September 2003 Volume 64 Number 3 ISSN 0026-895X


Cyclic Nucleotide Phosphodiesterase Activity, Expression, and Targeting in Cells of the Cardiovascular System

Donald H. Maurice, Daniel Palmer, Douglas G. Tilley, Heather A. Dunkerley, Stuart J. Netherton,
Daniel R. Raymond, Hisham S. Elbatarny, and Sandra L. Jimmo533


RGS Protein and G Protein Interactions: A Little Help from Their Friends \M

John R. Hepler547


Aspartate Aminotransferase Generates Proagonists of the Aryl Hydrocarbon Receptor

Mark A. Bittinger, Linh P. Nguyen, and Christopher A. Bradfield550


Critical Role for Aktl in the Modulation of Apoptotic Phosphatidylserine Exposure and Microglial
Jing-Qiong Kang, Zhao Zhong Chong, and Kenneth Maiese557

Membrane Assembly of the Cannabinoid Receptor 1: Impact of a Long N-Terminal Tail

Helena Andersson, Aaron M. DAntona, Debra A. Kendall, Gunnar von Heijne, and Chen-Ni Chin570

Prevention of Dopaminergic Neuronal Death by Cyclic AMP in Mixed Neuronal/Glial Mesencephalic
Cultures Requires the Repression of Presumptive Astrocytes
Sophie Mourlevat, Jean-Denis Troadec, Merle Ruberg, and Patrick P. Michel578

Recruitment of RGS2 and RGS4 to the Plasma Membrane by G Proteins and Receptors Reflects
Functional Interactions
Anju Anne Roy, Kara E. Lemberg, and Peter Chidiac587

Mouse K-Opioid Receptor mRNA Differential Transport in Neurons

Jing Bi, Xinli Hu, Horace H. Loh, and Li-Na Wei594

Metal-Dependent Inhibition of HIV-1 Integrase by /3-Diketo Acids and Resistance of the Soluble Double-Mutant (F185K/C280S)

Christophe Marchand, Allison A. Johnson, Rajeshri G. Karki, Godwin C. G. Pais, Xuechun Zhang, Kiriana Cowansage, Tapan A. Patel, Marc C. Nicklaus, Terrence R. Burke, Jr., and Yves Pommier 600

Breast Cancer Resistance Protein Exports Sulfated Estrogens but Not Free Estrogens

Yasuo Imai, Sakiyo Asada, Satomi Tsukahara, Etsuko Ishikawa, Takashi Tsuruo, and

Yoshikazu Sugimoto610

l-DOPA Treatment Modulates Nicotinic Receptors in Monkey Striatum

Maryka Quik, Tanuja Bordia, Michaella Okihara, Hong Fan, Michael J. Marks,

J. Michael Mclntosh, and Paul Whiteaker619

Involvement of Intramolecular Interactions in the Regulation of G Protein-Coupled Receptor Kinase 2
Susana Sarnago, Ramon Roca, Antonio de Blasi, Alfonso Valencia, Federico Mayor, Jr., and
Cristina Murga629

Adenosine-A2a Receptor Down-Regulates Cerebral Smooth Muscle L-Type Ca2+ Channel Activity via
Protein Tyrosine Phosphatase, Not cAMP-Dependent Protein Kinase
Katrina Murphy, Volodymyr Gerzanich, Hui Zhou, Svetlana Ivanova, Yafeng Dong,
Gloria Hoffman, G. Alexander West, H. Richard Winn, and J. Marc Simard640

Agonist-Induced Conformational Changes in the Extracellular Domain of a 7 Nicotinic Acetylcholine Receptors Lisa K. Lyford, Adrian D. Sprout, Donnie Eddins, James T. McLaughlin, and Robert L. Rosenberg 650

Genetic Polymorphism of CYP1A2 in Ethiopians Affecting Induction and Expression: Characterization
of Novel Haplotypes with Single-Nucleotide Polymorphisms in Intron 1
Eleni Aklillu, Juan Antonio Carrillo, Eyasu Makonnen, Karin Hellman, Maria Pitarque,
Leif Bertilsson, and Magnus Ingelman-Sundberg659

The Metabolites of the Cardioprotective Drug Dexrazoxane Do Not Protect Myocytes from Doxorubicin-
Induced Cytotoxicity
Brian B. Hasinoff Patricia E. Schroeder, and Daywin Patel670

