Cupe 3902 Sessional Lecturer I Or Ii Course Appointment

Cupe 3902 Sessional Lecturer I Or Ii Course Appointment

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On behalf of the Faculty of x, I am pleased to offer you a position in the Department of [name] at the rank of Sessional Lecturer (I/II/III) to teach XXX S, F, H or Y for the period beginning x and ending y. This offer is conditional on your being legally entitled to work in Canada, in this position. Before you are able to begin work, you are required to provide your Social Insurance Number, and a valid work permit if applicable, to your (insert departmental Business Officer name/title – OR the name of the HR Office, in cases where the HR Office on-lines the new hire). Please provide this no later than [set a date that is before the start date].

You will be paid $[xx], inclusive of vacation pay. Your salary will be paid by direct deposit. [For new hires - Please bring a void cheque with you on your first day of work. [Name] will meet with you in your first few days of employment to complete payroll documentation. For current employees – If you are not already being paid via direct deposit, or your banking information has changed, please provide a void cheque to [Name] as soon as possible.]

Your payroll documentation will be available online through the University’s Employee Self-Service (ESS) at This includes electronic delivery of your pay statement, tax documentation, and other payroll documentation as made available from time to time. You are able to print copies of these documents directly from ESS.

By signing this Employment Agreement, you authorize the University to provide your T4 slips electronically and not in a paper format. If you wish to discuss an alternative format, please contact Central Payroll Services at .

(A brief summary of duties may be included if desired; Your duties, as governed by Article 7:03 of the Collective Agreement between the Governing Council of the University of Toronto and the Canadian Union of Public Employees (CUPE) 3902, Unit 3 will include……..)

Any additional work required that arises out of this appointment (e.g. deferred exams) and which is required to take place following the normal ending date of this appointment will be compensated in accordance with Article 29: Remuneration for Teaching-Related Service.

Your terms and conditions of employment will be governed by the collective agreement between the University of Toronto and the CUPE Local 3902 Unit 3, which is available on the web at: Once you accept this offer of employment, a searchable electronic copy of the agreement will be provided to you by email if you do not already have one.

A statement about the Union, along with other information about the Union can be found on the Union’s website ( All of this information is that of the Union, represents the views of the Union and has not been approved or endorsed by the University.

Mandatory Training

You are required to take the following mandatory training. You must complete this training within 60 days of hire.

  1. Basic Occupational Health & Safety Awareness Training Program provided by the Office of Environmental Health & Safety available at
  1. U of T AODA Online Training, provided by the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act (AODA) Office, available at

Please note that you only need to take the above training programs once with the University (although you may need to retake one or both training programs if they are updated or amended). If you have already taken one or both of these training programs please confirm with your supervisor.

Policies & Procedures

You will also be subject to and bound by University policies of general application and their related guidelines. The policies are listed on the Governing Council website at For convenience, a partial list of policies, those applicable to all employees, and related guidelines can be found on the Human Resources and Equity website at Printed versions will be provided, upon request, through Human Resources.

You should pay particular attention to those policies which confirm the University’s commitment to, and your obligation to support, a workplace that is free from discrimination and harassment as set out in the Human Rights Code, is safe as set out in the Occupational Health and Safety Act, and that respects the University’s commitment to equity and to workplace civility.

All of the applicable policies may be amended and/or new policies may be introduced from time to time. When this happens, if notice is required you will be given notice as the University deems necessary and the amendments will become binding terms of your employment contract with the University.


Information regarding the Health Care Spending Account and the enrollment form may be found at

As part of your terms of employment, you are eligible to participate in a Group Registered Retirement Savings Plan (GRRSP). If you join the Plan, you will contribute five percent (5%) (six percent (6%) in the case of Sessional Lecturer III) of eligible income and a matching amount will be contributed by the University. For further information about the Plan, visit To enroll, please complete the enclosed form and send it to Central Benefits at 215 Huron Street, 8th floor.


The University has a number of programs and services available to employees who have need of accommodation due to disability through its Health & Well-being Programs and Services ( A description of the accommodation process is available in the Accommodation for Employees with Disabilities: U of T Guidelines, which may be found at:

In the event that you have a disability that would impact upon how you would respond to an emergency in the workplace (e.g., situations requiring evacuation), you should contact Health & Well-being Programs & Services at 416.978.2149 as soon as possible so that you can be provided with information regarding an individualized emergency response plan.

The law requires the Employment Standards Act Poster to be provided to all employees; it is available on the HR & Equity website at This poster describes the minimum rights and obligations contained in the Employment Standards Act. Please note that in many respects this offer of employment exceeds the minimum requirements set out in the Act.


You could be eligible for consideration for advancement to the next rank if you meet the following criteria:

If you are a Sessional Lecturer I and with this appointment you will have taught in four (4) of the last six (6) years and at least six (6) half courses;


If you are a Sessional Lecturer II and with this appointment you are beginning your fourth year at the rank of Sessional Lecturer II, and have taught an average of three (3) half courses per year in the preceding three (3) years.

Complete eligibility criteria may be found in the Collective Agreement. Please contact CUPE 3902 or visit for more information. The deadline to initiate the advancement process is either September 30 or January 31. I encourage you to apply for advancement when you meet the criteria.

If you accept this offer, I would appreciate your signing a copy of this letter and returning it to me by ______. Otherwise, this offer will be withdrawn on that date. Should you have any questions regarding this offer, or the attached documents, please do not hesitate to contact me at (416) 978-____.

My colleagues and I look forward to having you join us at the University of Toronto.



I accept the offer of employment as outlined above.






GRRSP Enrollment Form

cc: Employee File

CUPE 3902 Unit 3

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