Updated 10/13/2015

Valerie Horsley

Maxine F. Singer ’57 Associate Professor

Departments of Molecular, Cellular and Developmental Biology

and Dermatology

Yale University

Kline Biology Tower--Room 226

219 Prospect Street

New Haven, CT 06520-8103



Education and Work Experience

1994-1998B.S. in Biology, Furman University, Greenville, SC

1998-2003 Ph.D. in Biochemistry, Cell and Dev. Biol., Emory University, Atlanta, GA

Advisor: Grace Pavlath (thesis project: Cell fusion during mammalian myogenesis)

2003-2008Postdoctoral Fellow, Rockefeller University, NY, NY

Advisor: Dr. Elaine Fuchs (Mechanisms of stem cell lineage commitment/quiescence)

2009-2011Assistant Professor, Yale University, Dept. of Molecular, Cellular and

Developmental Biology

2011-2014Maxine F. Singer ’57 Assistant Professor

2011-2014Assistant Professor, Yale University, Dept. of Dermatology

2014-Associate Professor, Yale University, Dept. of Molecular, Cellular and Developmental Biology (Primary Appointment) and Dermatology (Secondary Appointment)

Honors and Awards

1998Elected to Phi Beta Kappa

2000-2002NIH Training Grant in Biochemistry, Cell and Molecular Biology

2001-2003Achievement Reward for College Scientists (ARCS) scholar

2003-2004Rockefeller University Women and Science Fellowship

2004-2006Damon Runyon Cancer Research Foundation Fellowship

2006Robert Black Fellow of the Damon Runyon Cancer Research Foundation

2007K99/R00 Pathway to Independence Award

2009Blavatnick Award, NY Academy of Sciences

2010 Pew Scholar Award

2011Maxine F. Singer ’57 Endowed Assistant Professor

* Presented to the top female junior faculty member in the life sciences at Yale

2012Presidential Early Career Award (PECASE)

2012Rosalind Franklin Young Investigator Award, Genetics Society of America

2013F1000 Faculty of the Year, Developmental Biology


Total Publications: 37: total includes 10 review articles and 10 research articles as corresponding author (5/10 research articles were featured and/or provoked commentaries (denoted *)). h-index: 20.

Research Articles

1. B.B. Friday, V. Horsley, and G.K. Pavlath. (2000). Calcineurin is required for the initiation of skeletal muscle differentiation. J. Cell Biol. 149: 657-665.

2. V. Horsley, B.B. Friday, S. Matteson, K.M. Kegley, J. Gephart, and G.K. Pavlath. (2001). Regulation of the growth of multinucleated muscle cells by an NFATC2-dependent pathway. J. Cell Biol. 53: 329-38.

3. V. Horsley and G.K. Pavlath. (2003). Prostaglandin F2 induces skeletal muscle growth via an NFATC2 dependent pathway. J. Cell Biol. 161: 111-118.

4. V. Horsley, K. Jansen, S.T. Mills, and G.K. Pavlath. (2003). IL-4 acts as a myoblast recruitment factor during mammalian muscle growth. Cell. 113: 483-94.

* Preview: Fusion with the fused: a new role for interleukin-4 in the building of muscle. Cell, 113: 422-423.

5. V. Horsley, D. O’Carroll, R. Tooze, Y. Ohinata, M.Saitou, T. Obukhanych, M. Nussenzweig, A. Tarakhovsky and E. Fuchs. (2006). Blimp1 defines a novel progenitor population that governs cellular input to the sebaceous gland. Cell. 126: 597-609.

6. V. Horsley, A. O. Aliprantis, L. Polak, L.H. Glimcher and E. Fuchs. (2008). NFATc1 balances quiescence and proliferation of skin stem cells. Cell. 132: 299-310.

*Preview: A new role for an old friend: NFAT and stem cell quiescence. Cell Stem Cell. 2: 104-106.

*Feature: Faculty of 1000.

7. E. Festa, J. Fretz, R. Berry, B. Schmidt, M. Rodeheffer, M. Horowitz and V. Horsley. (2011). Adipocyte lineage cells contribute to the skin stem cell niche. Cell. 146: 761-771.

*Preview: Niche crosstalk: intercellular signals at the hair follicle. Cell. 146: 678-81.

*Feature: Faculty of 1000.

