Minnesota State University, Mankato IFC Agenda

Thursday, September 10th, 2015

Call to Order: 6:36pm

  1. Roll Call:

Sigma Chi / x / Delta Chi / Phi Delta Theta / x / Lambda Chi Alpha / x
Sigma Nu / x / Phi Kappa Psi / x / Sigma Alpha Epsilon / x / Tau Kappa Epsilon / x
VP of Council Management / x / VP of Marketing and PR / x / VP of New member education development / x / VP of community service and philanthropy / x
VP of Conduct Review / x / VP of Risk Management / x / VP of Recruitment / x / IFC President / x
  1. Approval of Minutes:
  2. Approval of Agenda: Approved
  1. Officer Reports

Vice President of Community Service & Philanthropy, Mr. Zach Gunby; (952) 393 2969

  • Have office on 10-2 Tuesday
  • Blood drive September 30th
  • Tabling on the 15th and 17th(IFC)
  • Look out for a Facebook page
  • Free haircut coupon

Vice President of Risk Management, Mr. Connor Donohue; (651) 214 9697

  • Sober monitoring training went well

Working on National Hazing Awareness Week

 Presidents will hold a white board saying "We______don't haze because....."

 Pictures will be taken when holding the white board

  • Round table info coming soon
  • Alcohol awareness week

Vice President of Conduct Review, Mr. Walker Johnson; (651)303 7029

  • Will be updating the website soon.
  • Going to be chapter information

Vice President of Member Education & Development, Mr. AkoredeTeriba; (612) 607 9871

  • New member workshop September 15th Armstrong hall 101 9-10pm
  • Scholarship round table tonight
  • U-lead volunteers welcome
  • Schedules of events, will remind of dates
  • Homecoming will have a table for us during the week

Vice President of Recruitment, Mr. Chris Rife; (507) 317 6946

  • Tentative Recruitment Roundtable date Sept. 25th
  • Trying to come up with ideas for alumni involvement through formal recruitment, get me opinions
  • Creating a survey about Formal Recruitment

Vice President of Marketing & Public Relations, Mr. Steven Clark; (612) 845 4248

  • Like IFC Facebook page
  • Input on "I am a fraternity man"
  • YouTube page is done. Two videos on there now.
  • Send me any videos you would like to be put on there (Email or Flash drive)

Vice President of Council Management, Mr. Colby Ackerman; (651) 352 7183

  • Will have chapter invoices out soon
  • File Lambda Chi Alpha back onto the GO mailbox

President, Mr. Na Chum: (507) 995 7098

  • All-Greek in the Ballroom this month

Greek Advisor, Mr. John Bulcock; (507) 389 6076

  • Rake the Town Oct. 31st 9am-4pm chili lunch after.
  • RSO recognition
  • 9/18=RSO Recognition Deadline
  • 9/20=RSO President Dinner
  • 11/10=Election Day. No meetings or classes held 6-9 p.m.
  • Please be sure New Members update OrgSync profiles and join your chapter’s OrgSync portal. They need to put phone numbers in!

Graduate Assistant, Ms. Marissa Hulshizer;

  1. Old Business:
  2. New Business:
  • (Nikki) discussion of Community wide service event for Order of Omega
  • Tabled until next week
  • (Gunby) I want to have more time for Blood drive tabling
  • (Lambda Chi) Would like to see this happening
  • Unanimously voted yes, without discussion
  1. Announcements:

1. (Nikki-Order of Omega)

  • Community Wide Service project

a. Talking to athletics for a teddy bear toss at hockey games or Big brother/Big Sister program taking them to Basketball games and having a pizza party during halftime.

b. Armed forces project with VRC

c. Pop tab fund raising

d. Proceeds would go to hospitals.

  • (Lambda Chi) YMCA Big brother/Big sister program is really looking for people (phone number on Group me)
  • (PHC) Gamma Sigma Alpha applications out
  • (Rife) First acapello group started on campus
  • (Sigma Chi) Derby days Chili cook off 5-7pm
  • (Sigma Un) 25th October at noon, .1 K fun run and pancakes. Gillette's
  • (Lambda Chi) Spagammie at 12-4pm
  • (Nikki) Semester Calendar needs to be sent to me or Colby.

Meeting adjourned at: 7:06pm