Deland Stake Emergency Action Checklist

Deland Stake Emergency Action Checklist

Deland Stake Emergency Action Checklist

(Pre-Storm/Event January 2014)

Pre-Storm/Event Plan Activation

Stake President Actions: President Markovitz cell 386-437-4020

 Communicates plan activation to Regional Emergency Response Leader. President Ingalls hm: 352-735-0246, cell: 407-929-9235

 Notifies Stake Presidency

  • President Martell 386-736-4914
  • President Roberts 386-238-7069

 Calls each Bishop to Activate Plan

  • Bishop Hodges 407-324-3347
  • Bishop Richards 386-956-1480
  • Bishop Mixon 407-766-5234
  • Bishop Morley 386-627-8185
  • Bishop Crookston 386-308-6016
  • Bishop Webb 386-426-6945
  • President Gerena 386-235-1709

 Calls Emergency Preparedness High Councilman Greg Ledet 386-479-6160 to:

  • Call Emergency Preparedness Committee Meeting.
  • Set up Stake Command Center, Staffing and Operation (see attachment).

 Calls Stake Executive Secretary Chris Allaway 407-973-4999 to:

  • Call Stake PEC/High Council/Relief Society meeting
  • Review Action Plan
  • Clarify/Review Assignments (Who, What, By-When)

1st Counselor Actions President Martel 386-736-4914

 1st Backup to Stake President

 Contacts Bishops Storehouse supply assistance.

  • Brother Aron 407-857-1173
  • Discusses Storehouse management & distribution

 Monitor News and Weather Reports

2nd Counselor Actions President Roberts 386-238-7069

 2nd Backup to Stake President

 Coordinates with Relief Society for Relief Assistance

  • Sister Butcher 386 983-0253

 Monitor News and Weather Reports

Stake Clerk (Carl Hunter 386-717-0958)

 Prints out Stake Special Needs and Special skills sorted to identify Medical, Equipment Operator, etc.

 Prints out Ward Maps with member directions/GPS coordinates

 Sets up Operations Log and Work Order System

High Council

Emergency Preparedness (Greg Ledet 386-479-6160 )

 Calls Emergency Preparedness Committee Meeting.

  • EPS Tom McCombs 386-873-4067 cell 865-405-4444
  • ECS Doug Hubbs 386-490-1186

 Set up Stake Command Center, Staffing and Operation. (Attachment 9)

Bishops Liaison (Stuart Layman 386-761-4168)

 Establish contact with Bishops to gather the following information after the storm.

  • Damage to Church buildings or property HC Stuart Layman 386-761-416
  • Damage to members’ homes HC Stuart Layman 386-761-4168
  • Needed equipment or supplies

Building Use and Maintenance

 Coordinates building use and maintenance.

Stake Emergency Preparedness Committee

Emergency Preparedness Specialist (Tom McCombs 386-873-4067)

 Contact Ward Emergency Preparedness Specialists and reviews Ward pre-storm procedures:

  • Contact every member:
  • Staying, Evacuating to a Shelter, Evacuating Area
  • Verify local/out of area contact numbers
  • Special needs
  • Organize evacuating teams

 Works with Stake Clerk to identify Stake special skill resources.

 Get list of Stake Officials with GPS devices.

Emergency Communication Specialist (Doug Hubbs 386-490-1186 )

 Setup Stake Emergency Communications Equipment

  • Insure communications with the Stake President

 Setup Stake simplex (146.480) ERC net

 Contact Ward Emergency Communication Specialists

  • Setup Ward Emergency Communications Equipment
  • Get them on the net to test equipment
  • Activate their Ward Communications net
  • Insure communication with the Bishop

 Contact Orlando Bishop Storehouse Communications Specialist

  • Chris Hammock 407-957-0891 or

Florida ERC Tom McCombs 386-873-4067

  • Verify Storehouse 2 meter & 40 meter frequencies

Stake Relief Society President (Sherry Butcher 386-983-0253 sherbutcher

 Setup staff to fed and possibly house Stake Command Center Staff and possible outside resources

 Contact Ward Relief Society Presidents and offer assistance as necessary

 Identify resources to provide counseling as necessary