8. A. F. Mertz, S. Banerjee, Y. Che, G. K. German, Y. Xu, C. Hyland, M. C. Marchetti, V. Horsley, and E. R. Dufresne (2012). Scaling of Traction Forces with the Size of Cohesive Cell Colonies. Phys. Rev. Lett. 108: 198101.

9. H. McGee, C. Booth, E.Festa, R. Flavell, and V. Horsley. (2012). Interleukin-22 mediates acute skin wound healing by promoting fibroblast function. J. Invest. Dermatol. 133: 1321-9.

10. A. F. Mertz, Y. Che, S. Banerjee, J. Goldstein, S. Revilla, C. Niessen, M. C. Marchetti, E. R. Dufresne and V. Horsley (2013). Cadherin-based intercellular adhesions organize epithelial cell-matrix forces. PNAS. 110: 842-7.

*Feature: Faculty of 1000

11. B. Schmidt and V. Horsley. (2013). Intradermal adipocytes regulate fibroblast recruitment during skin wound healing. Development. 140: 1517-27.

*Preview: Adipocytes and Wound Healing. Development 2013 140:e703.

12. A. Tadeu and V. Horsley. (2013). Notch signaling represses p63 expression in the developing surface ectoderm. Development. 140: 3777-3786.

13. J. Goldstein, S. Fletcher, E. Roth, C. Wu, A. Chun, and V. Horsley. (2014). Calcineurin/Nfatc1 signaling controls skin stem cell quiescence through systemic hormone regulation by prolactin. Gene. Dev. 28: 983-994.

*Feature: Faculty of 1000

14. P. Sun, M. Fallahi, K. Watanabe, B. Lee, C. Rheaume, D. Wu, V. Horsley, and X. Dai. (2014). Pygo2 regulates β-catenin-induced hair follicle stem cell/progenitor cell activation and skin hyperplasia. PNAS. 111: 10215-20. PMID: 24982158.

15. E. Jeffery, R. Berry, C. D. Church, S. Yu, B. A. Shook, V. Horsley, E. D. Rosen and M. Rodeheffer. (2014) Characterization of Cre Recombinase Models for the study of Adipose Tissue. Adipocyte. 3: 206-11.

16. A. Tadeu, S. Lin, L. Hou, L. Chung, M. Zhong, H. Zhoa and V. Horsley. (2015) Transcriptional profiling of keratinocyte specification in human embryonic stem cells. Plos One. 10: e0122493.

17. R. Stewart, A. Zubek, K. Rosowski, S. Schreiner, V. Horsley*, and M. King* (*co-corresponding author). (2015) LINC complexes support hair follicle integrity and intercellular adhesion. J. Cell Biol. 209: 403-18.

*Preview: SUN protection for the skin. 209(3): 319.

18. K. Rosowski, A. Mertz, S. Norcross, E. Dufresne, and V. Horsley. (2015) Edges of human embryonic stem cell colonies display distinct mechanical properties and differentiation potential. Sci. Rep. 5: 14218.

19. J. Goldstein, E. Roth, N. Roberts, R. Zwick, S. Lin, S. Fletcher, A. Tadeu, C. Wu, A. Beck, C. Zeiss, M. Suarez-Farinas and V. Horsley. (2015) Loss of endogenous Nfatc1 reduces the rate of DMBA/TPA-induced skin tumorigenesis. Mol. Biol. Cell. pii: mbc.E15-05-0282 (Epub ahead of print).

Reviews and Invited Chapters

1. V. Horsley and G.K. Pavlath. (2002). NFAT proteins: Ubiquitous regulators of cell differentiation and adaptation. J. Cell Biol. 156: 771-4.

2. G.K. Pavlath and V. Horsley. (2003). Cell fusion in skeletal muscle: Central role of NFATC2 in regulating muscle cell size. Cell Cycle. 2: 420-423.

3. V. Horsley and G.K. Pavlath. (2004). Making a Multinucleated Cell: Molecules that Regulate Myoblast Fusion. Cells, Tissues, and Organs. 176: 67-78.

4. C. Blanpain, V. Horsley, and E. Fuchs. (2007). Epithelial Stem Cells: Turning over New Leaves. Cell. 128: 445-458.

5. V. Horsley and E. Fuchs. (2007). Reprogramming somatic cells to their embryonic state. HSFP Journal. 1: 89-93.

6. E. Fuchs and V. Horsley. (2008). More than one way to skin... Gene. Dev. 22: 976-985.

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10. B. Schmidt and V. Horsley. (2012). Unraveling adipocyte-hair follicle communication. Exp. Dermatol. 21: 827-30.

