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TX SET Issue Tracking Number: / 2009-I104
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Kathy Scott / CenterPoint Energy / October 1, 2009
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/ 713-582-8654 / 810_02
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Based upon several PUCT rulemakings that have been or will be approved in the coming months/years and the length of time it takes for TX SET releases to be approved to add new codes, CenterPoint Energy is requesting that we add additional SAC04 Codes for Transition Charges, Transition Charge Off Allowance, Credits and Weather events. The Weather event part would be in conjunction with TNMP’s request for a SAC04 code specific for Hurricane Recovery. The last TC4 Transition Charge MSC038 will be used for CNP’s Ike Recovery charge, CRE031 Credit will be used for ADFIT Credits, and the DSC04 Transition Charge-Off Allowance all implemented under Finance Order 37200 (Hurricane Ike Recovery). Also MSC037 TC3 will be used for TC3 PUCT Docket 36544, therefore leaving all Transition codes to be already assigned or pending assignment for approved rulemakings by CenterPoint Energy.
Operational/System Impact: (What is the issue doing to your system and/or operations)
The addition of more Transition charges leaves CNP and the market using duplicate SAC04 codes for other billing activities and to implement new rulemakings when additional codes would be best to describe the specific charges.
Market Impact: (What is the issue doing to others)
Since there are so many years in between TX SET Releases, however PUCT rulemaking activities are on a more accelerated pace that SAC04 codes do not keep up or even in the race when it comes to what SAC04 code should be used to implement the rule. The TDSPs and the Market are forced to use codes that have nothing to do with the charges, but maybe close, with a SAC15 explanation. This limits reporting, validations, auditing, and budgeting when using the same code for multiple billing activities, especially when you need to read the text to know the how the charge was applied.
Desired Outcome: (What do you expect to change)
CNP request that we add 4-5 new Transition codes (TC), 4-5 new Transition Charge Off Allowances (DSC) since they are related to Transition charges, 4-5 Credit new codes and 2-3 new Storm Recovery Codes into the SAC04 of the 810_02 transaction.
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10/27/2009: Would there be an impact to CRs if existing codes were used but sent with a different description than currently in the TX SET Guides? Currently when using a code for something different the TDSP will add SAC15 to include the actual description but CNP is asking whether the description can just be changed to indicate what it is being used for – EX: MSC038 is being used for Ike Recovery – can the description be changed to Ike Recovery instead of stating that in the SAC15? Changing the description could be used as a short term solution in-between releases until more codes could be added.
AEP has concerns that this sets a precedent for making changes outside of change controls and releases.
Question was raised as to whether we should explore adding new codes (even outside of a release) because either way changes to incorporate new charges are changes to the systems.
Short term the current workarounds will be used but we need to figure out how to mitigate this issue in the future.
Will set aside time on future agenda to brainstorm possible solutions.
12/01/2009: Will defer to future meeting for more discussion/brainstorming
1/28/2010: Sub-group will meet to brainstorm possible solutions
Recommended Resolution: