Dad Is the Super-Size Bandaid, Strong and Powerful

Dad Is the Super-Size Bandaid, Strong and Powerful

Metaphor Family Poem:
Choosing a Metaphor category & representing each member
of your family (as additional metaphors within that category).

Metaphor Family Poem # 1:
My family lives inside a medicine chest:

Dad is the super-size bandaid, strong and powerful

but not always effective in a crisis.

Mom is the middle-size tweezer,

Which picks and pokes and pinches.

David is the single small aspirin on the third shelf,

sometimes ignored.

Mel, my little sister, is a round cotton ball,
stained and dirty,

that pops off the shelf and bounces in my way
whenever she enters the room.

And I am the wood and glue,
which hold us all together with love.
Metaphor Family Poem #2:
My family is a gun with a cleaning cloth:
My mom is the cloth, always trying to clean
and fix what is broken.
She does her best to get rid of any mess.
My dad is the trigger, loaded and ready!
Never turn your back or you’ll go down motionless
My sister is the safety button, constantly cautious
of what is occurring.
My brother is the spraying gunpowder,
you never know
where he’s going to land
and what he’s going to do.
He’s too hard to keep track of.
I am the bullet, ready to hit anything
that threatens my family.


Comparing one thing to another, without using ‘like’ or ‘as’ – Where there is a main category and additional metaphors (from that category) are used.

Categories -- Brainstorm for Metaphor Family options:

Inside a fridge, a pizza, food, skateboard, rollercoaster, house, car, civilizations, sports equipment, in a bathroom, rollerblades, bike, on a map, tools, clothes, flowers, book, construction site, sandwich/burger, board games, government, animals, earth, Presidents, universe, parts of a movie, weapons, school supplies, school subjects, computer, internet, sports, music, instruments, baking, mall, war, kitchen, furniture, printer, religions, genres, drinks, weather, knowledge, video games, social classes, within the Universe, stages of life, elements, holidays, social medias, in a hospital…

*Assignment: Create your own METAPHOR FAMILY poem

Title: Metaphor Family Poem

My family is a…. [This is how the poem should start]

*There must be at least 5 people in your poem (besides yourself). You can use grandparents, cousins, aunts or uncles, half-siblings, step-parents (even family members that do not live with you)…

*Your poem must explain each metaphor, and its importance to the person that it’s representing.

*You must write your poem in thoughtful line breaks.

HW: Finish your Metaphor Family Poem
Draw/decorate it on a piece of White paper A good copy to hand in!

DUE – Mon (P. 1, 3, 5) Tues (P. 4, 6)