Minutes for:

Mid-City Local Human Rights Committee, Sub-Committee Meeting

July 21, 2014

LHRC members:
Betty Morgan, Chair
Andre’ Richards, Vice Chair , not present
April Moore, Secretary.
Stewart Prost, Advocate, Office of Human Rights / Staff & Programs:
Rhonda Taylor-Dubie’s Love Residential Services
Natasha Zoby, The Up Center(Sponsored Placements-Adult, Day Program,)
Karen Bailey, The Up Center. In-Home Services, Mental Health Support.
William Flood- Cook Community Support
Roger Salston; Prosperity Homes, Inc.
T.W. Neumann, T. W. Neumann and Associates
Amanda Grizzard; Restorer of Broken Walls
LaShawn Warren, Talk Family
Sharon Butcher, AJ&T Independent Group Homes
Betty Gray-Henson; Alternative Family Treatment Services Inc.
KewaniaCurney-VA institute for People with Disabilities
Tommika Hinton-Caring Hands and Supplementary Enrichment Education S.E.E. LLC of Virginia
Richard Coleman-Urban Learning Leadership Center
Nathanial Jackson, Faith Foundations
Cindy McCallan, Sentara Health
Here to Help, Mr. Campbell

This meeting was a subcommittee meeting as there were only two committee members.

Meeting Convened at 3:00p.m. by Ms. Betty Morgan, Committee Chairperson

The minutes from the last meeting (4.21.2014) were reviewed but not approved as we only had two Committee Members. Mr. Richards was not able to attend.

Program Reports:

AJ & T Independent Group Homes- 4 clients, 0allegations

Alternative Family Treatment Services-20 clients, 0 incidents.

Caring Hands and Supplementary Enrichment LLC of Virginia -0 incidents or allegations to report; Census: 34

Cook Community Support- 14 census, 0 allegations.

Dubie’s Love- 0 neglect allegation, census9

Kemetic Behavioral Health-0 census; 0 allegations.

Prosperity Homes, Inc.-11– no incident/accidents. 0 day support

Restorer of Broken Walls- 0 incidents or allegations, not present.

Sentara Health- 15 census, 0 allegations.

The Faith Foundation-Census:2; 2 unfounded abuse, peer to peer.

The Up Center In Home Services-no incidents or allegations to report –34IIH and 21 MHS

The Up Center Family Life Sponsored Homes-76 family life; 29 day support.8 Allegation, unfounded.

Talk Family of Virginia- 41 clients, 0 incidents.

T.W. Neumann & Associates- 0 incidents. Absent.

Urban Learning and Leadership Center-no incidents & no allegations to report; 19 MHS; 10 IIH

Virginia Institute for People with Disabilities - no incidents or allegations to report, 7 clients

Old Business: No old business.

New Business: New Affliations:

Halo Residential Services. Diana Ricks

4 bedroom home in Chesapeake, VA Mr. Ricks stated it would be 1:4 ratio for ambulatory clients and 1:2 for wheelchair bound clients.

Behavior Plan is TOVA.

Halo was approved for affiliation with revisions. Need to review and update the behavioral management plan.

HanselUnion Consulting

3615 Victory Blvd, Portsmouth, VA

Facility for Day Support

Facility will support 60, 2-3 units per day.

Approval for Affiliation, with revisions on behavioral management and program rules.

Five Star Group Home

Adults 18 and over with ID and physical disabilities.

Suffolk, VA

4 bed facility

Training Program, CPI for behavior management.

Affiliation approved for Five Star, with Behavioral Management Policies needing revisions.

New Sponsor Homes.

The Up Center- 4 New Family Life Homes- Affiliation approved.

  1. 3109 Woodlawn Dr. Suffolk, VA 23434
  2. 804 Harbour North Dr., Chesapeake, VA 23320
  3. 1892 Saville Garden Ct., Virginia Beach, VA 23453
  4. 3113 North Stonebridge Dr. Norfolk, VA 23504

Caring Hands S.E.E. , LLC of Virginia

6 Sponsor Residential Sites and 6 Supervisee Living Sites- Affiliation Approved.

Report from the Advocate:

The committee needs to recruit for new committee members because 2 committee members (Latonia Edmondsand Faye Joseph) have stepped down and we only have 3 committee members. Only 2 could meet today which made this meeting not meet requirements for a full quorum. There is a committee interview after this session. Mr. Richard may also step down which may mean we need members in these categories: Health Care Provider (CAN, PT, DR, LLC Directors), Consumer (Any service, ID or substance abuse including) Be on the lookout for new members.

Office of Human Rights, Commissioner Deborah Ferguson

Personnel change. SondonaHaq

Last Day for Margret Walsh, Director, 7/24/2014.

Regarding the quarterly reports they need to be sent in 2 weeks in advanced, to the advocate and the Human Rights committee. Per Mr. Daye, no longer email the quarterly reports. They need to be more secure. US Postal mail is the most recommended. Faxing when it is secure is also acceptable. The reports are needed early so that the most up to date information is at this meeting.

Remember to use the NEW forms fromDecember 2013. Included in your report was to be a copy of your CHRIS report as well.

1)Please make sure you are set up with CHRIS

2)For a founded abuse case, founded complaint or corrective action, please mail these forms or CHRIS has a PDF form that can be scanned to Mr. Prost and the Committee members.

Revising Human Rights regulations, having to change some of the regulations. These changes will not take place for another 18-24 months. It is currently being proposed for the new governor and commissioner.

With no further business the open meeting went into executive meeting for prospective committee member.

Full Mid-City Session with 3 committee members, Mr. Prost, Ms. Tamikka Hinton, and Mrs. Karen Bailey so that the items in this agenda and the April 2014 minutes can be approved. This meeting has been set for August 11 at 3pm at The Up Center, 222 W. 19th Street, Norfolk.

Next Mid-City Session October 20, 2014 at 3pm at The Up Center, 222 W. 19th Street, Norfolk.

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