Manchester Township

High School

College Planning Guide


Take responsibility for your future!

1.  List three reasons you would like to attend college after high school:

a.  ______


b.  ______


c.  ______


2.  List two strengths:

a.  ______

b.  ______

3.  List two weaknesses:

a.  ______

b.  ______

4.  What do you see yourself doing:

…five years from now ______

…ten years from now ______

…twenty years from now ______

Know yourself and your reasons for attending college

·  Recognize your strengths/weaknesses

·  Analyze your interests/values

·  Achieve your goals

·  Develop extracurricular activities

·  Prepare for a career

·  Extend your education

·  Grow professionally/socially


·  High School Coursework

4 years of English

4 years of Math

3-4 years of Science

3-4 years of Social Studies

3-4 years of Foreign Language


·  Grades and Grade Point Average

·  Test Scores



·  Essay or Writing Sample

·  Extracurricular Activities

·  Special Accomplishments, Honors and Awards

·  Letters of Recommendation

2 Teacher Recommendations

1 Coach, Advisor, or Employer Recommendation

1 Guidance Counselor Recommendation

·  Interview



Planning for college can be an exciting time for both the student and family. The process should be well thought out and organized. A systematic approach can lessen any unnecessary anxiety and make the experience enjoyable. Discuss college and career goals with family members and utilize all available resources including the internet and college guide books. Seek your guidance counselor’s assistance throughout the process.

The Manchester Township School District subscribes to the COIN Career Guidance program. To access this program from home, follow these directions.

1.  Log onto

2.  Click on the high school link

3.  Click on the media center link

4.  Click on common links

5.  Click on COIN



To narrow down your search, another helpful website is

Attend college fairs where you can meet with representatives from many colleges in one night. Remember to bring along a bag for the collection of materials that will be available.

Visit a variety of college campuses to determine what characteristics are important to you. Being comfortable in the environment is important to student success. Visit the library, housing, dining hall, athletic/recreation facilities, student center, and the classrooms and labs.

Check with each college to determine which standardized tests are required. Many colleges accept both SAT and ACT scores. The most competitive schools may require some SAT subject tests as well.

Determine the features you are looking for in a college. This list should include the following:

1.  Curriculum (Your major)

2.  Geographic Location (Distance away from home)

3.  Setting (Urban/Suburban/Rural)

4.  Size (College population)

5.  Admission Policy (Most Competitive to Open Enrollment)

6.  Campus Life (Extracurricular Clubs/Activities)

7.  Athletics (Division I, II, III, or intramural)

8.  Services available (Health Services, Academic Support, Career Development)

9.  Housing (Dorms, Apartments)

10.  Costs

11.  Special Programs (Honors, Independent Study, Internships, Study Abroad)

12.  Other Important Factors

Get a jump start on paperwork. Create a personal resume, begin to organize a general essay, and think about teachers that you would like to ask to write you a letter of recommendation.

The final list of colleges that you will apply to should include five to ten schools that meet all of your criteria. Be sure to select schools that fall into three categories; realistic, safety, and reach.

Pay close attention to application deadlines.

A good college “fit” is one that meets all of the following:

The program of study meets your interests and needs;

The style of instruction matches the way you like to learn;

The academic rigor is suitable to your aptitude and preparation;

The campus community feels like home.



There are many Scholarship forms and information available online and in the guidance office. The scholarship hotline provides the name of the current scholarships along with the date that each application is due. To access the hotline, call (732) 408-2550. All seniors and/or parents are encouraged to take advantage of this helpful resource.

SAT Testing Dates

ACT Testing Dates