Marine Campus Incubation Centre

Competitive Call 2016


Universities and Institutes of Technology

Expression of Interest

Application Form

Please send Expressions of Interest applications to:

Una Moran

Campus Incubation Manager



Dublin 3

by Call Close deadline:5.30pm on Thursday30th June 2016(e-mail submissions)

followed by signed hardcopy original within 1 week of electronic Call Close date

Stage 1 - Expression of Interest (EoI)

Please complete the template below, addressing all points raised. Theprompts in each section are for guidance and are not intended as an exhaustive checklist. The EoI application should not exceed 10-12 pages (plus appendices if required). Note that the term ‘marine’ throughout this Call includes both maritime and marine definitions.

Applicant Details

Organisation Name
Key Leader contact details
Proposed location of the incubation centre
Indicative size of proposed incubation centre, m2*
New build / refurbishment or combination

*Note that for the purpose of the EoI, an indicative size of theproposed incubator will suffice. Detailed building specifications and costingswill be requested if the applicant institution is shortlisted for Stage 2.

1. Concept and Vision for Marine Campus Incubation Centre

Outline the Institution’s concept and vision for the marine campus incubation centre, contributing to Ireland’s marine economy. See ‘Harnessing our Ocean Wealth’
Briefly explain why this vision cannot be delivered under existing infrastructure.

2. Existing Marine-related Experience and Facilities

Describe the Institution’s:
  • Experience in the marine sector and in other sectors complimentary to emerging market opportunities in the marine sector
  • Relevant ongoing research activities, industry collaborations, international collaborations and networks
  • Relevant infrastructure andfacilities
  • Understanding of doing business in marine sectors, business environment and emerging trends
  • Ability to utilise existing market knowledge facilities and marine infrastructure around Ireland

3. Market Opportunity for a Marine Campus Incubation Centre

  • Describe the market opportunitiesthat the incubator will prioritise in marine sectors and show how your offering will maximise the economic benefitto Ireland.Is there visibility on a potential pipeline of start-up companies that could address market opportunities?
  • Quantify the projected number of spin-in and spin-out companies per year, Y1 to Y5, number of jobs per company, number of hot-desk entrepreneurs
  • Describe the proposed approach to the identification and selection ofincubatees
  • Explain how the incubator will complement and work with existing incubators, Enterprise Ireland and other state agencies to deliver strong economic outcomes.
  • What business development support and other services will the incubator andhost institution provide for marinising, strengthening and developing marine products and services, forstart-ups, for IrishSMEs andfor MNC companies as appropriate.

4. Track Record in the incubation of new companies

  • Outline the institution’s track record and initiatives in incubating new companies and capability to identify and grow start-up companies
  • Highlight notable achievements to date, start-up companies supported, HPSU companies graduated, employment, turnover, investments and other notable successes
  • Describe how spin-in and spin-out pipelines will be developed at the incubator and synergies with existing technical and business development supports.
  • Quantify the occupancy of existing campus incubator(s), including location and size
  • What supports will differ for the proposed marine incubator, i.e. delivering Marine market opportunities?
  • Experience and market knowledge of the proposed incubator management team

5. Host Institution Commitment to the Marine Business growth agenda

  • Describe the institution’s strategic support for the marine business agenda
  • How will the institution position and prioritise the marine incubator in the wider institutional framework?
  • How will the marine incubator benefit the institution ?

Signature of Authorised Officer of the Institution

Completed EoI applications should be signed by the Authorised Officers and stamped here

President/ DirectorFinancial Director

Date: Date:

EXPRESSION OF INTEREST APPLICATIONS SHOULD BE SENT TO:by Closing Date,5.30pm on Thursday 30th June 2016 (e-mail submission) followed bythe signed hardcopy to: Una Moran, Campus Incubation Manager, Enterprise Ireland, Eastpoint, Dublin 3, (to arrive during the following week).