Deadline: Friday September 30, 2016 8 Pm (Eastern Time)

Deadline: Friday September 30, 2016 8 Pm (Eastern Time)

(September Report) /

Deadline: Friday September 30, 2016 – 8 pm (Eastern Time)

Fill out and email the completed report (Items #4-8) to the following contacts:
AAP Administrator:
Your Regional Correspondent (contact info available on the National website )
Your Chapter Advisor
Save a copy of this form for the Chapter files. You may need to refer to this form at a later time. It may be useful to have a copy available when completing forms in the future.
If you have questions about this report, please contact the Grand Vice President for Student Affairs
at or call (800) PDC-1883.
Report Contents
4. Chapter Retreat and Self-Evaluation (5 Points)
5. Buddy Chapter Contact (2 Points)
6. Budget (2 Points)
7. Formal Meeting with Regalia (1 Bonus Point)
8. Chapter Calendar – Fall Semester (1 Point)
Chapter Information
Chapter Name:
Brother Filling out Report:
E-mail Address:
ITEM #4: Chapter Retreat and Self Evaluation (5 points)
The Chapter Self Evaluation Report (CSE) is to be completed yearly by all Chapters. The purpose of this item is to bring the officers of every Chapter together each year to conduct strategic planning, to identify goals and priorities, and to help the Chapter examine ways to achieve those goals. It also provides the Chapter with a list of its strengths, weaknesses, and recommendations from which to work with in the upcoming year.
The CSE process comprises three parts: (1) Executive Committee Retreat, (2) Strategic Planning & Action Plan Setting, and (3) Chapter Self Evaluation. The only item that must be returned is the Chapter Self Evaluation Report.
To complete the three parts, please do the following:
1. Organize the Executive Committee of the Chapter and go on a retreat. Download a copy of the Model Retreats included on the Fraternity’s website, and use a mixture of them to plan your retreat or use one that best suits your Chapter.
2. Follow the directions in the Strategic Planning Handout that can be downloaded from the Fraternity’s website. Prepare Action Plans for each goal.
3. Fill out the Chapter Self Evaluation Report Form and email it by the due date.
The following forms should be printed from the Fraternity’s website to help assist you in preparing the Chapter Self-Evaluation:
  • Suggested Itinerary for a Chapter Retreat
  • Strategic Planning Workshop Handout (Part I)
  • Nominal Group Technique Handout
  • Strategic Planning Workshop Handout (Part II)
  • Chapter Self-Evaluation Report


At the 1989 Executive Council Retreat in Washington, DC, the National Officers discussed the need to establish a program to increase quality control at the Chapters, while implementing the newly approved Chapter Standards. This program is called the Chapter Excellence and Quality (CHEQ) Program. The Chapter Self Evaluation Report is one component of this program.
This report must be completed by the due date.
This report will help you identify your strengths, weaknesses, and allow you to decide what recommendations should be made to correct any deficiencies. This is a "Self Evaluation"; no one knows your Chapter better than you - be honest, and the process will help your Chapter succeed. Using the Chapter Standards as a guide, analyze your Chapter's:
Strengths: Defined as those activities and characteristics that best support your Chapter
Weaknesses: Activities or problems that hinder your Chapter
Recommendations: Ideas your Chapter has for accentuating the positives and eliminating the
Using a retreat, Nominal Group Technique, and an Action Plan, your Chapter can move into the school year with a better idea of what is needed to accomplish your goals. Please be honest. This exercise is meant to help out your Chapter. The National Officers and Regional Officers can help Chapters with their weaknesses, if we know what they are.
Standard A – Chapter Image and Efficiency
The Chapter should project an image consistent with the unity and professional nature of Phi Delta Chi Pharmacy Fraternity. This image should be projected to the Chapter's school and community through service activities such as professional projects. Chapter operations and activities should be communicated and enhanced through a dialogue with Chapter Alumni, other Chapters, and the National Office through Chapter publications, the Achievement Award Program, and attendance at Regional Conferences and Grand Councils. Completion of 100% of the items in the Achievement Award Program (which includes attendance at Regional Conferences and Grand Councils) is considered
a minimum standard.

