Director, Center for Research on Violence Against Women

Diane R. Follingstad, Ph.D.


Director, Center for Research on Violence Against Women

Women’s Circle Endowed Chair, CRVAW

Professor/Clinical and Forensic Psychologist

Diplomate in Forensic Psychology, ABPP

Distinguished Professor Emeritus


Director and Women’s Circle Endowed Chair,

Center for Research on Violence Against Women

151 Bowman Hall

University of Kentucky

Lexington, KY 40506

Telephone (859) 218-2610

FAX (859) 323-4848

Clinical and Forensic Psychology Professor

University of Kentucky College of Medicine

Department of Psychiatry

245 Fountain Court

Lexington, Kentucky 40509

Telephone (859) 323-5281

FAX (859) 323-1194

Licensure/Board Certification

Diplomate, Forensic Psychology, American Board of Professional Psychology #3992

Kentucky, License #1537, Certified as Health Service Provider, Psychologist

South Carolina, License # 209, to practice Clinical Psychology

North Carolina, License #3345, Certified as Health Service Provider, Psychologist


University of Colorado Ph.D., 12/1974, Clinical Psychology

Hall Psychiatric Institute Clinical Psychology Internship, 8/1972-8/1973

University of Colorado M.A., 8/1971, Clinical Psychology

Augsburg College B.A., 6/1969, Psychology and Sociology


Division of Student Affairs (University of Kentucky) Outstanding Faculty Partner 2016

Linda Saltzman Memorial Intimate Partner Violence Researcher Award – 2012 Award

by the Institute on Violence, Abuse, and Trauma

Distinguished Contributions in Forensic Psychology, 2009 Award by the American

Association of Forensic Psychology (American Board of Forensic Psychology)

Fellow, Division 41, American Psychological Association

Outstanding Teaching in Psychology Award (1993) by the South Carolina Psych. Assoc.

Nominated for Outstanding Professional Paper Award by the Southeastern Psychological Association, 2010

Visiting Scholar for Southeastern Psychological Association

Pi Gamma Mu - National Honor Society for the Social Sciences

Omicron Delta Kappa - National Leadership Society

Leadership Columbia/ Columbia Forum


University of Kentucky, Executive Director

Center for Research on Violence Against Women 8/14-present

University of Kentucky, Center for Research on Violence Against Women

Women’s Circle Endowed Chair 7/08-present

University of Kentucky, Dept. of Psychiatry, Medical College

Professor (Joint appointment in Psychology) 7/08-present

University of South Carolina, Department of Psychology, Columbia, SC

Distinguished Professor Emeritus 2008-present

Full time faculty 8/1973-3/2008

Full Professor 5/1989-present

Director of Clinical-Community Training 8/1995- 8/ssss2004

College of Charleston, Governor’s School, Charleston, SC

Selected Faculty Summers 1976, 1977



1 R01 HD 075783-01 (Follingstad & Coker – PIs) 9/15/2013 – 9/14/2018 2.40 calendar

NIH/NICHD $2,486,134

Evaluating the Long-term Effects of Green Dot on Teen Dating Violence Prevention

The goal of the project is to evaluate the longer term impact of Green Dot across the Bluegrass an active bystanding-based randomized intervention trial in 26 high schools across Kentucky designed to reduce dating and sexual violence focusing on college/noncollege status (and related factors) of 18-22 year olds as predictor variables for presence of intimate partner violence.

RFA-CE-15-001 (Coker & Bush) Co-I 9/1/2015 – 8/31/18 .60

R01 CDC $1,049,940

Randomized Trial Integrating Bystander-Based Violence PreventionModalities

UK Internal Funding President’s Office (Follingstad – PI) 10/15 – 6/20 3.0

Campus Climate/Violence Survey $950,000

Development, administration, analysis of survey given to ~26,000 UK students to assess perceptions of safety, knowledge of resources, adverse experiences, and barriers to reporting.


Follingstad & Renzetti - PI 11/1/16 – 10/31/18 3.0

NIJ $740,780

Longitudinal Cohort Study of Interpersonal Violence Among College-Aged Women and Men: Planning Phase

Renzetti & Follingstad – PI 1/1/17 – 12/31/19 .60

OVW Research & Evaluation Program $500,000

A Collaboration to Evaluate the Outcomes of a Therapeutic Horticulture Program at a Domestic Violence Shelter


5R01MD004598 - 05 (Coker) Co-I 9/25/2009 – 9/24/2014 1.20 calendar

NIH/NCI $1,860,000

Does Violence Against Women Result in Disparities in Cancer Care for Women?

The major goal of this project is to investigate the relationship between intimate partner violence and partner interfering behaviors and women’s cancer treatment, recovery, and quality of life.

SES-1341983 (Renzetti) Co-I 9/13/2013 – 9/12/2014

NSF/NIJ $50,000

Developing Effective Primary, Secondary, and Tertiary Interventions to Prevent Intimate Partner Violence.

The major goal of this project is to conduct a scientific working conference for researchers involved in prevention efforts to prevent intimate partner violence.


Follingstad, D.R. (1994-1999). PI Prevention of physical violence in dating relationships.

NIMH. $1,200,000

Follingstad, D.R. (1991-1992). PI Interventions for the prevention of dating violence.

Carolina Venture Fund. $2300.

Follingstad, D.R. (1987-1988). PI Identification and prediction of patterns of wife abuse. Harry Frank Guggenheim Foundation. $13,857.

Follingstad, D.R. (1986-1987). PI Identification and prediction of patterns of wife abuse. Harry Frank Guggenheim Foundation. $21,064.

Follingstad, D.R. (1986). PI Pilot study for the identification and prediction of patterns of wife abuse. Carolina Venture Fund. $2,850.


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