Conference Programme Overview – ‘Science & Sensibility’

Thursday 7 March 2013

11.00-13.00 / Registration and check in.
12.00-13.00 / Lunch – No. 5 Restaurant
13.00-13.15 / Welcome and introduction – Mayflower 2
Professor Philip Nelson, University of Southampton’s Pro Vice Chancellor.
13.15-13.55 / KEYNOTE SPEAKER
Tim Harford, Economist, award winning journalist, and broadcaster on Radio 4.
"Solving problems in a complex world"
14.00-15.00 / Parallel sessions 1
  • Cancer – Mayflower 1
  • Child Health (1) – Bradford Room
  • Methods – Winslow Room
  • Miscellaneous – Standish Room

15.10-15.30 / Refreshments and posters – Mayflower 3
15.40-16.40 / Parallel sessions2
  • Chronic Diseases (1) – Mayflower 1
  • CVS (1) – Bradford Room
  • Ageing – Winslow Room
  • Mental Health (1) – Standish Room

16.40-19.00 / Free time options: Tudor House visit. Heritage Walk. Leisure facilities. Shopping. Rest & relaxation
19.00-20.00 / Drinks reception – Royal Bar and Atrium
20.00-LATE / Conference Dinner and entertainment – Mayflower 1 & 2

Friday 8 March 2013

From 6.30am / Breakfast – No. 5 Restaurant. Leisure facilities. Check out by 11am.
9.00-9.10 / Welcome and introduction to the day – Mayflower 2
9.10-9.45 / Plenary – Kate Hunt
Can a weight management and healthy living programme delivered via professional football clubs engage overweight and obese men to lifestyle change?
Plenary – Michael Lawton
Diagnosis of Urinary Tract Infection in the Young – the process of making a prediction rule.
9.55-10.55 / Parallel sessions 3
  • Child Health (2) – Mayflower 1
  • Mental Health (2) – Bradford Room
  • CVS (2) - Winslow Room
  • Healthcare relationships – Standish Room

11.00-11.30 / Refreshments and posters – Mayflower 3
11.40-12.40 / Parallel sessions 4
  • Infection – Mayflower 1
  • Chronic Diseases (2) – Bradford Room
  • Management – Winslow Room
  • Women’s health – Standish Room

12.45-13.00 / Closing speech, Prizes. - Mayflower 2
Introduction to South West SAPC 2014 Bristol, Sarah Purdy
13.00 / Buffet lunch – Restaurant or Packed lunch from Mayflower lounge. Departure.

Summary of parallel sessions


Mayflower 1 - Cancer / Chair: Nathan Hill
14.00 / 1 / Ethnic inequality in cancer diagnosis
Tanimola martins, Willie Hamilton, Obioha Ukoumunne, Rosalind Raine
14.15 / 2 / Patient views on being referred for diagnostic testing for cancer – a vignette based survey
Sandra hollinghurst, Jon Banks, Tim Peters, Lin Bigwood, Fiona Walter, Willie Hamilton
14.30 / 3 / The role of Primary Care in the management of Teenagers and Young Adults with Cancer: a qualitative study
KIRI DIXON, Michael Stevens, Ali Heawood, Alison Cameron, Matthew Ridd
14.45 / 4 / Clinical features of myeloma in primary care (96)
ELIzABETH SHEPHARD, Richard Neal, Peter Rose, Fiona Walter, Willie Hamilton
Bradford Room – Child Health (1) / Chair: George Lewith
14.00 / 5 / What delays or facilitates the diagnosis of paediatric leukaemia in primary care? A qualitative analysis of doctors’ and parents’ views
CAROLINE JONES, Rachel Clarke, Chris Mitchell, Matthew Thompson
14.15 / 6 / Why do parents consult in primary care on behalf of pre-school children with minor illness? A qualitative synthesis exploring triggers for requesting care
leah bowen, Sarah Purdy, Ali Heawood
14.30 / 7 / Development of quality markers for children in UK general practice: a consensus study of general practitioners
peter gill, Braden O’Neill, Peter Rose, David Mant and Anthony Harnden
14.45 / 8 / Carers’ experiences of managing acute diarrhoea and vomiting in their children –The ADVICE Study
fiona lugg, N. Francis, C. Butler, M. Evans, M. Kelly
Winslow Room - Methods / Chair: Nick Francis
14.00 / 9 / The value of author contact in determining risk of bias in included studies in a systematic review
HELEN ATHERTON, Prescilla Sawmynaden, Josip Car
14.15 / 10 / Development of a measure of Patient Reported Experiences and Outcomes of Patient Safety in General Practices in England: the PREOS-PC instrument
jose valderas, Ignacio Ricci-Cabello, Daniela Goncalves, Stephen Campbell, Sarah P. Slight
14.30 / 11 / Placebo Use in the United Kingdom: results from a national survey of primary care practitioners
jeremy howick, Felicity Bishop, Carl Heneghan, Jane Wolstenholme, Sarah Stevens, Richard Hobbs, George Lewith
14.45 / 12 / Is it OK if a researcher takes a look at your notes...?” Using verbal consent to ensure a sufficient sample size for primary outcome data: A progress report on the ESTEEM trial
raff calitri, John Campbell, Nicky Britten, Colin Green, Tim Holt, Val Lattimer, David Richards, Sue Richards, Rod Taylor, Chris Salisbury, Emily Fletcher, Vicky Bowyer, Katherine Chaplin, Jamie Murdoch, Anna Varley, Julia Roscoe
Standish Room - Miscellaneous / Chair: Paramjit Gill
14.00 / 13 / Sexual relationships when living with a permanent indwelling urinary catheter: a qualitative study of people’s experiences and information needs
14.15 / 14 / Case finding for hepatitis C in primary care
Shivani datta, Debbie Sharp, Matthew Hickman, Jeremy Horwood
14.30 / 15 / Biosamples and the ‘gift relationship’ – how participants in biobanking projects talk about donation
LOUISE LOCOCK, Anne-Marie Boylan
14.45 / 16 / Patients’ perceptions of breathing retraining for asthma: a qualitative study
EMMA TEASDALE, Emily Arden-Close, Sarah Tonkin-Crine, Natasha Pitre, Mark Stafford-Watson, Denise Gibson, Anne Bruton, Mike Thomas, Lucy Yardley


