Sardis Secondary School

Science 10 Course Outline and Expectations

Teachers: Ms. Dahlman & Mrs. Moore (both can be contacted at )

Textbook: BC Science 10 (will be signed out to the student for the semester – must be returned at the end of semester or the student will be billed $70.00). The textbook is also available to download in pdf format at (username: SS33, password: UD33).

Course Description: Science 10 is an introductory course that explores a variety of fields including Biology (ecology – biomes & ecosystems), Chemistry (atomic theory, compounds, chemical reactions & radioactivity), Physics (motion, velocity & acceleration), and Earth Science (thermal energy, climate change & plate tectonics).

Course Evaluation:

Homework, cue cards, projects, labs, quizzes & notes …………….………………30%

Tests …..…………………………………………………………………………....70%

Attendance: Regular attendance is essential in order to be successful in this course. If you are absent from class, you are responsible for the work you have missed. You must get the notes from a classmate (or website) and complete all assigned work within ONE DAY of your return.

If you miss a homework check or quiz because of an excused absence, you may show the work to me or take the quiz IMMEDIATELY upon your return for full marks – if you fail to show me your work you will receive a zero.

If you are absent for a test, you will receive a zero unless your parent or guardian has contacted us to explain the reason for your absence (email is great).

We would prefer an email from parents when a student is absent. Also please call the school office in the morning of the absence so the secretaries can put it in the computer. If the absence is not excused within 24 hours it will be considered that the student skipped class and will receive 0 for all work assigned that day and work marked that day.

Late for Class: On the 6th unexcused late Saturday School will be assigned.

Late work: All work is expected to be handed in on time. Daily assignments will be assigned a late (which is worth 0 or ½ marks if the student comes in and does the work in our classroom). Major unit end assignments and labs will be marked down 10% per day late.

Work habits: It is your responsibility to keep up with the work and to hand it in when it is due. If you are struggling please seek help. We are available outside of class time to give extra help, but you need to ask.

Electronic Devices: NO ELECTRONIC DEVICES in the classroom unless specific permission has been granted by the teacher (includes: cell phones, & IPODs). They will be removed from the students possession and returned at the end of the day (2:30 pm).

Provincial Exam:

There is a provincial exam for this course worth 20% of the course grade. It covers the entire course and it is written by all science 10 students in the province. The date is set by the ministry of Education and it cannot be changed and you cannot write the test on an alternate date. It is Monday, June 25, 2012 at 12:30am.

These are the criteria/expectations for successful completion of Science 10:

1.  Students must be in regular attendance (miss no more than 10 classes during the course). All absences must be phoned into the office by noon on the day the student returns to class (and preferably first thing in the morning the day they are absent) or they will be assigned a Saturday School (858-9424) ASAP. We also appreciate emails too.

2.  Students must write all tests and quizzes.

3.  Students must complete all assignments.

Ms. Dahlman and Mrs. Moore will be team teaching this course (Science 10). Mrs. Moore will teach the first half of the week and Mrs. Dahlman will teach the second half of the week. If you need to get a hold of us you may reach us by email (preferably) or by phoning the school at 604-858-9424. (email: ). Please check the school website for information about this course (, - staff - Melanie Moore).

Assignment Portfolio Rubric

Before handing in your package please do the following:

-  Put your name on the front of the outline

-  Do a self-assessment on your chapter package.

10/10 or 5/5 =fully complete (complete sentences), stamped, marked, corrected.

8/10 or 4/5 = fully complete (complete sentences), stamped

6/10 or 3/5 = fully complete

4/10 or 2/5 (or less) = incomplete

Key Term Rubric

Key terms must be done in 1 of 2 ways:

1)  Cue cards: Cover cue card with your name and chapter number

Front side – term # and Term

Back side – definition, examples, and memory aid or picture

2)  Paper or computer: Title with your name and chapter number

Column 1 - term # and Term

Column 2 - definition

Column 3 - examples, graphics etc.

Without examples & graphics & color you can only receive a maximum of 5/10.

Graphing Rubric

Graphs must contain the following:

a)  Title that explains what information is shown on the graph.

b)  Correct scale on both x & y axis (must be spaced & numbered evenly).

Hint: look at your data before you make your scale.

c)  X and Y axis need to be labeled and have units.

d)  If more than 1 piece of data is being graphed then you need a key or legend.

e)  All graphs must be done in pencil.