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Dairyland Power Cooperative

Job Description
Title: /
Student - Mechanic


Reports To: / Supervisor, Fleet Operations / FLSA: /


Supervises: / 0 / Job No: / T0000041
Division: / Power Delivery / EEO Class: / 51
Department: / Fleet Operations
F / Grade / T-01
Cost Center: / 11
Location: / La Crosse

PURPOSE: Assist in performing repairs and maintenance on Dairyland Power Cooperative’s fleet (cars, trucks, trailers, track vehicles, ATV’s, grounds keeping equipment, heavy hydraulic equipment) in a safe and efficient manner.


  1. Assist in troubleshooting, testing and repairing electrical, mechanical and hydraulic equipment
  1. Assist Mechanics with rebuilding engines, transmission, generators, alternators, carburetors, transfer cases, starters, differentials.
  1. Assist in performing brake and steering work.
  1. Repair, mount and balance tires.
  1. Maintain and repair vehicle air-conditioning units, power takeoffs and winches.
  1. Assist in diagnosing vehicle problems.
  1. Perform general vehicle maintenance work with supervision
  1. Perform oil changes.
  1. Steam clean cars, trucks and parts.

10.  Clean and sweep garage area. Maintain hoists, air compressor, washer units and shop equipment.

11.  Perform other duties as assigned.

NATURE AND EXTENT OF FINANCIAL RESPONSIBILITY: value of most costly vehicle is over $500,000; total fleet replacement value is estimated (2018) at $28,000,000; value of human life (i.e., vehicle driver) cannot be calculated.


Education & Experience: One semester in the Automotive or Diesel & Heavy Equipment Technician program.

Skills: Knowledge of mechanic’s tools and ability to use in a skillful and safe manner. Ability to read schematics and blueprints. Ability to accurately diagnose malfunctions and correct same.

Licenses and Certifications: Possess Valid Driver’s License

Physical Demands: Sitting, standing, walking, kneeling, crouching/stooping, squatting, crawling, twisting upper body, bending, reaching/stretching required to inventory, arrange, and clean parts, pushing/pulling, lifting (weights up to 100 lbs.). Operate/manipulate booms, winches, cranes, hoists, washers, trailer jack, fork lifts, pickup truck, pallet truck, ladder, hand tools, telephone, personal computer, vehicle radio, shop equipment and calculator. Work in/around/under vehicle/equipment. Will also test for color blindness.

Environmental Demands: Works mostly indoors, occasionally outdoors, occasionally in extreme cold, heat, and temperature swings. Frequently works around noise, mechanical hazards and occasionally around electrical, fume/odor, dust, and chemical hazards.

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