Mayflower 1 - Chronic Diseases (1) / Chair: Chris Butler
15.40 / 17 / A UK programme to establish the prevalence, incidence and progression of Chronic Kidney Disease in primary care – The Oxford Renal Cohort (OxRen)
nathan hill, D Lasserson, RJ McManus, ST Fatoba, A Farmer, C O'Callaghan, R Perera-Salazar, C Pugh, B Shine, B Thompson, J Wolstenholme, FDR Hobbs
15.55 / 18 / Association of diet, metabolic factors and diabetes in mid-life risk factors as predictors of late life dementia: The Caerphilly Prospective Study
SAM CREAVIN, John Gallacher, Janet Pickering, Ann Fehily, Mark Fish, Shah Ebrahim, Antony Bayer, Yoav Ben-Shlomo
16.10 / 19 / ‘Dialysis is not a choice’: exploring older adults’ experience of choosing modes of treatment for chronic kidney disease
sarah tonkin-crine, Ikumi Okamoto, Geraldine Leydon, Hugh Rayner, Paul Roderick
16.25 / 20 / Measuring HbA1c at frequent intervals – a summary of preliminary results from an observational cohort study
JENNIFER HIRST, Richard Stevens, Andrew Farmer
Bradford Room – CVS (1) / Chair: Miriam Santer
15.40 / 21 / Monitoring the monitors: Calibration drift of blood pressure monitors in a retail pharmacy environment
james hodgkinson, Una Martin, Jonathan Mant, Carl Heneghan, Richard Hobbs,
Richard J McManus
15.55 / 22 / Optimal detection and monitoring of Hypertension using home blood pressure monitoring and Bluetooth Technology in primary care - HYBET Primary Care
DAVID NUNAN, Carl Heneghan, Rafael Perera, Alison Ward
16.10 / 23 / Waste the Waist: A pilot trial of a primary care based intervention to support lifestyle change for people with high cardiovascular risk
COLIN GREAVES, Afroditi Stathi, Fiona Gillison, Paul Bennett, Prasuna Reddy, James Dunbar, Rachel Perry, Daniel Messom, Roger Chandler, Margaret Francis, Gordon Taylor
16.25 / 24 / Cutting out the white coat: Can we predict out of office blood pressure levels using multiple clinic measurements?
JAMES SHEPPARD, Roger Holder, Richard McManus
Winslow Room - Ageing / Chair: Céire Costelloe
15.40 / 25 / Variation in access and outcomes to new psychological therapy services by age
SOPHIE PETTIT, Adam Qureshi, Richard Byng, Rod Taylor, William Henley, Lexy Newbold, Gillian Hardy, Sue Forber, Cath Quinn
15.55 / 26 / Better end of life care service provision and impact on hospital service usage: Results of a mixed methods evaluation of Marie Curie’s Delivering Choice
Sarah Purdy, Lesley Wye, G Lasseter, J Percival, L Duncan, B Simmonds, T Griffin
16.10 / 27 / Giving medication to patients dying at home- concerns of family carers: preliminary findings from the ‘Unpacking the home’ study
david seamark, M Turner, C Milligan, C Thomas, SG Brearley, X Wang, S Blake, S Payne
16.25 / 28 / A Pilot RCT of group acupuncture for moderate to severe knee osteoarthritis (100)
Adrian White, Liz Tough, N. Foster, M. Underwood, P. Dieppe, C. Pritchard, R. Taylor
Standish Room – Mental Health (1) / Chair: Matt Ridd
15.40 / 29 / Delivering mindfulness for women living with metastatic breast cancer (MBC): feasibility, outcomes and challenges
caroline eyles, George Lewith, Gerry Leydon, Ellen Copson, Caroline Hoffman
15.55 / 30 / What matters to patients when they are prescribed antidepressant medication?
susan kirkpatrick, Claire Anderson, Sue Ziebland, Tony Avery, Andrew Herxheimer
16.10 / 31 / Individual and service level factors affecting clinical outcomes in the Improving Access to Psychological Therapy (IAPT) programme; a multi-level mixed-effects model
adam qureshi, Richard Byng, Rod Taylor, William Henley, Lexy Newbold, Gillian Hardy, Sue Forber, Cath Quinn
16.25 / 32 / Assessing suicidal ideation in medical consultations: A conversation analytic study
Richard Byng, R. McCabe, I. Hassan, R. Barnes, S. Priebe