Standard B – Chapter Focus and Organization

The Chapter shall have clearly defined strategic goals in consonance with national goals in social, scholastic, professional, and fraternal areas and an organizational structure (of officers and committees) and processes capable
of attaining those goals.
Standard C – Membership
The Chapter shall have sufficient members with appropriate leadership skills to carry out activities expected of all Phi Delta Chi Chapters. Implicit in this standard is the need for sound membership recruitment (rush) and membership
development (pledging) activities.
Standard D – Scholastics
The Chapter should enhance and recognize scholastic achievement by its Brothers from the time of pledging through graduation. This may include academic support (tutoring, study groups), financial support, and scholastic recognitions.
Standard E – Ritual and History
The Chapter should conduct initiation and monthly formal meetings in accordance with the Ritual of PDC. All Brothers should be knowledgeable about the Ritual, and the Chapter Officers should be completely conversant about the parts of the Ritual. The Chapter should preserve local history with the establishment of an Archive or other means to help catalog and account for historical documents. The Archives should be stored in such a way as to minimize damage and theft.
Standard F – Finance
The Chapter should have sufficient monies to meet its goals and objectives and a system for assuring financial solvency and accountability. Using member assessments (dues and initiation fees) and supplementary fundraising projects, the Chapter should be able to meet its operating expenses, including national assessments (initiation fees, National Operating Dues). The Finance and Budget Committee should be chaired by the Treasurer with the Chapter Advisor as a permanent member.
Standard G – Risk Management
The Chapter and its Alumni Chapter shall abide by the current Risk Management Policy as defined by the Grand Council. Each student member, pledge, and member of any affiliated group shall be instructed annually on the Risk Management Policy.
Standard H – Faculty
The Chapter should maintain good communications with all members of the school's faculty and administration, especially with those members who are PDC Brothers. From the PDC faculty, one or more Chapter Advisors should be selected to provide regular advice on Chapter policies and activities. The Chapter should invite appropriate non PDC
faculty to become Graduate or Honorary Brothers of PDC.
Standard I – Alumni
The Chapter, through the Alumni Liaison, should maintain good communications with its Alumni and its Alumni Chapter (when one exists). Chapter Alumni should be notified of Chapter activities through mailings of newsletters and Chapter publications.
ITEM #5: Contact with Buddy Chapter (2 points)
The Buddy Chapter System encourages Chapters to become more involved with each other. To promote coordinating events and travel, this year the Buddy Chapter system will pair you up with a Chapter or Chapters geographically close to your Chapter. A list of Worthy Correspondents’ contact information including phone numbers will be emailed to the Chapter Worthy Correspondent. This information can also be obtained by contacting the AAP Administrator, your Chapter’s Regional Correspondent, or the National Office.
This year when you call your Buddy Chapter, talk about the importance of attending our Fraternity meetings and the plans for attending the next one. Idea exchange regarding fundraising, professional projects, pledging, and social activities is encouraged. Half credit will be given to Chapters that only communicate through email.
Your Buddy Chapter can serve as a sounding board and can help prevent you from “reinventing the wheel,” as both Chapters can discuss ideas as well as problems. Give your Buddy Chapter a call so you both can report the contact.
Emailing back and forth does not provide the same communication that a phone call does. If you have not heard from your Buddy Chapter by the middle of the month, then take the initiative to call them. Contact information for any other Officer of another Chapter is available from the National Office if you are having difficulty contacting the WC.
Chapters are encouraged to communicate with or travel to ANY Chapter, but are only required to report on talks with the Buddy Chapter. You are not required to travel to your Buddy Chapter but are encouraged to do so if it is feasible. Chapters that are in groups of 3 should all communicate with each other.
2016-2017 Buddy Chapters
Alpha, Xi, Gamma Phi / Sigma - Gamma Rho / Alpha Sigma - Gamma Sigma
Delta- Phi / Tau – Alpha Phi / Alpha Tau – Beta Omicron
Epsilon – Alpha Omicron / Chi – Gamma Lambda / Alpha Psi – Gamma Iota
Zeta – Delta Gamma / Omega – Beta Eta / Beta Alpha, Beta Zeta, Beta Nu
Eta, Beta Chi, Gamma Mu / Alpha Gamma, Beta Kappa, Beta Omega / Beta Iota, Gamma Beta, Gamma Psi
Theta- Beta Psi / Alpha Delta, Beta Pi, Beta Mu / Beta Lambda - Beta Phi
Iota – Gamma Omicron / Alpha Epsilon – Beta Beta / Beta Xi – Gamma Kappa
Lambda, Gamma Epsilon, Gamma Nu / Alpha Zeta – Alpha Mu / Beta Tau, Gamma Zeta,
Gamma Pi
