Pre-AP Algebra II

2015 - 2016

Ms. Rebecca Prag


Phone: 918-357-7327

PlanningPeriod: none –email works best to contact me


This course is designed for students who have successfully completed Algebra I and Geometry (80% or better in both subjects is preferred for Pre-AP). It will prepare students for higher mathematics through an in-depth study of NumberSystemsand Algebraic Operations, Relations and Functions, and Data Analysis and Statistics.


  • Pencils
  • Notebook paper
  • Spiral notebook or binder
  • One set of AAA batteries (in lieu of purchasing a graphing calculator)

  • One of the following to be left in class: Kleenex, hand sanitizer, OR graph paper

*We will be using TI-84 graphing calculators if you would like to purchase your own.


1)Be awake, prepared, and on time.

2)No profanity, cellphones, or cheating!!

3)All rules in the Student Handbook apply.


1st Offense – warning

2nd Offense – detention + parent contact

3rd Offense – 2 detentions +parent contact


1)Assignments – 25% This will include homework that is to be completed on a daily basis and homework quizzes. This will also include weekly participation points which will involve cellphone usage, tardies, and doing what you’re supposed to be doing when you’re supposed to be doing it (i.e. if I have to tell you to pay attention multiple times or to stop talking to your neighbor more than once, you will lose points; if your phone is out instead of working on assignments, you lose points; if you’re late to class without a valid excuse or note, you lose points),

2)Quizzes – 25% These will be given occasionally and can be announced or unannounced. This also includes common assessments.

3)Tests – 40% These will be given at the end of each chapter

4)Final Exam – 10% You may be able to waive your 2ndsemester final depending on your EOI score and the work you do after the EOI. The EOI is NOT the end of the class. If you choose not to complete assignments after the EOI, the privilege of waiving can and will be taken away. Since there is an EOI for this class, there is NO WAIVING for finals 1st semester.


  • See Student Handbook for tardy policy.
  • See Student Handbook for make-up policy. Make-up quizzes and tests may be different and more difficult than scheduled quiz or test. Students are encouraged to take quizzes or tests early if they know in advance that they will be absent on a quiz or test day


Students needing extra help will be able to utilize our math lab for free tutoring before/after school. When the math lab opens in a couple of weeks, all parents for whom I have an email will receive a copy of the math lab schedule of rooms and hours in addition to that being posted in my room for all students to see.


Current Email and/or cell (EMAIL is the best way to communicate with me)

Prag, Pre-AP Alg2 syllabus- 2015-2016