Subject: Electronic Evidence Processing Solution

Date of this EOI: 20 July 2015

Closing date of this EOI: 30 July 2015

Reference Number: ICC 20072015

Address EOI for the attention of: Mr. Kazumi Nakamura

Fax no.: +31 70 515 8336

E-mail address:

It is anticipated that the International Criminal Court (hereafter referred to as the ICC) located in The Hague, The Netherlands, will shortly be issuing a solicitation on Electronic Evidence Processing Solution. In this connection, the ICC is requesting expression of interest from qualified firms.

Scope of Work

The International Criminal Court(ICC) is assessing a next generation electronic evidence processing and imaging system for our organization. The ICC would like to know more about what products are offered that could be of assistance in addressing a specific business need.

The solution ICC seeks will provide electronic evidence processing for small sized data volumes. This can range from 1 document or up to 4GB. Larger projects or ones of extreme complexity are handled under a separate system outside of the scope of this application procurement project.

However, the solution will provide robust imaging capability for even the largest of data volumes. In a sense, the application will be the primary tool used for imaging of electronic evidence but the secondary tool for processing.

Outside of this project, there are a myriad of backlog tasks affecting ICC and while outside of the scope of this procurement endeavour, software that can solve a range of challenges beyond processing and imaging will be considered holistically. As a result, if the software is extendable and customizable via a well-documented API or SDK this should be highlighted.

The ICC jurisdiction requires that 100% of evidence receive tiff images (both colour or black and white tiff). As a result, robust imaging capabilities and options are critical.

The ICC handles a wide-array of non-Western European languages both in electronic and hardcopy. As a result, the entire system must be Unicode compliant. The system should also have robust support of mixed-language OCR.

The ICC has stringent information security requirements. As a result, the entire system will have to be implemented and managed behind our firewall.

1.  Scope

An application is sought to provide a simple multiple-project electronic evidence processing and imaging solution to ICC

Areas within scope:

·  Electronic evidence processing of common electronic evidence containers.

·  Filtering, custom metadata assignment, annotation and tagging of recognized electronic evidence items.

·  Mass imaging (a.k.a tiff conversion) of recognized electronic evidence items.

·  Mixed language OCR of electronic evidence items where extracted text is not available.

·  Production (a.k.a image branding or document ID assignment) of items for export to legal review database.

·  Advanced search.

·  Auditing and logging.

Areas of interest:

·  Methods, solutions and alternatives for processing social media, RSS feeds, and mobile phones.

·  Methods, solutions and alternatives for processing XML data dumps in which the structure of the XML is unknown or beyond the IEU’s control.

·  Business intelligence system.

·  Chain of custody system.

The detailed scope of work will be given under the Request for Proposal document that will be sent

to the firms who respond to this EOI.

Interested firms/organizations should forward their Expression of Interest by facsimile or e-mail to the attention of Mr. Kazumi Nakamura at fax no. +31 70 515 8336 or by e-mail Please use the attached form (Page 3).

Interested firms/organizations registered with the UN Global Marketplace, please indicate your vendor registration number.

Please be advised that this Request for EOI does not constitute a solicitation. It should also be noted that the ICC reserves the right to change or cancel this requirement at any time.


ICC 20072015

Subject: Electronic Evidence Processing Solution

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