Course Content: This Course Is Designed to Cover the Social, Economic and Political Development

Mr. Chad Beesley

Oklahoma History / Syllabus

Fall 2010

Course content: This course is designed to cover the social, economic and political development of Oklahoma from the prehistoric era to the present. In addition, this course sets to reveal the political, economic, and social developments prior to statehood, development of the territorial and state governments of Oklahoma, and Oklahoma in the 20th century.

Textbook: The textbook for this course is: Oklahoma, Land of Contrastspublished by Clairmont Press. Replacement cost is upwards of $60.00. Please take care of your textbook. You should cover your textbook.

Classroom Expectations:

1. Respect yourself and others (your teacher, substitutes, guest speakers, classmates).

2. Be in your seat and ready to work when the bell rings.

3. Bring all of your supplies to class.

4. Follow the TPS policies. Leave all electronic devices in your locker or car.

Supplies: Students will be expected to provide a three ring binder (with dividers) to keep their notes, handouts, articles, map assignments, etc. organized. They should also have notebook paper, blue and black ink pens, both colored and regular pencils.

Assignments: All assignments must be turned in on time.I will follow the TPS guideline for missing assignments. Assignments will range from daily activities, quizzes, tests, and projects.

Method of Instruction: We will use a variety of instruction techniques in this class – lecture, class discussion, cooperative learning, primary sources, audio recordings and videos. Materials from all of these sources may be used on the tests or quizzes. Projects and/or reports may also be used from time to time.

Tests: Tests will follow each chapter. The tests will come from the lecture notes, textbook material and any other relevant sources that have been studies during the chapter. Be sure to study your notes from every information source. In your review use your chapter section summaries. Tests will generally be multiple choice and essay. A final is required in this class.

Grading: All grades are based on total points earned. Homework, daily work, class participation, special assignments, quizzes and tests are each worth a certain number of points which will contribute to the total. Rubrics will be used for assessment when a project or report is given.

Grading scale: 100-90%=A; 89-80%=B, 79-70%=C, 69-60%=D, 59% and below=F

Tardy Policy: You will be expected to be in your seat when class begins. If you are late to class, it is your responsibility to bring a pass with you. I will follow the school tardy policy.

Contact Information:

F.Y.I: Power-school enables parents to effectively monitor their students’ grades and attendance. Grades will be updated once a week beginning next Thursday.