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Porifera (Sponge) Video Questions

  1. What 3 strands of evolutionary biology are allowing us to discover our past?
  2. ______
  3. ______
  4. ______
  1. What do taxonomists do for a living? ______
  1. What is the name of the Swedish scientist who developed the two name system of animals that includes a Genus and species? ______
  1. What scientist discovered that species have the ability to change over time? ______
  1. How long ago did single celled organisms dominate and flourish on Earth? ______
  1. What is the oldest (ancient) animal ever discovered on Earth? ______
  1. About how many different species of sponges have been discovered? ______
  1. Why doesn’t a sponge feel you cut off a piece of its body? ______
  1. What other animal on Earth can regenerate itself in the same capacity of a sponge? ______
  1. What is the supportive protein that makes up sponges? ______
  1. What part of a sponge allows you to identify the exact species of the sponge? ______
  1. Sponges eat by sucking in water and ______out food particles.
  1. Sponge walls have the ability to engulf food particles. What is the process called? ______
  1. What cell beats a whiplike tail to create the pump action of a sponge? ______
  1. The most simple animal on Earth that can reproduce sexually is the ______. How does it do this? ______


  1. Why do the sea cucumbers wrap themselves around the outside of the sponge? ______What type of living arrangement (symbiosis) is the sea cucumber and sponge possibly involved in? ______
  1. Why does the sponge crab cover itself in a piece of sponge?______
  1. The oldest fossils, which contain spicule like pieces, are about ______million years old.
  2. When DNA is extracted from cells in order to do molecular sequencing, what does it actually look like? ______
  1. By comparing the sequence of a single gene that all animals share, who did they discover was the base of the evolutionary pyramid? ______