Sixth Grade Expectations


Dear Parent/Guardian:

We are looking forward to a great year of learning with your children. The following is a list of the 6thgrade expectations that will help us facilitate your child’s learning. Please review the following information with your child and sign/return the parent/student acknowledgement form found at the end of this document.


Student Responsibility:

Students will use their agendas to record all homework assignments, unfinished class work that needs to be completed as homework, and upcoming tests/project dates.

Agendas are used as a restroom/hall pass.

If a student loses an agenda s/he will be charged $5.00 for a replacement.


Parent Responsibility:

Please check your child’s agenda nightly so you are aware of all homework assignments, unfinished class work that needs to be completed as homework, and upcoming tests/project dates. If your child’s agenda is blank, then they aren’t doing their job as a student and utilizing their agenda correctly as homework is written on the agenda boards in classrooms daily and time is provided for students to write in their agendas.


Unless otherwise noted in a teacher’s specific directions, the following heading should be placed in the upper right hand corner on all assignments that will be turned in to a teacher:

First Name AND Last Name


Period #

Assignment Title


We request that youdo not ask for class work/homework prior toany absence as we lesson plan to meet the needs of the students and we cannot always predict exactly how much of a lesson will be covered on any one day.

Upon returning from any absence, it is each student’s responsibility to obtain class work and homework, as well as arrange any test make ups with each of their teachers.


All class work and homework should be completed in a timely manner. Homework/practice may receive a () for completion or marked as late or missing work in the PowerSchools grade book. Late work may be accepted at the teacher’s discretion within 2 days of the assignment due date or return from absence.

If a student is missing more than 9 assignments in a quarter a “needs improvement” (N) will be indicated under “effort” on the report card. Please check the “missing assignment” portion of your child’s character card for a record of missing assignments as well as Power Schools.

Students may not opt-out of assignments, projects, or assessments. Any missing projects or assessments may receive a score of zero and a “missing” in the gradebook.

Tests may not be retaken*(see below math practices).

Extra credit is not given; it is not an effective way to show mastery of standards.

A score of 50% will be recorded if a student earns less than a 50% on an assessment.

*Grading Practices in Mathematics

All of the above grading practices apply with the following exceptions:

Retakes on Tests—math unit tests may be retaken if the following conditions are met:

All assignments must be completed prior to the first test

Students must demonstrate relearning through completion of a tutoring packet or reteaching

No retakes are allowed on weekly homework tests or pop quizzes

Practice in math is essential to learning. If a student is missing or has not completed more than 2 assignments, parents will be contacted and the students will be expected to stay in at lunch recessas an “opportunity”until all work has been completed.


Parents and students may view a teacher’s grade books online by visiting ps.dvusd.org/public and entering an access code. Both parents and students may obtain an access code by visiting West Wing’s Administration office in person. Teachers are not able to give out access codes.

Teachers typically update their grade books on a weekly basis. Please check the grade book regularly to make sure your child is staying current with all assignments.


(Character cards represent a structured behavior program designed for most students. Each teacher/administrator has the right to use his/her professional judgment to modify this plan for individual students as needed.)

Each quarter, all sixth grade students will receive a character card and are expected to have it in their possession during the school day.

Teachers will use the positive side of the character card to record student character that is above and beyond expected behavior.

Parents are strongly urged to review their child’s character card daily.

Disciplinary Procedures

After being seated in a classroom, a student will place their character card positive side up on the aisle side of the upper corner of their desk.

Step 1: If a student displays an infraction of the character traits, then they may receive a verbal warning or an immediate infraction depending on the nature of the behavior. If a verbal warning is given, the student will turn their card over so the infraction side is face up on their desk.

Step 2: If after receiving a verbal warninga student continues displaying infractions in character, then the teacher will record an infraction on the student’s character card.

Step 3:If a student receives three infractions on their character card in one day or a total of 6 infractions in any one week, then they will receive an afterschool detention.

Physical or verbal aggression, theft, vandalism, threatening acts, fighting, or any infraction listed in the Student Rights and Responsibilities Handbook (which can be found on the West Wing’s website) will warrant immediate consequences in the form of an office referral or teacher issued afterschool detention.

Any student who loses their character card will have it replaced with a white character card and will be exempt from participating in the Character Card Quarterly Celebration. If the student finds their character card, then it is their responsibility to bring both the white character card and their original character card to their homeroom teacher. The homeroom teacher will transfer all positives and infractions onto the original character card and the student will receive an infraction in the area of “prepares for class.”

Teachers will use the character cards when completing the student conduct portion of the quarterly report cards. Student conduct areas listed on the infraction side of the character card align with the conduct areas listed in the Deer Valley Unified District’s Promotion-Retention-Assessment Grading Handbook, as well as the conduct areas listed on the quarterly report cards. Any student receiving nine (9) or more infractions, an afterschool detention, or a suspension during the quarter in any of the student conduct areas will receive an “X” indicating need for improvement on their quarterly report card. Please find explanations for each of the conduct areas below:

Conduct AreaExplanation

Listens attentivelyActively listens and is involved in instructional presentation

Follows directionsFollows teacher’s instruction promptly without excessive


Stays on taskIs appropriately engaged in classroom activities

Works well independentlyWorks independently without undue assistance from

teacher or others

Functions as a group memberWorks cooperatively with others

Completes work in a timely mannerTurns in completed assignments at the time the teacher

has specified

Prepares for classHas necessary items and supplies

Respects rights and property of othersRespects and accepts differences among others including

the property of others

Respects authorityRespects and accepts direction from school staff

Exhibits self-controlIs able to stay in seat, respond appropriately to requests

and conversations and respect others’ learning

Follows school and classroom rulesObeys all campus and classroom rules

Displays appropriate playground behaviorInteracts appropriately with peers and uses the equipment

in a responsible manner

Displays appropriate cafeteria behaviorBehaves appropriately in a cafeteria setting


We would like to reward all 6thgrade students at the end of each quarter who have passed all of their classes, have received more positives than infractions on their character cards, have not received more than one after-school detention or more than two lunch detentions, and have had no on-campus or off-campus suspensions.Students who meet the criteria will be able to attend a Character Card Quarterly Celebration. Students who do not meet the criteria will complete an assignment during the quarterly reward celebration time that requires them to reflect on ways they can meet the criteria to participate in the next Character Card Quarterly Celebration.


The sixth grade team uses frequent eblasts, Canvas, websites and Remind to communicate with parents. We will use your email information that has been recorded in the office for email communication. Please make sure to update the pink information sheet with your correct email. Information on signing up for Remind will be provided to you through this email address.

If you need to contact us, please send an email or call our classroom phone. Please note**Our classroom phones are forwarded to voicemail during the school day. Email is a more efficient way to contact teachers. We are looking forward to partnering with you to provide your child with an exciting year of learning. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

Ms. RogersMs. Schindler

6th Grade Mathematics/Writing6th Grade Science/Writing

Room 309Room 307


Ms. WilsonMs. Scheer

6th Grade Social Studies/Writing6th Grade Social Studies/Writing

Room 306Room 308



Please remove, sign, and return this parent/student acknowledgement form to your homeroom teacher, by Monday, August 15th, 2016.

I have read and understand the West Wing School 2016-17

6th Grade Expectations.

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