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Membership Application

Guidance notes

Membership for 1 year is £195 for Members, £345.00 for Managerial Members, and £545 for Fellows (prices non-inclusive of VAT). Valid for membership applications up to 31 December 2016.

To enable us to assess your level of entry, please complete the application form and return it with:

•Your current and up to date CV including relevant dates, signed and verified by your Line Manager or equivalent at your present company. (If you are self-employed or the head of an organisation, the referee may be a previous employer or professional adviser.)

•Job description and business card.

Criteria for Membership

•Proven sales track record either in company or academia with a record of sustained achievement, competence and professionalism in sales leadership.

•Time served in sales and sales leadership to be a minimum of ten years to include:

-A minimum period of five years’successful sales execution as an individual contributor.

-A minimum period of five years’successful sales management (process or people)

•Have a commitment to ethical and professional standards including continuing professional development (CPD) for yourself and your sales team.

•Demonstrable evidence of improving sales productivity or performance.

•Demonstrable experience of developing and /or coaching a sales team.

•A track record of innovative management of sales resources.

•Wanting to give back to the profession in order to support the sales professionals of tomorrow.

•Seeking to Develop Skills to obtain advancement in Sales Career.

Section 1. Personal details

Title / DrMrMrsMs Miss Other (please specify)
Male Female
First name / Family name
Nationality / British / Ethnic origin
Date of Birth (DD/MM/YYYY)
Home address
Town / County
Postcode / Country / UK
telephone number / Mobile
Home e-mail

Section 2. Your current appointment

Job title / Date appointed (MM/YYYY) / 01/2013
Job level / Director/Senior Manager Middle Manager Junior Manager
Non-Manager/Executive Other
Industry sector
Company name
Company address
Town / County
Postcode / Country / UK
Business telephone number / Business mobile
Business e-mail

Section 3a. Reference for Membership

I have known the applicant for 1/2 years and support their application for membership.
To the best of my knowledge the information supplied in this application is correct.

Position / Company
Contact telephone/ e-mail
Signature / Date

Section 3b. Reference for Membership

To apply for a fellowship, your CV must be certified by your Line Manager (or Accountant if you are self employed)
or a current Fellow or Founding Fellow of the APS.

Position / Company
Contact telephone/ e-mail
Signature / Date

Section 4. CPD Programme

The APS CPD Programme is a continuous measure of your commitment to lifelong learning. Joining the CPD programme is included in your membership fee, but remains at your discretion.

I would like to join the CPD Programme.

Section 5. Payment details

Membership for 1 yearpricing as above –payment will be taken on acceptance of membership and grade

Choose one of these payment options:

1. Cheque: I enclose a cheque for £payable to The Professional Sales Leadership Alliance Ltd.

2. Credit/Debit card: I authorise you to debit my credit/debit card with the amount of £

Please indicate type of card. (We are unable to accept payment by Diners.)

Visa Mastercard Delta Maestro/Switch American Express Solo/Visa Electron

Credit/debit card number
Valid from (MM/YY) / Expires (MM/YY)
Issue number
(for Maestro/Switch/Delta) / Security code*

* Use the last three digits on the reverse of your card. For American Express use the four digit verification number on the front of your card.

3. Bank Transfer: (Please attach Transfer slip.)

Bank Transfer to: Barclays Bank, 1 Canada Square, LONDON,
Account Name: The Professional Sales Leadership Alliance Limited
Account No: 40247278Sort Code: 20-47-47

Section 7. Data protection

The Professional Sales Leadership Alliance Ltd T/a Association Of Professional Sales will contact you with information regarding your membership.

Association of Professional Sales
The Body may also contact you regarding other products from its portfolio, such as sales and marketing training courses and qualifications. If you do not wish to receive information about learning, development and qualifications please tick:

Other companies external to the Association of Professional Sales
The Institute actively seek partners who can provide additional benefits for your skills and development within the sales profession. If you do not wish to receive these benefits from external companies please tick:

Section 8. Declaration

I understand that the decision of the assessor as to my grade of membership will be final. I agree to abide by the Institute’s Charter and Bye-laws and to support and promote the Institute’s Code of Professional Standards as described at

I confirm that the information supplied in support of my application for membership is correct and that by emailing this form to the Sales Leadership Alliance it acts as my signature.

Name / Date

Please send the completed application form, any supporting documents and payment to:
Membership, The Professional Sales Leadership Alliance Ltd, T/a Association Of Professional Sales, c/o 51 Curzon Road, Muswell Hill, London, N10 2RB or
e-mail: (don’t forget to attach your supporting documents).

Note: The process of assessing memberships can take up to 15 working days before confirmation can be sent.

For office use onlyApproved
Signature ______Date ______

Thank you. We look forward to welcoming you.