11. V. Horsley. (2012). Split decisions: oesophageal progenitor cell behaviour. EMBO J. 31: 3653-4.

12. C. Niemann and V. Horsley. (2012). Development and homeostasis of the sebaceous gland. Semin. Cell Dev. Biol. 23: 928-36.

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15. R. Driskell, C.A.B. Jahoda, C. Chuong, F. Watt, and V. Horsley. (2014). Defining Dermal Adipose Tissue. Exp. Dermatol. 23: 629-31.

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17. S. Ebmeier and V. Horsley. (2015). Origin of Fibrosing Cells in Systemic Sclerosis. Curr. Opin. Rheumatol. 27: 555-62.

18. C.M. Alexander, I. Kasza, C.E. Yen, S.B. Reeder, D. Hernando, R.L. Gallo, C.A. Jahoda, V. Horsley, O.A. MacDougald. (2015). Dermal White Adipose Tissue: A New Compartment of the Thermogenic Response. J. Lipid Res. pii: jlr.R062893 [Epub ahead of print].

Research Support


Source: NIH

Title: Mechanisms that regulate skin wound healing

Proposed dates: 04/01/16-03/31/21

Role: PI

Source: NIH

Title: Mechanical Regulation of Epidermal Homeostasis

Proposed dates: 04/01/16-03/31/21

Role: Co-PI (with Megan King)

Source: HHMI Scholar Award Competition

Title: Stromal adipocytes in epithelial cell niches

Proposed dates: 11/01/16-10/31/21

Role: PI

Source: Scleroderma Foundation

Title: Functional analysis of the role of adipocytes in skin fibrosis

Proposed dates: 04/01/16-3/31/18

Role: PI

Source: Amway Inc.

Gift to support our research

Proposed date: 10/01/15


Source: NIH R01 AR060295

Title: Extrinsic Regulation of Epidermal Homeostasis

Dates: 09/30/2014 – 08/31/2017

Direct costs to date: $1,334,244.44; Indirect costs to date: $883,542.56; Total costs to date: $2,217,787.00

Role: PI

Source: CT Innovations CSCRF 12-SCB-YALE-01

Title: Generation of functional keratinocytes from hESCs

Dates: 10/01/2012 — 09/30/2016

Direct costs to date: $600,000; Indirect costs to date: $150,000; Total costs to date: $750,000

Role: PI

Source: Gruber Foundation/Rosalind Franklin Young Investigator Award

Dates: 10/01/2013 — 12/31/2015

Direct costs to date: $75,000; Indirect costs to date: $0; Total costs to date: $75,000

Role: PI

Source: NIH P30AG021342; Pilot and Exploratory Studies Core of the Yale Claude D. Pepper Center Older Americans Independence Center

Title: The role of dermal adipocytes in dysfunction of aged skin

Dates: 07/01/2015 — 06/30/2016

Direct costs to date: $40,000; Indirect costs to date: $26,600; Total costs to date: $66,600

Role: PI


Source: Unilever

Title: Examining adipocytes in human skin

Dates: 7/01/2014 — 6/30/2015

Direct: $40,455 directs costs; Indirect costs: $26,903; Total cost: $67,358

Role: PI

Source: Schick

Title: Determining how shaving influences inflammation

Dates: 7/01/2014 — 6/30/2015

Direct: $5,821 directs costs; Indirect costs: $3,871; Total cost: $9,692

Role: PI

Source: NIH R00AR054775

Title: Mechanisms of sebaceous gland development

Dates: 04/01/2009 — 03/30/2011

Direct costs: $469,491; Indirect costs: $307,516; Total costs: $777,007

Role: PI

Source: CT Innovations CSCRF

Title: Transcriptional Control of Keratinocyte Differentiation in Human ES Cells

Dates: 6/01/2009 — 05/31/2011

Direct: $162,000 directs costs; Indirect costs: $38,000; Total cost: $200,000

Role: PI

Source: Pew Charitable Trusts

Title: Transcriptional Regulation of Tissue Development and Homeostasis

Dates: 07/01/2010 — 06/30/2015

Direct: $240,000 directs costs; Indirect costs: $ 0; Total cost: $240,000

Role: PI

Source: CT Innovations CSCRF (12-SCA-YALE-02)

Title: Mechanical factors influencing the differentiation of human embryonic stem cells

Dates: 10/15/2012 — 10/14/2014

Direct: $164,132 directs costs; Indirect costs: $35,868; Total cost: $200,000

Role: co-PI (with E. Dufresne)

Public Presentations

Scheduled for 2016


University of Colorado Boulder (2/16)

University of California Irvine (5/16)


Gordon Research Conference, Tissue Niches & Resident Stem Cells in Adult Epithelia, Invited Speaker (8/16)

Gordon Research Conference, Signaling by Adhesion Receptors, Invited Speaker (6/16)



Columbia University (1/14/15)

University of Pennsylvania (2/5/15)

Wesleyan University (4/30/15)

Northwestern University (9/9/15)

University of Cologne (10/28/15)

Yale University, Endrocrinology Program (11/15)

Yale University, Immunobiology Department (12/15)


Skin Biology Symposium, Rockefeller University, Organizer and Invited Speaker (5/4/2015)

Society for Investigative Dermatology, Blank Forum, Invited Speaker (5/7/2015)

Gordon Research Conference, “Mammary Gland Biology”, Invited Speaker (6/10/2015)

Gordon Research Conference, “Epithelial Keratinization and Differentiation”, Invited Speaker (7/15/2015)

International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery Annual Meeting, Featured Guest Speaker (9/10/2015)

Basel-Manchester Forum, Skin Repair & Regenerative Plastic Surgery, Keynote Speaker (10/30/15)

Montagna Symposium of Skin Biology, Organizer and Invited Speaker (10/2015)

National American Hair Society Meeting, Session Director and Invited Speaker (12/2015)



HudsonAlpha Institute for Biotechnology (3/19/14)

Emory University (4/15/14)

University of California San Diego (6/14/14)

Clemson University (10/23/14)

Furman University (10/24/14)


CURE/BIOHAVEN Conference, Speaker/Panelist (10/21/14)

CT Stem Cell Retreat, Invited Speaker (

NextGen Stem Cell Meeting, Invited Speaker (5/7/15)

Society of Investigative Dermatology, Invited Speaker (5/15)

Abbvie-Immunobiology conference, Invited Speaker (12/3/14)



Duke University, Developmental & Stem Cell Biology Colloquium (1/16/2013)

Yale University, Dermatology Department

University of Cincinnati Children’s Hospital (9/4/13)

Cornell University (9/27/13)

Albert Einstein (10/14/13)

Yale University, Vascular Biology Program (11/11/13)

Rutgers Dermatology Symposium (11/16/13)

Unilever Science Expo (12/11/13)

Yale University, Cardiology Department (12/15/13)


Gordon Research Conference, “Epithelial Differentiation and Keratinization”, Invited Speaker (5/14/13)

Gordon Research Seminar, “Epithelial Differentiation and Keratinization”, Invited Speaker (5/12/13)

Keystone Symposium “Stem Cell Regulation in Homeostasis and Disease”, Invited Speaker (2/26/13)



University of British Columbia, Biomedical Research Centre (4/13/12)

Yale University, Dermatology Department (4/4/12)

University of Georgia, Developmental Biology Symposium Speaker (10/12/12)

Cambridge-Yale Symposium on Stem Cells (9/10/12)

University of Dundee (9/12/12)

John Hopkins University, Department of Biochemistry, School of Public Health (12/3/12)


Dermatogenetics, Invited Speaker (2/10/12)

Society of Investigative Dermatology, PhD retreat, Keynote Speaker (5/9/12)



Emory University, Chemical Biology Department (2/21/11)

STEMCONN biannual meeting (3/22/11)


International Society for Stem Cell Research Annual Meeting, Speaker and Session Chair (6/16/11)

Society for Investigative Dermatology Annual Meeting, State-of-the-Art Lecture and Session Chair (5/5/11)

Gordon Research Conference, “Epithelial Differentiation and Keratinization”, Invited Speaker (7/4/11)



Columbia University, Biology Department (2/2010)

Stanford University, Department of Developmental Biology (6/14/10)

Mt. Sinai, Department of Developmental Biology (9/30/10)

Yale Stem Cell Retreat (10/22/10)

University of Connecticut, School of Pharmacy (10/25/10)

University of Iowa, Department of Molecular Physiology & Biophysics (11/10/10)


Connecticut Stem Cell Meeting, Invited Speaker (1/29/10)