Influence of Agonist Efficacy and Receptor Phosphorylation on Antagonist Affinity Measurements:
Differences between Second Messenger and Reporter Gene Responses
Jillian G. Baker, Ian P. Hall, and Stephen J. Hill679

Characterization of Ca2+ Channels and G Proteins Involved in Arachidonic Acid Release by
Endothelin-l/EndothelinA Receptor
Yoshifumi Kawanabe, Kazuhiko Nozaki, Nobuo Hashimoto, and Tomoh Masaki689

Low Molecular Weight Fucoidan and Heparin Enhance the Basic Fibroblast Growth Factor-Induced Tube Formation of Endothelial Cells through Heparan Sulfate- Dependent aQ Overexpression

Delphine Chabut, Anne-Marie Fischer, Sylvia Colliec-Jouault, Ingrid, Sabine Matou,
Bernard Le Bonniec, and Dominique Helley696

Stargazin Differentially Controls the Trafficking of a-Amino-3-hydroxyl-5-methyl-4-isoxazolepropionate and Kainate Receptors

Lu Chen, Alaa El-Husseini, Susumu Tomita, David S. Bredt, and Roger A. Nicoll703

5-Fluorouracil Blocks Transforming Growth Factor-/3-Induced a2Type I Collagen Gene (COL1A2)
Expression in Human Fibroblasts via c-Jun NH2-Terminal Kinase/Activator Protein-1 Activation
Jeanne Wendling, Aime Marchand, Alain Mauviel, and Franck Verrecchia707

Biochemical, Cytotoxic, and Genotoxic Effects of ES936, a Mechanism-Based Inhibitor of
NAD(P)H:quinone Oxidoreductase 1, in Cellular Systems
Donna L. Dehn, David Siegel, Elizabeth Swann, Christopher J. Moody, and David Ross714

Differential Signaling of Formyl Peptide Receptor-Like 1 by Trp-Lys-Tyr-Met-Val-Met-CONH2 or Lipoxin A4 in Human Neutrophils

Yoe-Sik Bae, Jun Chul Park, Rong He, Richard D. Ye, Jong-Young Kwak, Pann-Ghill Suh, and Sung Ho Ryu

A Family of Highly Selective Allosteric Modulators of the Metabotropic Glutamate Receptor Subtype 5 Julie A. O'Brien, Wei Lemaire, Tsing-Bau Chen, Raymond S. L. Chang, Marlene A. Jacobson, Sookhee N. Ha, Craig W. Lindsley, Herve J. Schaffhauser, Cyrille Sur, Douglas J. Pettibone, P. Jeffrey Conn, and David L. Williams, Jr.

Altered Gating and Local Anesthetic Block Mediated by Residues in the I-S6 and II-S6

Transmembrane Segments of Voltage-Dependent Na+ Channels Andrei Kondratiev and Gordon F. Tomaselli

Receptor Subtype-Dependent Positive and Negative Modulation of GABAA Receptor Function by Niflumic Acid, a Nonsteroidal Anti-Inflammatory Drug

Saku T. Sinkkonen, Salla Mansikkamdki, Tommi Moykkynen, Hartmut Luddens, Mikko Uusi-Oukari, and Esa R. Korpi

Down-Regulation of Acyl-CoA Oxidase Gene Expression in Heart of Troglitazone-Treated Mice through a Mechanism Involving Chicken Ovalbumin Upstream Promoter Transcription Factor II Agatha Cabrero, Mireia Jove, Anna Planavila, Manuel Merlos, Juan C. Laguna, and

Manuel Vdzquez-Carrera

Signaling Pathways for Monocyte Chemoattractant Protein 1-Mediated Extracellular Signal-Regulated Kinase Activation M. Carmen Jimenez-Sainz, Beate Fast, Federico Mayor, Jr., and Anna M. Aragay

Correction to "Prostacylin receptor activation inhibits proliferation of aortic smooth muscle cells by regulating cAMP response element-binding protein* and pocket protein-dependent cyclin A gene expression"

Correction to "Enhancement of long-term potentiation by a potent nitric oxide-guanylyl cyclase activator, 3-(5-hydroxymethyl-2-furyl)-l-benzyl indazole"