1ST ESOAcademic Year 2008-09



  • Module 1

Classroom Language: Excuse me, teacher. Could you help me, please?

School vocabulary: objects, subjects, timetable…:History, sharpener, We have Maths lesson at 9:30

Times: It’s half past twelve, It’s three o’clock..

Numbers : twelve, thirteen..

Articles a/an: a pencil, an apple

Verb to be in present: I am 13, She isn’t in Room E

Subject/Object Pronouns: She is my mother, Look at Peter and Sue - Look at them

Introducing yourself. What’s your name? My name is… How old are you? I am ten.

  • Module 2

Parts of the body: head, elbow, arm..

Appearance vocabulary: He’s short. He’s got big ears…

Personal things: handbag, guitar, watch…

Countries and nationalities: Spain- Spanish

Have got: I have got a moustache. Have you got a ruler? Yes, I have/No, I haven’t.

Plurals: foot-feet, bus-buses, watch-watches…

This-That/These-Those: This (Això) is a ruler, That (Allò) is a cap….

  • Module 3

Rooms, furniture & appliances: bedroom, cupboard, washing machine..

Ordinal numbers: 1st- first, 3rd- third…

There is/There are: There is a book on the shelf, There are two beds in this room.

Some/Any: There are some chairs in this room, There aren’t any paintings, Are there any windows in the bedroom?

Possessive Adjectives: This is my house, That is our book..

Preposition of place: under, next to, above…

  • Module 4

Family vocabulary: nephew, aunt, sister…

Daily routine

Can (ability): I can speak English, Can you cook? Yes, I can/No, I can’t.

Vocabulary character: clever, funny, noisy.. What’s she like? She is clever and funny.

‘s genitive: Mary is Bill’s sister

Whose: Whose brother is Tony? (De qui és germà en Toni?)

Present Simple: I have dinner at 8:30, Do you work in the morning? Yes, I do/No, I don’t.

Prepositions of time: at 3 o’clock, on Monday, in the morning, at night..

Question forms: What? Where? When? How many?

  • Module 6

Months, seasons, weather: June, spring, it’s sunny and hot

Clothes: skirt, gloves..

Present continuous: I am reading a magazine/Are you dancing now? No, I am not/Yes, I am.

Weather vocabulary: What’s the weather like in London today? It’s wet and the temperature is 4ºC.

  • Module 7

Jobs: athlete, scientist…

Verb to be in past – was/were: I was in the school yesterday. Were you ill last week? Yes, I was/No, I wasn’t.

Past simple (regular verbs) - ed endings. You played football yesterday. Did you live in London? Yes, I did/No, I didn’t.

Possible topics for the Writing/Listening/Reading:

Personal information: name, age, school name, favourite school subjects…

My school (favourite subjects, timetable, what you do in each subject…)

Favourite possession (see example SB p 22)

Physical description

Buying things. Shopping dialogue (see example SB p 24)

Description of my house/flat

An article about a celebrity (see example SB p 42)

My family

A postcard/email about your holidays (see example SB p 62)

Making suggestions/responding: Why don’t we go to the cinema? Sounds great/Sorry, I can’t. I have an exam tomorrow.

Important: Visit the Blog and revise the activities. All activities are included in the exam.