Keystone Symposia, “Stem Cell Differentiation and Dedifferentiation”, Invited Speaker (2/18/10)

Society for Investigative Dermatology Annual Meeting, Speaker and Session Chair (5/6/10)

International Society for Stem Cell Research, Annual Meeting, Invited Speaker (6/17/10)



Mt Sinai, Department of Oncological Sciences (4/09)


National Hair Research Society, Featured Speaker (5/8/09)



University of Michigan, Center for Stem Cell Research and Department of Dermatology

Harvard University, Department of Stem Cell and Regenerative Medicine, Harvard Stem Cell Center

Yale University, Department of Molecular, Cellular and Developmental Biology, Yale Stem Cell Center

University of Pennsylvania, Cell and Developmental Biology



New York Skin Biology Club, New York, NY

MGH Center for Regenerative Medicine, Harvard Stem Cell Institute

University of Texas Southwestern, Department of Cell Biology

Columbia University, Department of Genetics and Development

John Hopkins, Molecular Biology and Genetics


Epithelial Stem Cell Workshop, Beatson Cancer Research Institute, Glasgow, Scotland, Invited Speaker


Undergraduate Courses

2009-2014 Lecturer, MCDB205, “Cell Biology”

2014-presentLecturer, BIOL102, “Foundations in Cell Biology”

Undergraduate Seminar Courses

2010-presentMentor, MCDB495, “Senior Research”

2010-2011Session Leader, MCDB495, “Senior Research”

Graduate Courses

2011-2014 Course Director, MCDB901/GENE901/CBIO901, “Ethics in Science”

2010-2014Founding Course Director, MCDB902/3, “Graduate Seminar Course”

2010-2011Lecturer, MB&B520, “Boot Camp Biology”

2010Instructor, MCDB900, “How to Write a Scientific Manuscript”

2013-2015Instructor, “Responsible Conduct in Research Course”

2015Instructor, Cell Biology, Shanghai Tech, Shanghai China


2009-present“Science Experiments” –Children ages 4-9

I go to each of my daughter’s classrooms annually and do a presentation on science on topics ranging from matter to cell biology.

Mentoring at Yale University

Junior Faculty Mentoring

Shirin Bahmanyar (formal). Murat Acar, Damon Clark and Joshua Gendron (informal).

Undergraduate Research Mentoring

2009-2011Alexandra Graham, Summer Research, Senior Thesis

2009Rachel O’Keefe, Summer Research

2010-2011Sage Aronson, Summer Research

2010-2013Yonglu Che, Summer and Annual Research

2010Sarah Ballatori, Summer Research

2010Martha Getachew, STARS program, Summer Research

2011-2014Sean Fletcher, STARS program, Annual Research, Senior Thesis

2012Stephen Revilla, Sackler Summer program

2012Andrew Chun, Summer Research

2013Sam Norcross, Sackler Summer program

2013-2015Kevin Hochstrasser, Summer Research, Senior Thesis

2013Adrian Fortin, Summer Research

2013-presentEve Roth, Summer and Annual Research

2013-2015Erin Song, Summer and Annual Research, Senior Thesis

2013Christine Wu, Summer Research

2014-presentChristina Kim, STARS program, Summer Research

2014Amanda Farrell, STARS program, Summer and Annual Research

2014Mary Yates, Sackler Summer program

2015-presentStephen Le Breton, Summer and Annual Research

2015-presentBertie Geng, Summer and Annual Research

2015-presentKatie Bollag, Summer and Annual Research

Graduate Research Mentoring in My Laboratory (Current position)

2010-2011Heather McGee, MD/PhD* (Resident at UCSF)

co-mentored with Richard Flavell

2010-2013Aaron Mertz (Postdoctoral Fellow with Elaine Fuchs)

co-mentored with Eric Dufresne

2010-2014 Jill Goldstein (Postdoctoral fellow with Amy Wagers)

2011-2014 Barbara Schmidt (Editor with Genome Sciences)

2011-2015 Kathryn Rosowski (Postdoctoral Fellow)

2012-present Rachel Zwick

2014-presentGabriella Grisotti

2014-presentSarah Ebmeier

PhD Student Thesis Committees (Year Degree Awarded; Affiliation)

