher

·  Take on any additional responsibilities which might form time to time be determined

·  Create and maintain positive and supportive relationships with staff, parents and the governors

·  To engage with appropriate training opportunities to promote professional effectiveness in this role.

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FDPA-Assistant Head teacher – Teaching & Learning & Inclusion Manager