2016 Long List

Anderson, P RA Companion to Owls

Anderson, P RThe Once

Angelo, DavideSpiral

Balcomb, ChloeMr Rochester

Barrs, MyraFirst Death

Barrs, MyraIn the parks

Bennett, Maria IsakovaSculpture: terracotta

Bergman, MaraInventory at the Apprentice House

Bergman, MaraMy Daughter Turns into a Fish

Bergman, MaraThe Projectionist

Bolton, AmaJanuary

Bolton, AmaOn the border

Borthwick, PatA Different Angle

Borthwick, PatRoots

Borthwick, PatThe Snatch

Boyce, StephenEarly Fall

Bradbury, BritaOn the Beach at Dunkirk

Burchell, GrahamGoing to Bed

Butler, SueGuts

Caldwell, RogerIncident on Portman Square

Caldwell, RogerThe Armadillo as Survival Artist

Cannon, Karen JaneMartime Curios

Chamberlain, Ian RoyceBeauty and the Killing Machine

Chamberlain, Ian RoyceKilner

Clark, BrianLast Seen at Blo’s Café

Colley, LaurenThe Poet Does Not Marry

Cook, DavidEverything

Cooper, MarkThe Selkie

Crispin, Lucymiscellany

Crispin, Lucythe pail

Croft, AngelaLiving without Light

Curtis, RuthMurmurations

Davies, SusanGalileo

Davis, AlexandraNaomi

Davis, AlexandraStag

Demaria, AngelenaPublic Policy

Douglas, SallyIn the Wood

Douglas, SallyMy Glass Father

Dowling, TomReunion

Dunn, PhilipDivinely Clueless Once

Dunn, PhilipHighland Chieftain

Eddershaw, MargaretHeart of Oak

Edgecombe, Jenniferfossilised

Elder, ScottReturn from St. André

Elkin, RogerOn hold

Fakhro, DenaElegy for a Potosi miner

Fischer, Elsa“The Abduction of Psyche”

Foggin, JohnSt Lucie’s Day

Frampton, RussellDown Hundertwasser

Gallas, JohnThe Sufi Sheep

Garland, RosieWho’s your fat friend?

Gibbens, John GNorwood Oaks

Gough, JoodA Message

Gould, Roger JB Movie Night Flight

Greenwell, BillApricot

Griffiths, DavidHousing the Beasts

Guille, MillieThe Earth Buriers

Haworth-Booth, MarkAncestral

Haworth-Booth, MarkDecorations

Healey, DavidAn Approximation to Knowing You

Healey, DavidExcavation at Must Farm Quarry

Healey, DavidHow I Join the Military

Hinchliffe, DoreenPharmacy

Holland, Susan EBungalow, unmodernised

Holland, Susan EFlorid

Holloway, BillThe Beloved Disciple On How Not To Get Lynched

Houghton, RobinThe summer we went to funerals

Howarth, AngelaHurbinek’s Word

Jae, HarrietAntarctica

James, ChristopherThe Dream Coat of Ballaghy

Jordan, SusanLight as Leaf on Lind

Kingdon, AfraMad Man (of the Anthropocene)

Kingdon, AfraPrince goes to Baltimore

Lauren ColleyThe Swans

Leighton, Patriciaa blind man describes rain

Leighton, PatriciaBedside

Lenton, TimAldeburgh

Lola, TheresaUnveiling the Vow

MacArthur Ker, DonaldWilma & the Wind Turbine

Maslen, RobertTransitions

May, JohnFlight

McMahon, PaulThe Circle of Diamond Polishers

McMahon, PaulThe Haunting Sound

McMahon, PaulTinnitus

Miles, EzraIce Cream

Morley, VickiDouble Zero Flour

Munro, JillThe Groves of Ashford , Middlesex

Munro, JillWhite Out

Murray, Donald SHow the Loch Ness Monster Stole my Husband

Nicholls, CatherineFirst Loves

Nicholls, CatherineOde to Einstein

Nicholls, CatherineTwo Salmon

Norton, JanetAunt Bertha

Page, MatthewFurniture

Peacocke, M RZooming In

Pearson, CherylGoose Girl

Perrins, LesleyEntangled

Peters, JoFound and Lost

Peters, JoIt’s not that I don’t believe in ghosts

Plewes, JennaLife Skills

Reddick, YvonneAt the Corrie of the Birds

Reddick, YvonneBrocken Spectre

Roberts, ElvireNorth by Northnorth

Roberts, ElvireThe Fall

Sanchez, MA Most Peculiar Commission (1633)

Saunders, LesleyGlaciarium

Saunders, LesleyNight Lawn

Saunders, LesleyWallflowers

Schmid, JoycePoem with Tweeted Lines from Salah Ashkar

Scrupe, Mara AdamitzClaritas (old weird America)

Scrupe, Mara AdamitzMonuments by Nature Require Brooding

Smith, DavidThe Last Piece

Stacey, RuthThe Exchange

Stansbury, JoanTerminus

Toop, CorrinnaAfter the Burning

Toovey, RichardId

Tracy, MarionApotheosis

Tyrrell, ThomasTerra Nova

Watson, JoannaDistractising therr Pressence

Watson, MalcolmBlack Square

Watson, MalcolmKafka’s Cacophony

Westcott, RichardErasure

Whitworth, JohnVoices of a Distant Star

Wilson, Jim CThe Room With No View