Qimo positioning alarms


This product applies to automobiles, motorcycles, electric cars and other safety protective use. May not be used for illegal purposes.

This product by military quality GMS modules, with sound monitoring function mic-motion control, and other functions, installed in cars, electric car, motorcycle, when the thief open door window or start the car, it will send to owner text messaging and call, examine, ensure immediately notify owner family life and property security. This product volumeexquisite, voice clear, long standby time, simple operation, stable performance and dispensing with installation, no wiring, remote SMS control wait for a characteristic, wide application.

Method of use:

Boot: will a SIM card, and then switch insert gets stuck out "on" position, the red indicator light into 30 seconds after working condition. This condition can answer the call.

SMS Settings

Standard features:

Send QA1 start-up sound monitoring, when there is a voice that call your phone.

Send cancel QA2 voice monitoring burglar.

Send QA3 startup vibration monitoring, when the machine is vibrate when hair message give you and call your phone.

Send cancel QA4 vibration monitoring burglar.

Send QA5 inquires the host power. Reply POWERX %

Send SJ * * change sound monitoring dialing interval. * * range for, digital 01-60.

Send DT report GSM base station ID information. Inquires the map information please visit::

Power installation:

Red after positive, black meet negative.


* the machine default only put SIM to boot.

* fast-recharging please will switch pull to "ON" position.

* xinji use need before charging 3-4 hours, in order to achieve the best effect, fast-recharging please use this machine and distribution of the charger, lest damage host.

* standby time: open sonic or vibration monitoring standby 70-150 hours, no sonic 240 hours standby 120 -, depending on the local network signal strength and decide.

* don't automatic response:

Confirm whether for GSM card, this machine is using GSM network.

Use mobile phones to view the place whether mobile phone signal strong enough.

* to ensure security and confidentiality please be sure to use the new card.

Network: (alternative)




Host a

USB line a

Charger a

Power adapter a

Note: please lawful use, such as operating illegally with the product, the company will not assume any liability to pay compensation.

Users can not disassemble the machine, if the product failure, please and contact.