Sophia Gayle2013Yale, Genetics

Barbara Hirschman2013Yale, Immunobiology

Callen Hyland2013Yale, MCDB

Chanatip Metheetrairut 2014Yale, MCDB

Su-Yi Tsai2011Mt. Sinai, Developmental Biology

Devin Noblin2014Yale, MCDB

Minlee Kim2015Yale, MCDB

Jacob Musser2015Yale, EE&B

Rachel Sennett2015Mt. Sinai, Developmental Biology

Student Qualifying Exams (Affiliation)

Callen HylandYale, MCDB

Jacob MusserYale, EE&B

Alexandra TeixeiraYale, Pathology

Chanatip MetheetrairutYale, MCDB

Minlee KimYale, MCDB

Devin NoblinYale, MCDB

Jemilat SalamiYale, MCDB

Cassie McManusYale, Genetics

Postdoctoral Fellow Mentoring (Current position)

2009-2014Ana Tadeu, PhD (Medical Writer; Porterhouse Medical, UK)

2011-2015 Natalie Roberts, PhD(Postdoctoral Fellow, Hayday Laboratory, UK)

2013-2015Amanda Zubek, MD/PhD (Postdoctoral Fellow, Yale Dermatology)

2012-presentGuillermo Rivera, PhD

2012-present Brett Shook, PhD

2013-presentSamantha Lin, PhD

Honors Awarded to Trainees

2011Fundação para a Ciência e Tecnologia Postdoctoral Award (Ana Tadeu)

2014 Dermatology Foundation Research Fellowship (Amanda Zubek)

2014Lo Family Fellowship (Rachel Zwick)

2014F31 NRSA NICHD (Rachel Zwick)

2015New York Stem Cell Foundation Fellowship (Brett Shook)

2015American College of Surgeons Fellowship (Gabriella Grisotti)

2015Dermatology Foundation Career Development Award (Amanda Zubek)

Activities and Service to Scientific Community


2010-2014SchickHair follicle growth

2013-presentUnileverSkin function

Professional Societies

International Society for Stem Cell Research

Society for Investigative Dermatology

National Service

2010Board of Scientific Counselors--Intramural Program of the National Institute of Arthritis and Musculoskeletal and Cutaneous Diseases

2012 National Institutes of Health Grant Reviewer, Arthritis, Connective Tissue and Skin study section (June), ad hoc

2013-present New York Stem Cell Foundation Postdoctoral Fellowship Reviewer

2013 National Institutes of Health Grant Reviewer, Arthritis and Musculoskeletal and Skin Diseases Special Grants Review Committee (June), ad hoc

2013-present International Society for Stem Cell Research Audit Committee

2014 National Institutes of Health Grant Reviewer, Musculoskeletal, Oral and Skin Sciences study section (July), ad hoc

2012-2014Society of Investigative Dermatology, Education Committee

2015-presentSociety of Investigative Dermatology, Education Committee, Co-Chair

2015 National Institutes of Health Grant Reviewer, Intercellular Interactions study section (February), ad hoc

Journal Reviewer (ad hoc reviewer)

Development; Developmental Biology; EMBO Journal; Journal of Cell Biology; Journal of Investigative Dermatology; Molecular and Cellular Biology; Nature; Nature Cell Biology; Nature communications; Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences; Cell Stem Cell; Cell Reports; Elife.

Service at Yale

Yale University Service

2009-2014Founding Organizer, FAS Junior Faculty Group

I established a group at Yale that initially included all of Science Jr. Faculty but eventually all of Yale. We met monthly to discuss topics of interest including mentoring, tenure and promotion, and strategies for success in teaching.

2009Organizer, Yale Stem Cell Center Retreat Committee

2010-2011Member, MCDG Graduate Admissions Committee

2011-presentMember, Yale Stem Cell Center Advisory Committee

2010Organizer, Yale University Childcare Initiative

Megan King and I met with Stephanie Spangler and Francis Rosenbluth regularly to discuss expansion of childcare resources at Yale: resulted in establishment of The Nest at Yale for children ages 1-3 with a priority for Women Faculty in Science.

2011Member, Yale University Childcare Task Force

2012Organizer, Yale Jr. Faculty Retreat

2012-presentMember, Lo Family Fellowship Selection Committee

2013-presentMember, Women’s Faculty Forum Steering Committee

2013Yale College Executive Committee

2013-2015Advisory Committee for Postdoctoral Affairs

2013Discussion regarding facilities and Yale’s vision for STEM at Yale with President Salovey and Provost Pollack

2014FAS Senate Implementation Committee