Dean,Faculty of Economics & Management Sciences

Dean,Faculty of Economics & Management Sciences

University of the Punjab, Lahore /
Ref # D/ /QEC / Date:10-07-2013

Dean,Faculty of Economics & Management Sciences,

University of the Punjab,


Subject:Minutes ofMeeting for Expediting Self Assessment Activities & Awareness about Teachers & Courses Evaluation ofFaculty of Economics & Management Sciences

Date: 08-07-2013 (Monday)

Venue: Committee Room of Institute of Business Administration, University of the Punjab, Lahore.

In Attendance:

1)Prof. Dr. Muhammad Ehsan Malik (Dean, Faculty of Economics & Management


2)Prof. Dr. Aamir Ijaz(Director,QEC)

3)Prof. Dr. Nasira Jabeen(Director, Institute of Administrative Sciences)

4)Prof. Dr. Khudad Khan(Department of Economics)

5)Dr. Hafiz Khalil Ahmad(Department of Economics)

6)Dr. Amani Moazzam Baig Mirza(Institute of Administrative Sciences)

7)Dr. Nosheen Fatima Warraich(Department of Library & Information Sciences)

8)Mr. mansoor Mahmood Ashiq(Department of Business & Information Technology)

9)Ms. Saba Nasir(Institute of Administrative Sciences)

10)Mr. Ali Rehman(Institute of Administrative Sciences)

11)Ms. Saba Latif(Institute of Business Administration)

12)Ms. Syeda Hina Batool(Department of Library & Information Sciences)

13)Mr. Ijaz Ahmad(Deputy Director,QEC)

14)Mr. Muhammad Omer Yasin(Data Analyst,QEC)


1.Meeting started with the recitation of Holy Quran at 10:15 am. During the inaugural speech, Prof. Dr. Aamir Ijaz (Director QEC) briefed the participants about the importance of Self Assessment procedure as well as the Teachers & Courses Evaluation in the educational institutions. They were also told that the requirements of resources i.e infrastructure, facilities (computer labs/faculties) etc. can be identified in their SAR. Director QEC presented a power point presentation comprising of the following contents:-

  • Procedure of Self Assessment Process
  • Survey forms of the Teachers & Courses Evaluation
  • Future Plan of QEC
  • Latest Status about self assessment procedure of Faculty ofEconomics & Management Sciences

Department / PTs formed / SAR received / SAR Sent back for Changes / SAR received after Improvement / Audit Completed / Executive Summary prepared / Implementation Plan
Department of Economics /  / × / × / × / × / × / ×
Department of Library & Information Sciences /  /  /  /  /  /  /  / × / ×
Institute of Administrative Sciences /  /  /  /  /  /  / 
Institute of Business Administration /  / × / × / × / × / × / ×
Institute of Business & Information Technology /  /  /  / × / × / × / ×

2. Director QEC further advised the participants that

a)The newly designed survey forms of teachers & courses evaluation by QEC can be used & will help to get the teachers and courses evaluation for 5 teachers & courses respectively on a single sheet and the same was distributed among all the participants. These surveys should be carried out for all the Teachers viz a viz Permanent, Contract and Visiting teachers as well.

b) QEC has deputed Mr. Muhammad Omer Yasin (Data Analyst, QEC) to help and coordinate the departments to conduct these surveys. For this purpose, Data Analyst will visit the departments for conducting these surveys based on the department and his mutually agreed time.

c)Departmentsshould allow only those students with class attendance 80% or above to participate in these surveys.

d)Best timing to conduct teachers & courses evaluation isusuallylast week of the semester.

e)Summary of teacher evaluations is to be shared with HOD and Worthy Vice Chancellor of the University. Results may be conveyed to the concerned teacher by the HOD.

f)Departments are at their liberty to change the questions of survey forms according to their system of examinations.

g)QEC staff is available at any time for assistance if so required. They can be contacted at the following telephone Nos:-

Mr. Ijaz Ahmad (Deputy Director)042-99237019 (Off)

0321-4355495 (Mob)

Mr. Muhammad Omer Yasin (Data Analyst)0333-4476916 (Mob)

3.Director QEC explained that Teachers evaluation & Course evaluation surveys are not to victimize any teacher but are for the purpose to improve the performance and quality of education being imparted in the departments.

4.Dean Faculty of Economics and Management Sciences urged the departments to expedite self assessment process.

Meeting ended with the vote of thanks by the Director QEC to the participants.

Decisions of the Meeting:

  1. Department of Economicsshould submit their separate self assessment reports for each program by29th of August, 2013.
  2. Institute of Business & Information Technology should submit their separate self assessment reports for each program by 15th of September, 2013.
  3. Institute of Business Administration should submit their separate self assessment reports for each program by 1st of September, 2013
  4. First cycle of self assessment report (SAR) ofInstitute of Administrative Sciences Department of Library & Information Sciencesis completed. Now they will also prepare their separate self assessment reports for each program and should submit by mid of September, 2013.
  5. Softcopiesof self assessment manual, sample Teachers Evaluation & Course Evaluation Performa and presentation given by Director QEC in the meeting will be sent to all the participant departments.
  6. Progress of departments about their self assessment reports will be checked through regular follow up.
  7. Director QEC requested participants toupdate list of program team members(if any change) and send nomination through their HODs to QEC immediately.

(Prof. Dr. Aamir Ijaz)



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  • Director, Institute of Administrative Sciences
  • Chairman, Department of Economics
  • Chairperson, Department of Library & Information Sciences

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