Office Security Procedures

Reviewed October 2011

Fire Alarm

·  Evacuate building as per H & S Policy

·  (NB alarm tested on Wednesday mornings – no need to evacuate)

Panic Alarm

·  All staff to respond.

·  Upstairs staff to check MAS first.

·  All staff to proceed to reception area.

·  Whoever is on Reception should go immediately to the panel on the wall by the door.

·  Press in the alarm code and check where the alarm is activated.

Staff Numbers

·  No clients or unknown visitors are allowed into the office during opening hours unless three members of staff are present (two of whom must be on the first floor).

·  When the office is closed, individual clients can be seen as long as at least one other Worker is in the building and on the same floor as the visitor and either within earshot or in sight range.

Staff Responsibilities

·  Receptionist is responsible for the general reception area.

·  All other clients are the responsibility of the relevant department.

·  If any problems occur the Receptionist will call a member of HMT, Reset. or MAS to come immediately.

Out of hours visitors are again the responsibility of the relevant department.

·  If someone buzzes up and wants to come in, the Receptionist will initially say we are not open.

·  If the visitor insists the Receptionist will ring HMT, Reset or MAS and someone from the team can speak to the person on the buzzer.

·  (Note there is a buzzer upstairs for Reset. or MAS to use).

Other Security Issues

·  Friends of clients – these should be discouraged.

·  If a client comes in for an appointment and brings friends in with them, if the appointment is going to be more than 10 minutes the friends should be asked to leave and call back when the client is finished.

·  Use of Coffee Room for interviews – ONLY if all other rooms are in use and not to be used out of hours on Fridays when Receptionist needs to clean up.