Monday 12thDec 2016 – Friday 27thJan 2017

8am – 6pm

Vacation Care Booking Sheet

Please send bookings

All bookings must be accompanied by a new enrolment form for the 2016/17 financial year

Parent details:

Surname Given nameContact Number

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Children Attending
Surname Given name
Child 1.
Child 2.
Child 3. .
Child 4.
Please tick the box for each child attending the program on each day, please match the child to their number above
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Mon 12th Dec / Summer Holidays Are Here!!
Tue 13th Dec / Nothing But Sports
Wed14th Dec / Creative Arts
Thu15th Dec / Your Imagination
Fri 16th Dec / It’s Beginning To Look A Lot Like Xmas
Mon19th Dec / Summer Gymnastics
Tue 20th Dec / Spectacular Sports Clinics
Wed21st Dec / Incursion: Electronic & Board Games Fun
Thu 22nd Dec / A Global Culture
Fri 23rd Dec / Xmas and Holiday Traditions
Mon 2nd Jan / Centre Closed – New Year’s Day public holiday
Tue 3rd Jan / Water Fun at The YMCA
Wed 4th Jan / Incursion: Farmer Darcy’s Travelling Farm
Thu 5th Jan / Stunt Monkeys Super Heroes
Fri 6th Jan / Dog Sled Russian Festival day
Mon 9th Jan / Tough Challenges and Prizes
Tue 10th Jan / Gymnastics Action
Wed11th Jan / Excursion: Dinosaurs Alive / Booked Out
Thu12th Jan / Making Day
Fri 13th Jan / Ati-Atihan Festival and Dance Day
Mon 16th Jan / The Amazing Race – Walkerville Style (Part 2)
Tue 17th Jan / Incursion:Mobile Junk & Nature Play
Wed18th Jan / Excursion: Is It Science Or Is It Magic? / Booked Out
Thu19th Jan / In A Galaxy Far, Far Away
Fri 20th Jan / The Flying Stunt Monkeys
Mon 23rd Jan / Tuck, Straddles & Pike into Gymnastics
Tue 24th Jan / It’s Wheelie The End of Holidays
Wed25th Jan / Incursion:Ability Awareness Day
Thu26th Jan / Centre Closed – Australia Day public holiday
Fri 27th Jan / Aussie Aussie Aussie Oi Oi Oi


Do you wish to claim child care benefit? yes no

If yes, do you wish to claim CCB as: fee reduction lump sum

If you wish to claim CCB please fill in your CCB details on our reenrolment form. You must do this even if you have claimed CCB with us previously.

Payment Details:

Session / Fee / Please make cheques payable to:
Inner North East Adelaide YMCA
39 Smith Street
Walkerville, 5081
Excursion/Incursion / $55.00
Full day / $50.00

Payment Method: Visa Mastercard Cheque

Card No: ///

Name on card:

Expiry date: /

Amount Payable: $

Please make note of the following and refer to the Vacation Care Handbook for clarification:

  • All fees must accompany the booking.
  • 48 hours notice is required for cancelations or full day fee will be incurred.
  • Families with outstanding debts will NOT be able to attend the program.


I have read and agree to the conditions as stated in the parent/guardian handbook. I give permission for my child/ren to attend the minor excursions which may be undertaken without notice (walk to the park, oval etc.) and the major excursions which are indicated in the program.

Date: //20

Address: 39 Smith St, Walkerville SA 5081 ABN:60 846 225 412

Telephone: (08) 8344 3811 Facsimile: (08) 8342 0040

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