Robert Thompson / LHRC Member, Chair
Eunice McMillan / LHRC Member, Co-Chair
Cheryl Westray / LHRC Member, Secretary
Reginald Daye / Office of Human Rights
DeAndrea Barnes / Hampton Roads Residential Services
Allyn Arandela / Five Star Living
Maria Parker / C.A.T.C.H
Valdimir Handy / Inner Circle
Ernest Farrell / Residential Living Options
Barbara Farrell / Residential Living Options
Ray Price / Chessen Behavioral Health
Carey Chappell / Newport News Behavioral Health Center
Jeremy Ross / Newport News Behavioral Health Center
Jill Adrian / Newport News Behavioral Health Center
Christopher Taggart / Cornerstone Support Services
Kavina Jones / Brighter Futures
Wayne Gomes / Ethos Leadership Group
Tamico Eley / Traditional Care Services
Meneika Keith / Family Sharing
Matthew Bradley / Heart & Soul
Abraham Briggs / Heart & Soul
Dianrie Cesvette / Healthcare Training Solutions, Inc.
Monique Simpson / Guiding Young Girls


The meeting was called to order by Mr. Robert Thompson 2:05pm.


The minutes for the July 14, 2015 meeting were reviewed. A motion was made by C. Westray to accept the minutes with the following change: V. Advocate’s Report: 1st paragraph second line replace professional with newest. Motion was seconded by E. McMillan. Vote was taken, all in favor.

The agenda for the October 13, 2015 meeting was reviewed. A motion was made by R. Thompson to accept the agenda with the following change: IV. New Business: Lack of parking at Newport News Behavioral Health Center for NNRLHRC Motion was seconded by C. Westray. Vote was taken, all in favor.

III.  OLD BUSINESS: None were listed on agenda. However the following was added by Mr. Daye (OHR).

Topic: Two vacant NNRLHRC board member positions (consumers of service).

Action to all NNRLHRC Members: Mr. Daye reemphasized the importance of filling the two vacant consumer (code mandated) seats on the committee. It is the committee’s responsibility to fill the positions by providing qualified applicants to OHR. OHR will provide an application and interview the candidate to determine if the consumer understands the functionality of the programs.

12VAC35-115-250. Offices, composition and duties.

D. The Local Human Rights Committee shall:

1. Consist of five or more members appointed by the SHRC.

a. Membership shall be broadly representative of professional and consumer interests. At least two members shall be individuals who are receiving or have received public or private mental health, mental retardation, or substance abuse treatment or habilitation services within five years of their initial appointment. At least one-third of the members shall be consumers or family members of consumers. Remaining appointments shall include persons with interest, knowledge, or training in the mental health, mental retardation, or substance abuse field.


Topic: Newport News Behavioral Health Center requesting approval for revised contraband policy.

Action: A motion was made by C. Westray to approve the revised contraband policy with the stated additions by Mr. Daye. Motion was seconded by E. McMillan. Vote was taken, all in favor.

Tasking: On page 7 of the Contraband policy add: Human Rights will be notified within 24 hours of the incident via telephone along with an incident report entered into the CHRIS system.

Note: Newport News Behavioral Health Center will be tabling their Point System; currently being reviewed by new Residential Services Director.


Mr. Daye introduced himself to the NNRLHRC committee members; he stated that he was covering for Mr. Jones while he was out on personal leave. Mr. Jones will be returning to the office October 26th. Our regional Human Rights office is currently without secretarial support. OHR is asking that you mail your reports versus faxing at this time.

Quarterly reports and other program material that will be presented to the board needs to be submitted via mail at least 2 weeks prior to the NNRLHRC meeting. Board members and OHR need to have the opportunity to review the data in a timely manner prior to the meeting. Understandable the quarter may end within that 2 week period, than the reports would be expected at least a week prior to the meeting. Make sure the statistical CHRIS report is attached. And as a reminder do not send any information with patient names on it. And answer all seven questions on the quarterly report.

Peer to Peer allegations of abuse are reportable (within 24hrs. and listed under peer to peer neglect). Providers have 10 working days to complete the investigation. Investigative material needs to be entered into CHRIS and finalized in order for OHR to review and close the investigation. If the investigation is not completed OHR will indicate under Advocate’s Report that the program is delinquent. OHR will contact the program first; however if the program is consistently delinquent on investigations they can be cited. If CHRIS is down, than fax the report to OHR.

Medical Errors are reportable incidents (neglect). Serious incidents and deaths need to be entered into CHRIS under serious incident, which will go straight to the provider’s licensing agent.

If you have any technical questions in reference to DELTA, contact the DELTA helpdesk versus the OHR

Mr. Daye restated the process and procedures for adding new services and new sites to the committee members. This process can be located at


Topic: General Information

Discussion: Affiliates were asked to bring any issues that include resident information to be heard in closed session. The following affiliates read aloud their quarterly reports to the board members and OHR:

·  Brighter Futures

o  Reports not received - Send to OHR

·  Chessen and Associates

o  When asked was not able to provided Behavioral Management information.

·  C.A.T.C.H.

·  Cornerstone – Closed Session

o  Reports not received - Send to OHR

·  Ethos – Closed Session

·  Family Sharing

·  Five Star Living

o  Reports not received - Send to OHR

·  Hampton Roads Residential Services

o  Not licensed unable to provide CHRIS report

·  Heart & Soul

·  Guiding Young Girls – Not Present

·  Inner Circle

o  Reports not received - Send to OHR

·  Newport News Behavioral Health Center – Closed Session

o  No longer hosting NNRLHRC. See new location and details under XIII. Next Scheduled Meeting.

·  Residential Living Options

·  Traditional Care Services

o  Quarterly report not received by OHR - Resend

o  Not licensed unable to provide CHRIS report

VII.  PUBLIC COMMENT – No Public Comment


Motion: At 3:50pm, C. Westray moved that the NNRLHRC go into executive session, pursuant to Virginia Code 2.2-371(A), for the protection of privacy of individuals and their records in personal matters not related to public business, namely to review abuse allegations from Cornerstone, Ethos, and Newport News Behavioral Health Center. E. McMillan seconded the motion.


Motion: At 4:48pm, a motion was made by C. Westray to reconvene into Open Session. Motion seconded by E. McMillan and certified to the best of their knowledge only public business matters lawfully exempted from statutory open meeting requirements, and only public business matters identified in the motion to convene the executive session were discussed in executive session.


Cornerstone – No Recommendations

Ethos – No Recommendations

Newport News Behavioral Health Center – No Recommendations


NNRLHRC 2016 meeting schedules – New Host & Location

- Host - C.A.T.C.H. / Location - 1919 Commerce Dr., Hampton, VA 23666 (Conference Rm. 1st Floor (on the right)

- Time: 2:00pm

- Dates/Refreshments:

-- January 12th, 2016 / Refreshments: Ethos

-- April 12th, 2016 / Refreshments: Five Star Living

-- July 12th, 2016 / Refreshments: Hampton Roads Residential Services

-- October 11th, 2016 / Refreshments: Residential Living Options.


Mr. Thompson adjourned the meeting at 4:50pm

RESPECTFULLY SUBMITTED: Robert Thompson, Co-Chairperson


NNRLHRC Draft Minutes October 13, 2015

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