Mu – Beta Gamma / Alpha Theta, Alpha Lambda, Gamma Tau / Gamma Gamma-Gamma Delta
Nu, Psi, Beta Delta / Alpha Iota – Alpha Rho / Gamma Eta – Delta Beta
Omicron, Beta Upsilon, Gamma Theta / Alpha Kappa – Beta Theta / Gamma Xi – Gamma Omega
Rho, Alpha Omega, Beta Rho / Alpha Nu, Beta Sigma,
Gamma Alpha / Gamma Chi – Delta Alpha
Gamma Upsilon – Delta Delta
Buddy Chapter Report
Person You Contacted:
If there is no contact, what effort did you make?
Describe something you learned from your Buddy Chapter(s) that your Chapter doesn’t do:
Is there a project or other event that your Chapter can plan to work on this year with your Buddy Chapter(s)?
Besides your Buddy Chapter(s), what other Phi Dex Chapters do Brothers from your Chapter correspond with?
What value do you see in corresponding with other Chapters?
ITEM #6: Budget (2 points)
The purpose of a Budget is to ensure that the Chapter’s financial obligations correspond well with the goals set during the Strategic Retreat. Each Chapter is required to formulate a thorough budget for the academic school year, and the National Officers would like to analyze how its Chapters generate revenue and where they spend their money. The working budget should be reviewed at each meeting for potential problems and forecasting. The budget must use dollar figures for credit. A basic template and instructions for a Chapter Budget may be found on the Fraternity’s website. Your Chapter may use the template in designing a budget, but it must be filled in with information for your Chapter for credit. For this AAP item, please submit the following:
Operating Budget
Our Chapter uses a budget and it has been emailed with this report.
Our Chapter does not use a budget. / (No points awarded)
House Budget (where applicable)
For Chapters that have a house, the House Budget should be a completely separate document than the Chapter’s Operating Budget. A House Budget shows the income received for the house (i.e. rent paid or support given by the Chapter) and expenses paid (i.e. utilities, repairs) and does not reflect the activities of the Chapter directly.
Our Chapter has a house and the house budget has been emailed.
Our Chapter does not have a house budget for our house.
Our Chapter does not have a house.
ITEM #7: Bonus Point for Formal Meeting with Regalia (1 Bonus Point)
According to Chapter IV, Number 12 of the Constitution and Bylaws of Phi Delta Chi Fraternity, "Each Chapter shall have at least one formal meeting each month." Formal meetings require use of the complete Ritual opening and closing, as well as Officer's Robes, Regalia, and devices as outlined in the Ritual Book. Please note here the date of your Chapter's Formal Meeting for this month: If the meeting was not held in September 2016 it will not count for this Bonus Point.
Formal Meeting held? / Yes No
Date of meeting: / (Only Meetings in September 2016 will be given credit)
ITEM #8: Chapter Calendar – Fall Semester (1 point)
The National Office would like to share your Chapters’ Calendar with all Brothers of Phi Delta Chi on the Fraternity’s website and through the E-Communicator. Please list below all activities your Chapter has planned for the fall semester, including activity, date, time, location, etc. Activities should include social gatherings, fundraisers, initiations, Professional Projects, etc. Please list activities below. Do not include as a separate attachment. You may however share a link to a website below where you chapter calendar might be accessible. If using Google to share please make sure you provide a link that can be accessed by anyone, not only specific email addresses.
Fall Semester Calendar:

Looking Ahead:

Prescott Scholarship Report (20% of Thurston) is due in October.


In the past we included the St. Jude Philanthropic Endeavor Item in the November report since St. Jude always used that month to promote itself. Only about half of the chapters were able to complete their St. Jude item by this November deadline and we always allowed Chapters to turn this item in late. Additionally many changes have been made to the way we as a Fraternity help the St. Jude cause in the last year. This year chapters will report their St. Jude activity/activities during the 2016-2017 AAP

Year, for credit as part of the May report. We hope this will encourage chapters to fundraise for St. Jude all year long through a variety of activities. Keep a record of all activities and money raised throughout the year. Please be sure Phi Delta Chi is given credit for all money your chapter donates to St. Jude. Please be sure and take photos of all your St. Jude activities as a photo will be required as part of the credit so that we can showcase what our Chapters are doing for this great cause. During the month of September Chapters that are near cities having St. Jude Run/Walks are encouraged to participate in these, chapters not near a city can conduct a Virtual Run/Walk. Please see the May report for all the activities your Chapter can conduct/participate in to receive credit for this item. Your WC serves as the point of contact for St. Jude and should have been provided all information on Fundraising for St. Jude.


Phi Delta Chi Achievement Award Program (GC Version)

September Report

Revised August 2016