Cornerstone Creation Café Internship Application

Cornerstone Creation Café Internship Application


Culinary Internship is a six-to eight-week program, designed to train students in restaurant for careers such as line cook, prep cook, expeditor, waiter/waitresses, cashier, server, busser, and catering set up. The training is hands-on experience in the various positions needed to staff Creation Café. The internship is devoted to train interns in cooking methods, safety and sanitation, serving, waiter/waitress training, and customer service. During the training, interns will learn successful techniques for job search, applications and interviews, and keeping a job.

Job/Project: Culinary Internship

Position: Culinary/Hospitality Worker

Organization: Cornerstone Creation Café

I am currently enrolled in the following Cornerstone programs:

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Training is M-F, 30 hrs/week . Training lasts from six to eight weeks.

New Applications are accepted anytime. Please indicate date you can start: ______

Contact Information:

Donna Anderson

817-632-6000 x151


Applicant’s Name: ______

Internship start date: ______Internship completion date: ______

30 hrs a weekScheduled Hours: Monday - Friday ______

Weekly schedule will be provided with the assigned tasks/instruction to be completed. Instruction will include DVD, class demonstrations, and hands-on components. Weekly evaluations will be each Friday. Evaluations may be in the form of a written test and/or practical demonstration of material learned during that week.

  • Training and evaluations will be conducted by Creation Café Manager, Training Coordinator, or guest instructors.
  • Culinary Training will be provided in Creation Café facilities.

The Creation Café culinary internship is a six- to eight-week job training program designed to train participants in the food service and hospitality industry. (Applications are accepted from the public; priority is given to Cornerstone Clients.) The culinary program will cover restaurant safety standards and necessary skills for the hospitality and food-service industry. Interns enrolled in the program will be trained in either ‘Front of the house’ or ‘Back of the house’ (food storage, preparation, and safety, hospitality, table service, catering set up.) While training, each intern will engage in hands-on experience to practice their skills in the Creation Café. Interns will be preparing menus, cooking meals, and serving to the public. Training will include work skills such as writing resumes, customer service, networking, job interviews, and job success. Interns who successfully complete the first six weeks will be given the opportunity to attend job fairs and/or interview for extern positions in area restaurants.


  • Interns must conduct themselves in a professional manner at all times, following Cornerstone’s policies and procedures, as well as appropriate safety guidelines.
  • No unlawful practices will be tolerated.
  • Personal matters, such as phone calls, should be handled during off times. Class time will not be interrupted. Any appointments with counselors/case managers should be scheduled before or after class time.
  • Interns must come prepared with the materials/uniforms assigned for class. Interns will be responsible to take notes during lectures, video instructions, and demonstrations.
  • Interns must complete all assignments to get credit for each topic assigned.
  • Interns will be trained in food safety and OSHA working practices. For the safety of interns and customers, interns will observe food safety and OSHA rules at all times.
  • All equipment should be used in the proper manner in which was intended. Always follow the safety guidelines taught in class and the manufacturer instructions for use on all equipment.
  • Cleanliness of facility and equipment will be maintained at all times. Interns must clean after prepping food, using equipment, and all other occasions mandated by safety or training procedures.
  • Good personal hygiene is an important factor when working in the hospitality and food service industry and will be expected from interns. (Should you need assistance, Cornerstone will provide laundry detergent, soap, shampoo, etc. Please talk with your case manager.)
  • Hospitality and food service positions can be stressful at times because of equipment failure or other factors. Please maintain composure, keep your emotions in check, control your anger, and avoid aggressive behavior at all times.
  • Work as a team and help others when needed.

Interns will be provided with a uniform and instructional materials. A Food Handler’s license will be required. (Cornerstone will cover the cost if needed.)

The hospitality industry hires numerous employees each year and is considered one of the three fastest-growing fields of employment. There is always room to advance in this industry. As you gain experience, you could become a supervisor, restaurant manager, or even own your own business. Your success in this program and your future culinary career depends on your hard work and dedication.

Please sign below, signifying your desire to enroll in the internship program and you willingness to follow Cornerstone policies and procedures, as well as any applicable food/safety guidelines.


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Intern applicants will be contacted to set up a personal interview with the Training Coordinator. Please remember, this is your first and best opportunity to ‘sell’ yourself for this program. Being on time, dressing professionally, and acting in a business-like manner are all favorable actions on your part that will positively influence your acceptance into the program.

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