FRIDAY 8 MARCH 2013: PARALLEL SESION 3 - 9.55-10.55

Mayflower 1 - Child Health (2) / Chair: Mike Thomas
9.55 / 33 / “It’s called health education for a reason!” Children’s views on heart health and education.
A focus group study
claire friedemann, Carl Heneghan, Alice Tompson, Sian Harrison and Alison Ward
10.10 / 34 / Risk factors for the onset and persistence of childhood eczema: birth cohort study
Chris m penfold, Richard Morris, Sarah Purdy, Sarah Sullivan, Miriam Santer, Amanda Roberts, Giles Dunnill, Parker Magin, Lavinia Paternoster, Matthew Ridd
10.25 / 35 / “It’s just a virus” What clinicians seek to communicate in consultations for Respiratory tract infections in children
jeremy horwood, Christie Cabral, Alastair D Hay, Jenny Ingram
10.40 / 36 / “They just say everything’s a virus, don’t they?” What parents understand from clinicians during consultations for respiratory tract infections in children
christie cabral, Jenny Ingram, Alastair D Hay, Jeremy Horwood
Bradford Room – Mental Health (2) / Chair: Kamal Mahtani
9.55 / 37 / Men and women’s mental wellbeing and adjustment in pregnancy following infertility and treatment: A qualitative study
LYDIA FRENCH, Katrina Turner, Debbie Sharp
10.10 / 38 / Is the Improving Access to Psychological Therapies programme (IAPT) equitable?
andrew fripp, Adam Qureshi, Richard Byng
10.25 / 39 / ‘Chocolate and Red Bull’: Women’s experiences of receiving specialist psychological advocacy following domestic abuse
maggie evans, Gene Feder, Alice Malpass
10.40 / 40 / Cognitive interviewing to assess the face validity and perceived ‘meaning’ of commonly used questionnaires: the case of Domestic Abuse
maggie evans, Emma Howarth, Alison Gregory, Alice Malpass
Winslow Room - CVS (2) / Chair: Jeremy Howick
9.55 / 41 / Tackling obesity: the roles for practice nurses in primary care
KATIE PHILLIPS, Fiona Wood, Paul Kinnersley
10.10 / 42 / Effects of exenatide and liraglutide on heart rate, blood pressure and body weight: Systematic review and meta-analysis
tim holt, Louise E. Robinson, Karen Rees, Harpal S. Randeva, Joseph P. O’Hare
10.25 / 43 / An overview of Cochrane reviews for efficacy of pharmacological smoking cessation interventions: A Network Meta-Analysis
Sarah stevens, Kate Cahill, Rafael Perera, Tim Lancaster
10.40 / 44 / What is the cost-effectiveness of GP initiation of treatment in patients with recent suspected TIA?
Rebecca Kandiyali, Jonathan Mant, Pelham Barton, Andrew Stevens
Standish Room - Healthcare relationships / Chair: Katherine Tucker
9.55 / 45 / A Comparative Investigation of Communicative Practices between Nurse-Led and GP-Led Telephone Triage for Patients requesting Same-Day Consultations in Primary Care
rebecca barnes, Jill Pooler, Jamie Murdoch
10.10 / 46 / Specifying the dimensions of care that matter to people with Long-Term Conditions (LTC) and improving our understanding of Patient-Centred Care (PCC)
Monica Hadi, Louise Locock, Ray Fitzpatrick
10.25 / 47 / Patient email use with healthcare professionals across 14 European countries
HELEN ATHERTON, Francisco Lupiáñez-Villanueva
10.40 / 48 / Supporting self-care with the help of the internet: interviews with health care professionals participating in a pilot RCT
MIRIAM SANTER, Lucy Yardley, Ingrid Muller, Rachel Ryves, Paul Little

