Friday 16th October 2015
Time / Expanding the horizons of clinical practice / Transforming services for quality and value / npj Primary Care Respiratory Medicine: research sessions / Back to Basics: practical workshops
(in conjunction with
Education for Health)
0900-1000 / A lifetime of care: mind, body and lung
Impact of mental health on physical well beingIona Heath, Immediate Past-President of RCGP
Impact of respiratory health on mental well being–Thys van der Molen, Professor of Primary Care Respiratory Medicine at UMCG, The Netherlands
1010-1100 / Asthma: different strokes for different folks
Co-chairs: Kay Boycott, CEO, Asthma UK
Kevin Gruffydd-Jones
The relevance of phenotyping for primary care clinicians
Mike Thomas, Chair of Primary Care Research University of Southampton
Different strokes for different folks: putting it into practice
Carol Stonham, Prescribing Nurse Practitioner, Gloucester / Implementing national recommendations: Translating learning from NRAD and other documents
Chair: Lianne Jongepier
Linda Pearce
Steve Holmes, GP, Shepton Mallet / How to write a poster - poster walk around / Spirometry, peak flow and microspirometry
Chair: Ruth McArthur
Jo Hamilton, Lead Nurse in Respiratory for Dudley NHS, registered Nurse and trainer for Education for Health
1100-1130 / Refreshments
1130-1215 / A current debate: asthma & COPD overlap syndrome
Chair: Liz Wilson
Does it exist, is it relevant?
David Halpin, Consultant Physician and Honorary Associate Professor in Respiratory Medicine at the Royal Devon & Exeter Hospital
Managing it in practice
Hilary Pinnock, Reader with the Allergy and Respiratory Research Group, University of Edinburgh and GP in Whitstable, Kent / High risk patients and admissions avoidance : a review of tools and programmes to avoid admissions Recommendations from Service Development Group
Admissions avoidance – can we do anything about it? / Abstracts and posters / Interpreting spirometry
Chair: Debbie Roots
Christine Loveridge, Clinical and academic lead for spirometry at Education for Health
1220-1305 / Satellite
1305-1405 / Lunch
1405-1455 / Satellite
1500-1545 / Expanding our horizons in COPD
Co-chairs: Penny Woods, CEO, British Lung Foundation
Ren Lawlor
Rupert Jones, GP and Clinical Research Fellow at the Peninsula Medical School, Plymouth
Sally Harris, Practice Nurse Ravenswood Medical Practice, Suffolk / Responsible respiratory prescribing: the key issues and a review of successful cross boundary models
Chair: Vikki Knowles
Andrew Cooke, Head of Continuing Healthcare (CHC) and Medicines Management, Bedfordshire / Abstracts and posters / Making a good diagnosis - obstructive lung disease
Oonagh Potts, COPD lead at Education of Health
1545-1615 / Refreshments
1615-1700 / Interstitial lung disease
Co-chair: Steven Wibberley, Director of Operations and Innovations, British Lung Foundation
Vikki Knowles
What it means to me: a person with ILD
Why & how tospot it early:
Luca Richeldi, Professor of Respiratory Medicine, Chair of Interstitial Lung Disease at the University of Southampton
Management and challenges for primary care
Annette Duck, Interstitial Lung Disease Specialist Nurse at University Hospital South Manchester / Implementing change for value and quality: Implementing the COPD value pyramid
Using respiratory care bundles
Co-chairs: Stephen Gaduzo, Carol Stonham
Noel Baxter
GP, NHS Southwark Clinical Commissioning Group / Abstracts and posters / Conducting an effective respiratory review
Erica Haines
1705-1750 / Respiratory Mastermind
Chair: Anne Rodman
Question master: John Haughney, GP Director, Glasgow
  • Kevin Gruffydd-Jones - Specialist subject: Bronchiectasis
  • Mike Thomas - Specialist subject: Dysfunctional breathing
  • Peter Davies – Specialist subject: TB
  • Dermot Ryan – Specialist subject: Allergy

Saturday 17th October 2015
0815-0900 / PCRS-UK AGM
0920-1005 / Diagnosing and managing little wheezers
Co-chairs: Duncan Keeley, Christine Ennor
Vinty McGovern, GP, Belfast / Transforming end of life services across boundaries
Co-chairs: Sandy Walmsley, Katherine Hickman / Abstractsand posters / Effective self management: shared decision making
Beverley Bostock Cox, Nurse Practitioner and Clinical Lead, Education for Health, Warwick
1005-1045 / Refreshments
1045-1130 / Ten minutes for the patient
Chair: Andrew Whittamore
Cognitive behavioural therapy made easy: changing lifestyle
Karen Heslop, Nurse consultant – Respiratory NIHR Research Fellow, Newcastle
Effective primary care consultations
Steve Holmes, GP, Shepton Mallet / Making change happen: improving and integrating respiratory services and care
Chair: Noel Baxter
Duncan Powrie
General medicine & respiratory medicine consultant at Spire Wellesley Hospital
Iain Small
GP, Aberdeen / Abstracts and posters / Inhaler technique
Viv Marsh, Asthma and Allergy Clinical Lead, Education for Health
1130-1230 / Grand Round - Tales of the Unexpected: interactive case-based session
Facilitator: Iain Small, GP, Aberdeen

PCRS-UK reserve the right to change the programme, speakers may change