World History Class Syllabus

Instructor: Mr. Jeff Steckelberg


Course Description: In this course, we will explore the patterns of world history in order to provide you with a better understanding of our human past and our world today.We will explore these themes with chronological, global, and thematic perspectives.

Course Goals:

1.To reduce prejudice

2.To broaden perspectives

3.To learn from both the mistakes and the successes of the past

4.To increase awareness of the world’s interdependence

5.To understand the significant people, events, institutions, ideas, and developments that have shaped world history, thought, and culture

Materials you will need each day: Textbook, Computer, Notebook, & Pen or Pencil

0-72% F / 73-79 D / 80-86% C / 87-93% B / 94-100% A

Grading Scale:

Grade Categories by Weight: 2016-17 Quarter Grades (1st Qt- 45, 2nd Qt- 45, ST-10)

Daily Assignment - 30% / Tests/ Quizzes/ Project - 70% / Semester Test – 10%

Test/ Quiz: Students will be given adequate time to prepare for a test and if a student fails to obtain a 50%, he or she will not retake the test. Instead, students who receive less than a 50% on a test will be required to complete a Test Reflection Sheet and take additional notes. If you are absent the day of the test, Mr. Steckelberg will expect you to take it during the next school day.

To pass this course, students need to:

1.  Read and master the material within the text book(s) and supplemental readings

2.  Study notes daily

3.  Pass quizzes and tests

4.  Complete all assignments and projects

5.  Attend class regularly and be prepared


1.  Do right.

2.  Whatever you do, do the best of your ability.

3.  Show people you genuinely care.

·  Central to your learning in this class is that you need to be involved in the class activities and do your work

You are responsible for your own learning.

Late work – CHS Handbook Policy (Points will be docked for late work!) (10% per day)

§  If you have 3 missing assignment, you will be assigned a study time. (before/after school)

·  Often a class activity depends on the foundation of your homework, being behind drags the class behind.

·  Come to class each and every day prepared to work hard, learn, and participate

o  CHS Handbook Policy: All rules of behavior and uniform standards apply in the classroom as stated in the Student Handbook. All guidelines will be enforced and the appropriate infractions will be issued.

o  Cheating = A student who uses another’s work for his/ her own has broken trust with the teacher, and the class. See CHS Student Handbook for school policy on Academic Dishonesty.

·  Please understand that your teacher is one of your best resources. Let me know if you need help.That is why I am here.

o  Don’t be afraid to email me your questions/ concerns/ comments/ etc.