West Virgina Council of School Nurses

Meeting Minutes


Present: Sharon Clark, Chairperson; Melinda Gibson, Diana Baker, Rebecca King, Delberta Riffe, Elaine Rinehart, Susie Poindexter, Debbie Derico, Beth Jordan

I.The Council meeting was called to order by Sharon Clark. The minutes of the

previous meeting were read by the secretary. Motion to accept by D. Baker, Susie

Poindexter seconded. The motion passed.

A. Procedures for Consideration for Inclusion in Manual

1. Long-term Medication Admin./ Emergency Medication Admin.as

amended. Motion to accept by M.Gibson, seconded by D.

Riffe. The motion passed.

2. Peritoneal Dialysis- Motion to place in Supplemental Manual with

revision, made by E. Rinehart, seconded by D. Riffe. The motion


3. Pressure Dressings for burns- S. Poindexter is continuing to seek

4. Spirometry- Add physical description of machine to informational

sheet. Continue to review at next meeting.

5. Pulse Oxymetry- lengthy discussion result: E. Rinehart

will write statement re. use with vent as ordered by

information. Will be an informational sheet.


6.Intranasal/Buccal Versed- recommended against

use in schools. Motion made to accept recommendation by

D.Riffe, seconded by B. Jordan . The motion passed.

7. Continuous Glucose Monitoring-recommended as

informational sheet. Motion made to accept as amended, by D. Riffe,

seconded by D. Derrico. The motion passed.

8. Enteral Administration of Medication(nasogastric and button

gastrostomy)-will review procedures as amended by

D.Derrico for inclusion in Manual at next meeting.

9. Combination Immunizations-comprehensive list provided;

will use as reference page.


B. Review/Revisions of Basic and Specialized Health Care Policy and

Procedure Manual for West Virginia Public Schools

(continued from last meeting)

  1. Section 8: Diastat Intervention Guide and Communication Log

recommended to be included as part of seizure intervention guide.

Will be re-reviewed next meeting.

2 Move Phrenic Nerve Stimulator Procedure to Respiratory Section.

3. Section 9:Anaphylactic Reaction- amended to include Twinject, new

Epi- Pen type 2-dose injector ( 2nd dose given manually). E. Rinehart

will rewrite procedure to include this and bring Twinject sample to

next meeting to view as procedure is re-reviewed.

Mechanical ventilator- updated checklists to be inserted; “possible

problems…” needs retyped in more common font.

Revisions for the following procedures will be reviewed at the next


Metered Dose Inhaler Therapy Oral Suctioning

Oxygen Administration Peak Flow Meter

Percussion and/or Postural Drainage Emergency Replacement of

Tracheostomy Tube

  1. Section 10:

Revisions for the following procedures will be reviewed at the next


Catheterization Self-Catheterization

Sterile Catheterization

  1. New Business

Question regarding our accepting staff nurse signing physician’s name then

her name on an order without the physician signing it: do we accept it at


  1. WVDE Update

Court case in MingoCounty regarding non-medical exemption for

immunizations. No settlement yet.

  1. General Information:

* Rhonda Tabit will be contracted to edit draft of revised Manual after final

review next meeting.

* Think about goals for next year.


Beth Jordan, RN Secretary