Dear Supervisor/Parent

Thank you for helping supervise our trip to Aggie Days 2017. Your help is essential to ensure that proper learning takes place, and that both children and livestock stay calm and safe.

Aggie Days has some basic decorum requirements that you will need to reinforce with your group. Please review the attached guidelines.

A couple of reminders: There is a cash only concession open on the upper concourse of Agrium, but ideally you will have your students pack a lunch so that they do not waste time standing in line when they could be exploring and learning.

Toddlers/strollers are not welcome during the tour because we want you to focus on your job as a supervisor, but you can certainly bring your family back on the weekend.

Your itinerary as developed by the teacher(s) in charge is noted below:

·  Meet in the classroom

·  Board the school bus (or drive)

·  Arrive at Stampede Park

Please ensure you attend the following exhibits and demonstrations (teachers please list all pertinent displays and demos that the students must attend)

·  Lunch - Be sure to use the hand washing station or washroom sinks before eating and respect the property. Students are to remain with you at all times.

·  Meet at ______to board the bus.

Your group is:

Have a great day! Learn as much as you can and have fun!