FRIDAY 8 MARCH 2013: PARALLEL SESSION 4- 11.40-12.40

Mayflower 1 - Infection / Chair: Paul Little
11.40 / 49 / Treatment Options without Antibiotics for Sore Throat (TOAST)
Johanna Maughan, Carl Heneghan, Matthew Thompson, Gail Hayward, Alastair Hay,
Mike Moore, Paul Little, Kim Harman, Jane Wolstenholme, Rafael Perera
11.55 / 50 / Antibiotics and Primary Care Dental Problems (APICAL) – Understanding the Antibiotic Prescribing Practices of Primary Care Dentists in Wales
anwen cope, Dr Nick Francis, Professor Ivor G. Chestnutt, Dr Fiona Wood
12.10 / 51 / Symptom trajectories of respiratory tract infections in children: a systematic review (38)
matthew thompson. Talley A. Vodicka, Peter Blair, David I. Buckley, Carl Heneghan, Alastair D. Hay
12.25 / 52 / Comparison of microbiological diagnosis of urinary tract infection in young children by health service and specialist reference laboratories in the ‘DUTY’ diagnostic cohort study
KIM HARMAN, Kate Birnie, Alastair Hay, Mandy Wootton, Robin Howe, Alasdair MacGowan, Michael Lawton, Kerry Hood, Paul Little, Brendan Delaney, Chris Butler, Jonathan Sterne on behalf of the DUTY study team
Bradford Room – Chronic Diseases (2) / Chair: Philip Evans
11.40 / 53 / Reflexive observations on doing an ethnographic study on heart failure and hospital admission
ROSEMARY SIMMONDS, Rachel Johnson, Helen Cramer, Tom Sanders, Dan Lasserson, Umesh Kadam, Sarah Purdy
11.55 / 54 / Why are Heart Failure admissions falling? A National Observational Study
rachel brettell, Michael Soljak, Elizabeth Cecil, Martin Cowie, Azeem
12.10 / 55 / Cardiovascular risk profile after reclassification out of a Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD) diagnosis by the CKD-EPI formula: Is it safe to come off the CKD register?
DAN LASSERSON, Vincent Van Gelder, Nynke Scherpbier, Marion Biermans, Chris van Weel, Wim de Grauw, Jack Wetzels, Chris O’Callaghan
12.25 / 56 / Identifying patients at highest cardiovascular risk in primary care: associations between visit to visit blood pressure variability and Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD) in a population based database
Dan lASSERSON, Vincent Van Gelder, Nynke Scherpbier, Marion Biermans, Chris van Weel, Wim de Grauw, Jack Wetzels, Chris O’Callaghan
Winslow Room - Management / Chair: Sarah Purdy
11.40 / 57 / Point of care tests for monitoring, diagnosis, and reducing referrals: a quantitative survey
JEREMY HOWICK, Caroline Jones, Chris Price, Annette Pluddemann, Carl Heneghan,
Matthew Thompson
11.55 / 58 / ‘Feedback on feedback’: organisational response to patient surveys in primary care
OLGA BOIKO, Jenni Burt, Emily Taylor, Antoinette Davey, Martin Roland, John Campbell
12.10 / 59 / Tag Cloud Analysis of Patient Feedback
INOCENCIO MARAMBA, Antoinette Davey, Finlay Brown, John Campbell
12.25 / 60 / The impact of one-stop surgical outreach clinics offering ultrasound in the general practice setting
HELEN ATHERTON, Andrew Beggs, Paul Thomas
Standish Room – Women’s Health / Chair: Hazel Everitt
11.40 / 61 / Life threatening illness for women in childbirth – what are the follow up needs of women and their families?
LISA HINTON, Marian Knight, Louise Locock
11.55 / 62 / Midwives’ views and experiences of using the Whooley questions to screen for antenatal depression
CATHERINE WILLIAMS, Kristina Bennert, Jonathan Evans, Helen Baxter, David Kessler, Katrina Turner
12.10 / 63 / Community-based confidential enquiry on maternal and child deaths in Africa
MERLIN WILLCOX, Vincent Mubangizi, Elias Kumbakumba, Chiaka Diakité, Drissa Diallo, Florence Nakaggwa, Nick Wooding, Anthony Harnden, David Mant
12.25 / 64 / Developing clinical practice guidelines for Chinese herbal treatment of polycystic ovary syndrome: A mixed methods Delphi study in United Kingdom
lily lai, Andrew Flower, Michael Moore, George Lewith

Summary of posters

P1 / Ethical and governance challenges in conducting a randomized controlled trial in care homes
NADINE AAWAR, Christopher Bulter, Jacqui Nuttall, Nick Francis, Donna Duncan, Helen Stanton, Kerry Hood
P2 / Assessing the accuracy of personal breathalysers
helen f ashdown, Susannah Fleming, Elizabeth A Spencer,
Matthew J Thompson, Richard J Stevens
P3 / Understanding patient experience of out-of-hours primary care in England
Heather Barry, OV Boiko, SH Richards, JL Campbell
P4 / Validation of a screening tool to identify antenatal depression
helen baxter, Alison Burns, Kristina Bennert, Katrina Turner, Jonathan Evans
P5 / Laboratory Evaluation of UK FLEXICULT™ SSI-Urinary Kit
EMILY BONGARD, Niels Frimodt-Møller, Micaela Gal, Nick Francis, Mandy Wootton, Robin Howe, Chris Butler
P6 / Workplace based assessment – can we identify the trainee in difficulty?
rachel brettell, Daniel Lasserson, Simon Street, Mike Deighan
P7 / Do symptoms of operable and inoperable lung cancer differ?: An interview study of symptoms experienced by patients awaiting lung cancer resection
P8 / Impact of receptionist- and GP-led telephone triage on access and workload management
Christine a’Court, David Nunan
P9 / Diagnosis of dementia in general practice
SAM CREAVIN, Sarah Purdy, Yoav Ben-Shlomo
P10 / Rehabilitation Enablement in Chronic Heart Failure – An overview of the REACH-HF: a NIHR funded research programme
hasnain dalal, R Taylor, C Abraham, J Austin, N Britten, R Davis, P Doherty,
L Geach, C Greaves, C Green, K Jolly, B Lewin, J Packard, S Singh, R van Lingen,
I Richards, M Young, J Wingham in collaboration with the Heart Manual Service (NHS Lothian)
P11 / Automated Risk Assessment for Stroke in Atrial Fibrillation (AURAS-AF): cluster randomised controlled trial of an automated software system electronic
andrew dalton, Tim Holt, David Fitzmaurice, Tom Marshall, Matthew Fay, Nadeem Qureshi, Richard Hobbs, Dan Lasserson, Karen Kearley, Jenny Hislop
P12 / Methodological challenges of video recording patient-GP consultations for research purposes
ANTOINETTE DAVEY, Inocencio Maramba, John Campbell
P13 / Primary care clinicians’ and respiratory physicians’ views on the use of antibiotics and oral steroids in the management of acute exacerbations of COPD
freya davies, Nick Francis, Lucy Brookes-Howell, Chris Butler, Mette Bech Risør, Hasse Melbye
P14 / Nurse-led implementation of pioneering preventative healthcare in GP practices: identifying high cardiovascular risk patients as a Trojan horse for fundamental change in primary care
GEORGE DOWSWELL, Nicola Gale, Tom Marshall, Paul Westerby, Sheila Greenfield
P15 / Personalised care planning for adults with long-term (chronic) conditions: a systematic review
ABI ECCLES, Angela Coulter, Vikki Entwistle, Sara Ryan, Sasha Shepperd, Rafael Perera
P16 / Vitamin D Deficiency and Cardiovascular Disease Amongst Minority Ethnic Groups in the UK: A Cross Sectional Study
paramjit gill, Jeetesh Patel, Julia Chackathayi, Elizabeth A Hughes, Craig Webster, Gregory Lip
P17 / Piloting Trial Torrent software as a tool for identifying patients to the CREAM study using electronic medical records.
EMMA THOMAS-JONES, Mohammed Haq, Kathryn Mccullough, Paul Sergeant,
F. Sullivan, Nick Francis, V. Madhok in collaboration with the CREAM study team
P18 / The role of Primary Care in VTE risk management
Sian harrison, Lorraine McFarland, Joanna Searcey, Carl Heneghan, David Fitzmaurice, Sheila Greenfield, Ellen Murray, Alison Ward