Demonstration Speech Guidelines

Demonstration Speech Guidelines

Demonstration Speech Guidelines


  1. Prepare a 3-5 minute speech demonstrating a process (how to do something or how to make something). When choosing your topic, consider your time frame, your personal skills and abilities, and your audience. You may decide to explain only part of a process in order to adjust to the time limits (how to putt instead of how to golf, etc.). If showing only a portion of the process, it would be helpful to show an example of the ‘finished product’ for your audience to see (e.g. a video showing a clip of a game and how defense fits in, or a finished example of a cake or other cooking dish).
  1. Prepare to explain/demonstrate in detail all the steps and bring to class any items you may need for your demonstration. Props are encouraged!
  1. The speech must be within a 3 – 5 minute time frame. Over or under this time frame will result in lost points.
  1. You may use both sides of two 3 x 5 index cards as an aid in giving your speech. You may not write out the entire speech verbatim on these cards.
  1. Written Component of Speech: Along with verbally delivering your speech, you will submit a typed step-by-step instruction sheet. This is NOT a script of your speech, but a written set of directions that go along with whatever it is that you are demonstrating. For example, if you are demonstrating how to make the perfect PB & J sandwich (please, don’t), you will submit 1. a written recipe listing all necessary ingredients and 2. step-by-step directions for making the sandwich. Directions should be clear and easy to follow. Essentially, any person who views your speech and has the written directions should easily be able to go home and complete the task you have presented.
  1. Make sure your speech has a clear introduction, body, and conclusion. See the rubric on the back.

This speech requires creativity, so take chances with it and give it some thought. Talk about something you know about and satisfy the needs of your audience.

Find a topic that is closely related to your hobbies, skills, favorite sports, or interests. Organize your rough ideas on good speech topics. Make a list of the things you like to do or make.

The easiest way to develop your demonstration speech topic is to show how to do something, how something is done, how to make something, or how something works. Start with one of these example phrases. Fill in the informative topic of your choice:

  1. How to make…
  2. How to fix…
  3. How to use…
  4. How to do…
  5. How ... works
  6. How ... is done, produced or made

We’ll work on these in class and plan to start Wednesday, August 26.

Demonstration Speech Rubric
Student Name: ______
CATEGORY / 4 / 3 / 2 / 1
Content / Clearly and effectively demonstrates process (30 points). / Effectively demonstrates process (20 points). / Somewhat demonstrates process, steps missing (10 points). / It was hard to tell what the process was (0 points).
Posture and Eye Contact / Stands up straight, looks relaxed and confident, keeps constant eye contact with everyone (20 points). / Stands up straight and makes frequent eye contact with everyone (15 points). / Stands up straight and makes occasional eye contact (10 points). / Slouches and/or does not look at people during the presentation (0 points).
Speaks Clearly / Speaks clearly and distinctly throughout the speech (20 points). / Speaks clearly and distinctly through most of the speech (15 points). / Speaks clearly and distinctly for some of the speech (10 points). / Can barely be understood, stalls, mispronounces words, chews gum (0 points).
Time / Stays within the 3-5 minute timeframe (10 points). / Up to10 seconds short or long (6 points). / 10 to 20 seconds short or long (2 points). / More than 20 seconds short or long (0 points).
Written Component / Written directions are complete and correct (20 points). / Written directions are mostly complete, missing 1-2 steps/ingredients (15 points). / Written directions are largely incomplete, missing 3 or more steps/ingredients (10 points). / Written directions are not turned in (0 points).

Final grade:______